Korean Grammar in Use: Beginning and Intermediate

I actually have an upcoming post about a drama, but since this is more recent, and since I posted about this some days ago, here it is! I FINALLY GOT MY BOOKS THAT I BOUGHT FROM GMARKET!!!


Korean Grammar in Use: Beginning + Intermediate

This package was sent to me by TOP!

This package was sent to me by TOP!

I called PhilPost this morning since I’m very scared and worried about what might happen to my package, having have read other posts from other bloggers about their bad experiences with customs and all that. I called at 9 am, and this very courteous woman processed my tracking number and asked me to call back again some hours later since the package is still being processed, and if it would be delivered door-to-door or for pick-up. Well I wasn’t wishing for the second option, since that’s the thing I’m most scared of.

But then again, when I called back to ask about the status, the woman said that my package is being delivered that moment, so I was very ecstatic. I was at the office so I haven’t had the chance to spazz about it personally.


It arrived at about 1pm, and my dad paid 50 pesos for the delivery, so sweeeeet!

Here is the box within the box.

Here is the box within the box.

Sorry if I can’t contain myself since this is the first time I received a package directly from Korea. I ordered K-Pop CDs before but that was through Facebook K-Pop shops, so the seller would pack the items themselves. It was from Bandi & Luni’s Bookstore, one of the biggest bookstores in Korea besides Kyobo Book Centre.



I bought three books, the green one (Intermediate) for myself, and two yellow (Beginning) for me, and for Alyne 누나.

I would review the books once I start using it. I checked the Beginning to Early Intermediate book but I don’t exactly know what’s the difference, but I was looking for the grammar point -(으)ㄴ 가요/나요 that I’ve read from the other book. It was not here, but… yeah. I don’t know what happened. But for sure, that grammar point never died or got banned or anything >.<


5 thoughts on “Korean Grammar in Use: Beginning and Intermediate

  1. From which book didn’t you find -(으)ㄴ 가요/나요? It’s in the Beginning book, page 310. I just don’t remember in the Beginning to Early Intermediate, but I think they are just the same. 🙂

    • OMG you’re right, it’s here. Maybe I was just brain farting when I was looking for stuff through this book. Why do you know the page, did you happen to have a copy for yourself? Or you borrowed the book from KCC?

      • Haha. I have the same book. The one I borrowed from KCC (before I received my own copy) was the Beginning to Early Intermediate. ^^

      • Yeah, I borrowed the book too before I decided to get one for my own. I learned that this book is like the most borrowed book from KCC and it’s rare to see it there. It may be a blessing in disguise because when I applied for my student membership, this book is in there, so I borrowed it immediately… aaaand eventually decided that I need the book for my own 😀 And yeap, I saw the -(으)ㄴ가요/나요 on page 310? Lol, I thought it was missing from ‘Beginning’.

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