Korean Books and Gmarket | 한국어 책들과 지마켓

What’s hard about starting a new blog is the overwhelming number of contents running inside your brain. But what’s easy about it is that you can post rapidly since no one’s still following you, so you don’t really spam. BUUUT what’s hard about blogging a lot of posts is the main content. You want to speak about a lot of stuff, but sometimes you post so much you don’t have the time to quality check anymore. But then again for a newbie blog with a lot of stuff, if the contents are good enough, a reader would have a lot of things to read, and not get stuck with 1 or 2 posts and a dramatic about me.

Today, Gmarket warehouse finally received my books, ready for shipment to me! For people who don’t know Gmarket, click here: http://english.gmarket.co.kr/

Gmarket is basically Korea’s eBay (though there’s also a localized eBay Korea), but difference would be… *brain farts* (I don’t know). These are the kind of things that I don’t really research about. Aside from the fact that there’s BIGBANG everywhere the site, Gmarket is pure Korean, while eBay is like franchised or syndicated. They started in 2000, only shipping domestically, until they decided to run an international site or Gmarket in English to better widen their market. And eventually, they were acquired by eBay, so… never mind.

Before, I never appreciated the power of online shopping. I’m not a very patient person and I am very visual. Except for the perk of buying something without even going off your seat, I am totally baffled whenever they buy stuff from the internet. My worries include scams, fakes, wrong colored product, damaged items, etc. I never thought I would be shopping online, ever. I would only go online shopping for things that don’t change, like a particular gadget, an album, or for this time, a book. I decided to try this one time since God knows how I don’t have any other chance to get the Korean books that I want. Everything Korean-related book you can find through local bookstores are rubbish, something I would never recommend learners to buy. I’m particularly picky with stuff I buy, even meticulously, I never bought a Korean dictionary here in the Philippines.

Last year, I bought my mini dictionary from Books Kinokuniya in Singapore. That Ngee Ann City store was heaven, damn! As far as I know it’s the biggest bookstore in Southeast Asia, (though the  biggest bookstore opened somewhere in Jakarta, KINOKUNIYA IS STILL THE BIGGEST *fan much*).

Collins Korean Dictionary 한-영 영-한

Collins Korean Dictionary 한-영 영-한 | S$ 14.98 / ₱ 510.00+ / ₩ 13,300

I originally posted contents here about the book, but decided to post the review in another blog entry.

As for Gmarket, I ordered two books.

Korean Grammar in Use, Beginning to Early Intermediate + Intermediate

Korean Grammar in Use, Beginning to Early Intermediate + Intermediate

I don’t know why I never bothered looking for Korean books online. Even when I visit our Korean library, I don’t really study. I just enjoy looking at grammar points and go “AHHHH!! Ganun pala.” “Ahhhh… so it’s like that. ” But intensively, I never studied there.

Last week, since I’m a current student, I availed of our free library membership for the first time. I only ask my classmates to borrow for me last year during my E1, but now, I felt like I need to get my hands on more Korean books since I’m already a level higher. I have the 가나다 Intermediate 1 in my thoughts. I really want to borrow that book so I decided to be a member.

KCC library allows a student to borrow one (1) language book, for a deposit fee of 300, and for a duration of seven (7) days. When I entered the library, I immediately went for the language books, when I saw someone reading a grammar book. GRAMMAR BOOK! I’m a sucker for grammar (since I’m also a grammar nazi in English ****THOUGH I’M ALSO GRAMMATICALLY WRONG ALL THE TIME****). I already have the Intermediate 1 book in my hands, but then… I waited for that person to let go of the book. The moment he returned it, I hurried and got it from the librarian and without a second thought, borrowed it. MWAHAHAHAHA. It was the first book from ‘Korean Grammar in Use’, but I’m gonna review it when it arrives.

Right now…

OH LOOK!! Another stop!

"Handed over to Air carrier" status wasn't here some minutes ago

“Handed over to Air carrier” status wasn’t here some minutes ago

Right now I’m currently tracking my order. I bought three items, two Beginning, the other one for my classmate 누나, and one Intermediate. I’m just praying for a smooth shipping. AND I HOPE THE ALLIGATORS FROM THE CUSTOMS WON’T TAX ME TOO MUCH IF EVER THIS PACKAGE STOPPED THROUGH THEIR STATION. This package is actually fast. I would also review my first Gmarket experience when my books arrive.

As for now… let’s hope my book won’t get in any kind of trouble or delay.


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