Vocabulary Exam | 단어 시험 잘하셨습니다!

My teacher got back from Korea so last Monday, we had classes, finally! She gave us these.



I get excited whenever I hear anything Korean whether it be 한국 사람 or Korean groceries. But whenever I’m in the grocery, I only buy 바나나맛우유 >.<. I don’t usually try a lot of stuff even if I know I’m gonna love them. I fail in experiencing even just the thought of buying them.

Anyway, since a week had passed and we didn’t have a homework, I studied my vocabulary list from lessons 1 to 15 because we will be having a vocabulary exam. I don’t put much thought whenever I review. I only check and skim and that’s it. I don’t practice with the words, which I will address on another blog.

The exam was easy for me. It was a simple ‘Korean-translate-to-English’ exam. It tested our listening skill (기온 and 기운), spelling (벚꽃 is complicated), penmanship (maybe), memory, and constructing phrases, since we were also asked to define the words through Korean if we can. It was not required, but I did it anyways. I did it not because I’m ‘bida-bida’ (show off), or something. It’s not like our paper will be shown to everyone. I only want to test myself since it is also how I want the language to be learned, minimizing English translations as much as possible.



It’s actually sad that the exam had nothing but just 15 items. I had three errors out of 30. But what caught my attention was my 선생님’s remark under my paper. “You did well!” I might have done well… but the thought that she put a remark on my paper was just warming ㅋㅋ. Defining Korean words in Korean is easy, thanks to -기, -는 것, and other grammar points. We weren’t taught how to directly define words in Korean, but she would occasionally ask us about 비슷한/같은/다른 단어 (synonyms/antonyms) so I took everything in mind and whenever I want to define something, I try hard to explain it in Korean as how my teacher would do it. As a form of my personal cheating, I also put the English definitions beside the Korean definitions, so if ever my Korean explanation was wrong my English will make up for it. ^^

I wish I perfected the exam though… that 공휴일 + 연휴 was frustrating ㅠ.ㅠ

PS. 공휴일 – legal holiday, 연휴 – 계속 일이 없고 쉬는 날 (long holiday/weekend)


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