[MUSIC] 애프터스쿨 – 첫사랑 | After School – First Love

I have this habit of mass-downloading K-Pop albums, and not listen to it right away. Same with live performances and MVs, I hoard but not watch everything as soon as I finish downloading.

Usually, I listen to the songs some weeks or months after downloading, and with After School’s ‘첫사랑’ I got addicted, VERY HARD.


After School – 첫사랑 = 429 plays
2NE1 – I Love You = 428 plays
BIGBANG – Blue = 385

For the longest time, BIGBANG’s ‘Blue’ and 2NE1’s ‘I Love You’ topped my most played songs, which is expected since BIGBANG and 2NE1 are my top groups. But then this After School song came… I didn’t really like it when I listened to it for the first two or three times, but then, when I watched the music video, IT WAS JUST ADDICTING. Then I started exploring their other songs (though  I have most of them except their first minis). I really liked ‘뱅!’ and ‘Shampoo’ and some others, but when I listened to their older songs, I loved some.

‘첫사랑’ is a slow song with powerful beats. I don’t know the meaning of the song ㅡ.ㅡ (don’t judge me, I don’t particularly care about the message and content, even with English songs).

I listen to music 24/7 but please don’t be baffled about my play counts. I have 429 plays as the highest, I see other iPod/iTunes library having 1000+. It’s because I have 11,000+ songs (2,600+ Korean, about 22%) and I’m a very diverse listener. There were several times when I reformatted my laptop without backup of the library files (but have the backup of the music files of course), so I lose the play counts, ratings, playlists, etc. But thinking about it, my iTunes library is my library since 2007.


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