Panggap-seumnida Story #001 | 가식 이야기 #001


Now here comes the real intention of my blog but since I’m not mistaken for being Korean/한국 사람 24/7, I chose to share a lot of Korean stuff here and there for fellow beginners.

Now, for panggap ‘가식’ tip no. 1. You need glasses, whether it be glass-less (just frames) or not.

Moving on… I went to work and school like this:


밥을 먹자!

My appetite was not very good earlier, hence the look.

Anyway, I had to meet a client outside the building, so I waited for her when she texted me that she will be arriving in a matter of minutes. She’s texting me continuously when she said “I think you’re the guy with the blue coat and glasses, I’m just gonna take a U-turn.” Apparently, she saw me from the other side of the road, and when she finally arrived, she was like “Korean ka ba?!” “Are you Korean?”. Now these are one of those instances where pretending is not to be used.

“No, but I’m studying Korean.”
“Wow that’s good! You really look like one, you deceived me!”
“Thanks! ^_^”

Fast forward to my school. I arrived some minutes earlier than our class schedule, so I hurried to the library, returned the book I borrowed, and borrowed another book again. I shall post it some other time. It’s basically a Korean textbook, 2nd level, and the cover is written in Korean.

Going home, as always during Monday and Thursday, I go home with my classmate 누나, 윈니 씨, since she drives by herself, and she drops me off where I can commute easier. Even the weather’s hot, I didn’t remove my jacket, since it’s really hard having your phone on another hand, a textbook on another. And besides, even if it’s hot, I’m training myself to get used to wearing long sleeved clothing since I never did during my college and earlier days so whenever I wear something less casual, I already look highly formal >.<

I rode a jeepney, and since I was not sure if it was the right route, I checked the sign first if it’s the right jeepney. For Filipinos, first thing to do is ask the driver, but since I’m not in the mood to speak, it’s time to make ‘panggap’ happen. I always prefer the passenger seat, and earlier someone’s already sitting, but two people can ride anyway.

I paid my fare with a bill, without speaking, and the driver gave me my change. Then this girl beside me, it seems as though she’s looking at my name tag (which you can’t properly see through the picture, anyway it’s ‘김성규’. She’s trying to examine maybe whether I’m a Filipino or not. She’s looking at my borrowed textbook, which as I said earlier was written in Korean, and comes looking at my cellphone *no she’s not in any way a snatcher or something, the girl was pretty*. Luckily, my friends were talking in Korean through LINE so I replied in Korean. The girl beside me might be a K-Pop fan or something because she’s looking continuously. I even saw her looking at me through the rear-view mirror, which is funny because my Korean pretentiousness is working, LOOOOOL.

The girl beside me had to get off earlier, so I had to give way by getting off first. Some of my coins dropped, and helpfully, the girl picked up some of the coins and gave it to me. I bowed at her, and she bowed back. IT WAS FUNNY, and somehow expected at the same time. And it’s good that she knows how to give respect the Korean way.


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