Tiredness | 피곤

This week has been so pseudo-hectic. Many things happened. My workload in the office is not too much but outside work is just too overwhelming. From Sunday Chatime bonding with my nieces and nephews up to this moment.

Before I continue my entry, I just wanna share a gratuitous picture, lol. Forgive me for this:


Anyway, I juggle my work, study and social life everyday. From Monday, I would copy the CD from my borrowed book to my PC, and after office hours, I would hurry to school to return the book and borrow another one. Just this month, I already borrowed SEVEN (7) TEXTBOOKS! I wish I could take a picture of them together, though. We’re only allowed to borrow one book at a time. After an intensive Korean class, I have to get home (which is soooo far) quickly. Good thing I have a very good classmate-누나 who drops me off several kilometers nearer to home, more convenient than my usual way. After arriving at home, I would ask my niece to take pictures of the whole book (is this considered stealing? LOL), while I help tutor my nephew about Photoshop. >.<

I would usually start to sleep at about 12am to 12:30am. By starting to sleep, it includes washing my face, skin care, and some Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. WHICH, by the time I finish everything, I’ll finally sleep at 1am… and wake up 6:30am the next. AND THE CYCLE CONTINUES.

Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, I have classes so my rest time is very short. Now, it’s Friday night and I just finished transferring my notes from my big notebook to my small one. It’s not yet done. We’re already at Lesson 23/30, and I just transferred my notes from Lessons 16-18. I still have 5 Lessons to transfer/study ㅡ.ㅡ

Wait, this is a pointless post. I’m way too tired to think. I might study first thing in the morning, because I don’t have any more time. I have to prepare for something because there will be a family event later, so I have to be time-conscious and practical. I don’t like studying on Sundays (though I still do) but if possible, I try to avoid it. I just wanna sleep, and read (non-Korean stuff), watch 2 Broke Girls (if possible, or if I want to because it’s also tiring), or go Chatime bonding with my nieces and nephews… WHICH WILL CYCLE AGAIN FROM THE START OF THIS POST.

P.S. I should not regret this pointless post when I read this in the morning. Too sleepy… 피곤해서 많이 잠을 자고 싶어요.


3 thoughts on “Tiredness | 피곤

  1. Wow~ Okay, I admit I was mostly interested with your library thing because I used to be a ‘dakilang tambay’ at the KCC lib! ㅋㅋ Really? Only 1 book at a time? Since when? I just borrowed 2 language books at once last mid-June.. Maybe it wasn’t effective yet at that time? ㅋㅋ I mostly skimmed through them though, I just love opening the Korean textbooks. XD

    I heard your class graduation’s on Aug. 24th. Good luck for the finals~ (I actually wanted to volunteer for that event but I saw the notice late so the slots were already taken by others. XD) I can already hear your name being called on stage. Ayee! :p

    • I’m actually interested and excited in writing about my 빌리는 책 too. Though there are times when I just don’t have the time to study a book thoroughly, so I post non-sense stuff. Or are they really non-sense at all? Lol. You decide.

      Me too! I mostly skim, so it’s such a waste.

      No, I’m not gonna be called, I may be just a 잘하는 학생 but not the 제일 잘하는 학생, lol. I wish though, just for teh lulz of it. 오 아까워요 >.<. At least I could meet you for a moment if you volunteered earlier.

      • ㅎㅎㅎ It feels good to even just look at the book with 한글 in it. 😀 No, your posts are not non-sense at all. If they are, then am I weird? `Coz I find them amusing and informative. ㅎㅎ

        후우우우— You’re just being humble, aren’t you? But still, you can just try your best! You should definitely post about it if you receive an award, okay? (I’d also love to see the gifts given away!) I hope I didn’t sound demanding, though. 😀

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