I Took the 30th TOPIK (Beginner) | 제30회 한국어능력시험을 봤다 (초급)

I once tried to take a mock TOPIK before, after I graduated from Elementary 1. There were just too many grammar patterns that I wouldn’t understand when I was in that level, so I just skipped the exam. It was easy though in my opinion because the 듣기 part is just slow. The CD that came from my textbook was at least 10 times faster than TOPIK’s which is very ideal for beginners who might experience difficulties with listening exams.

Just now, I finished taking the 30th TOPIK Beginner which I downloaded online. Now that I’m in the middle of my Elementary Korean 2, I thought I might do well this time, which…



Of course it’s already enough for me since I DIDN’T REVIEW ANYTHING before the exam. Well I guess there’s no need to, since it’s actually easy. Breezy easy. I got 147 points for the first part (어휘 및 문법), and 183 points for the second part (듣기, 읽기). I skipped the writing exam since no one would check it, but I assumed it to be at 20/30 points.

147 + 20 + 183 = 350 points out of 400. = 87.5%

Assuming I didn’t pass the writing exam (so as not to be very assuming):

350 – 20 = 330 points out of 400. = 82.5%

…which is still considered to be Level 2!!! I’m just happy for some reason. I don’t know if I scored my exam correctly, but even though, I still think I did great! The feeling is just warming, and anyway, I took the exam while there’s a meeting in the house. It’s actually noisy, but I didn’t care. I just took it. I didn’t pause the listening exam. I just did everything in 2 hours.

I will try to take the older TOPIK some other time, and see if I can still get a good score.

Have you tried taking up TOPIK? What was your first result?


2 thoughts on “I Took the 30th TOPIK (Beginner) | 제30회 한국어능력시험을 봤다 (초급)

  1. 우와~ 정말 잘했어요 ^^

    I took the 28th TOPIK on October 2012, and luckily passed Level 2 with an average of 83 I think. 🙂 For me, it was good enough considering I was feeling sick that day and even if I wasn’t, I did not even review. Meh. I downloaded the past TOPIK papers beforehand because I really planned to review, but ended up not opening those files at all because.. I forgot why. ㅎㅎ Passing was just by luck and a bit of stock knowledge. My lowest was 쓰기 because I wasn’t really good in making natural-flowing sentences. D: My highest was 어휘-문법.. My 듣기 score wasn’t that good too, because while taking the exam, I didn’t know that an audio had more than 1 corresponding question. I only focused on the 1st question while listening, and after answering, I realized that I should have just listened to it wholly instead of just looking for a particular answer. I panicked for a bit and lost concentration. As for 읽이, I couldn’t remember much except that I couldn’t understand everything and just self-pretend that I did. ㅋㅋ

    • I think I would do well in 쓰기. Though ,I might have difficulties in mixing grammar patterns because I always try to come up with complex sentences but ends up failing in construction ㅠ.ㅠ.

      Ah so you had a moment of panggapseumnida during the test? ㅎㅎㅎ Me too when I took the mock, I had to pretend I understood some words that I found confusing.

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