Lee Min Ho: My Everything Global Tour 2013


I’m actually not a fan of Lee Min Ho, nor any of his dramas, or actually any other drama, except (대장금, 응답하라1997, and some others). I’m not updated, I don’t know a lot of Korean actors and actresses, though some, I may know by name, not by face, or I know their faces, not their names.


It was just another stingy moment, DKFC, 2PM, CNBLUE passed, and some others, but I am more than unwilling to spend. I swore I would only spend for BIGBANG, 2NE1 and INFINITE, their solo concert that is. It’s very lucky of me though that I have a classmate 누나, so let’s introduce her…


With Alyne 누나 ^^

Excuse me for being so tired-looking and haggard. You can’t expect me to look fresh after waiting 헐~. Anyway, she has been my classmate from Elementary 1 up till now. If not because of her, I might not be studying E2 right now. We have a lot of bestfriends in different segments of our lives, for my pseudo-Korean/panggap-seumnida life, I consider her my bestfriend.


Me, Alyne-누나, Eliza and Berlie 누나 (TOPIK PASSERS ^ㅇ^)

Thursday night, two days before the concert, we met our other classmates/friends at Holly’s Coffee, Taft. We were talking about the concert because Alyne 누나 really wanted to go since she was also present during the fan-meet last year. I don’t have any single will or interest to go, even if Lee Min-ho’s just too good-looking for me not to go. Our other friends can’t go since they have other dates. So that’s why Alyne 누나 might not come to the concert anymore since she don’t want to go alone.

Friday night after work, I met Alyne 누나 again since we will be reviewing and studying words and lessons. First moment we met, she showed me her ticket… which to my surprise, SHE BOUGHT TWO!! I was half-happy, half-sorry. Happy since I got a concert ticket for free, and sorry because she have to buy me a ticket though I’m not interested. But then again, I went.

July 6, 2013 – D-DAY

I have the tickets with me, so even if I fail on 누나 and back out the last minute, I can’t since it would totally break her heart… and maybe a lot of her trust on me. Hihi, so I came. I arrived there maybe half past three PM, since it’s not a BIGBANG concert, I never planned on arriving some time on the AM mark. We met inside SM Mall of Asia, strolled for a bit, and bought food from McDonald’s. I told her we can’t dine inside the mall since people would gradually pour sooner or later, so we decided to take our lunch with us while we’re on queue.

Walking towards the venue, there were Koreans looking at my shirt!!!

Two Korean (excuse me while I use romanizations because it MIGHT express words a little bit clearer) ahjussi were looking, the other read what’s on my shirt, and then they both laughed. According to Alyne nuna, some agassi turned her head towards us when she saw my shirt…

So what’s in my shirt? It’s not profane or bad, but it goes like this…

Orr maybe I should post it later.

Finally, around 7:00, we finally entered the venue, but inside, we still waited. There were big LINE mascots including BROWN :((. I really wanted to take a picture with it, but since we only availed of the General Admission tickets, we don’t have a lot of time to wander around.

8:00 PM

The concert started, and he sang I guess everything in his mini album. HE IS JUST TOO FREAKING GOOD-LOOKING TO BE TRUE. I mean, how can someone be so handsome even from far away?


Told ‘ya

This was when the audience were yelling, ‘귀요미!! 귀요미!!’. He was surprised why everyone knew what 귀요미 was. Even asking if everyone knows how to sing it too. Unfortunately, not, so while waiting for everyone to sing, he was in an idle pose above.

The concert was relaxed and fun. His vocal prowess might not be as good as others, or not singer-levels, but he can sing, and meticulously listening, I am certain he was singing live. Of course he won’t dance powerfully, but he did this butt shaking dance, and it was just cute. You know how anything cute they do, it’s just not explainable. Non-Lee Min Ho fans can get pulled easily through the concert. I would say it’s good to spend a small amount for the concert if you’re not a fan, but if you are, VIP and PATRON is a must. He gave away LINE dolls, some gifts, a HUG AND KISS, and for the last, awkward, no-sound, no-shriek, no fangirling winner, A SHIRT!! Not just a shirt, but THE SHIRT THAT HE WORE WHEN HE ARRIVED HERE. It was just heartbreaking. Not that I like the shirt, but… yeah.

I imagined myself winning even just the LINE dolls, I would definitely speak with him in KOREAN. NO ONE DID!!! It was sad, but then again, what can people from General Admission seats expect? The concert finished with an encore, and we immediately went out the arena the moment it finished.

It was really fun and memorable. It was my THIRD concert in my entire life. First one was BIGBANG Alive Tour in Singapore, VIP Standing, second was BIGBANG Alive Tour in Manila, General Admission. I might share my experience in another blog.

Ground floor of the venue, the LINE booth is still there, but the mascots weren’t. Maybe BROWN already got tired, hahaha. And then I realized, the people assigned on the booths were Korean. There’s a Korean girl, a guy, and another one I can’t remember. From somehow far away, I heard the girl told the guy ‘오! 그 옷이 너무 좋아해~’ ‘Ooohh I like that shirt.’ but I was dedma (dead malice), pretending I didn’t hear. So me and nuna were walking around the venue to look for other stuff, when another pretty 누나 from LINE approached me.

LINE 누나: OOOOHHHH! Do you know the meaning? (in Korean accent, pointing to my shirt)
Me: “네 한국말을 조금 알아요!” “Yes, I know a little.”
LINE 누나 (smiling) OH YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE SORRY!! Shall we take picture?
Me: “네 그래요!” “Of course!”

We took pictures from her phone, and then I also asked her to take pictures with me on our camera. And it looks like this…


한국 라인 누나 함께~ My shirt says, “잘생겨서 죄송합니다” but I’m not gonna translate it for you. :p

That nuna was pretty.

Outside the venue we met another Korean teenagers, they were two girls outside the venue, and when they had a glimpse of my shirt, they were like “잘생겨서 죄송합니다?? 뭐야!!!” and then they were laughing with us, and she wants my shirt, then said “대박!”.

It was a very long night, and after the concert, I met my college friend, and went to Starbucks and stay up till 5am at Luneta.


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