BIGBANG: 7 Years + BIGBANG Alive Tour 2012

DISCLAIMER: The first few sentences might not make any sense… or the whole post might not make any sense, to make it easy for you. But if you love BIGBANG as much as I do… or even just a few, I encourage you to read it up to the end *of course I blog, so you read, haha*.

DISCLAIMER PART 2: There would be a second post which will talk about their music, and is not so much a continuation of this post, so if you’re more interested with the music rather than my non-stop talkative self, so talkative even my hands talk through my keyboard, go through the post here.

It’s 4:00 AM in the morning, and why am I awake? The weather here in the Philippines is just sooo goood! But when I mean good, it means ‘계속 비가 많이 오다’, it’s like ‘장마’ in the Philippines, but just for a little Korean vocabulary tip, it’s actually ‘우기’, because I don’t know if ‘장마’ just wants a little exclusivity to Korea *dumb conclusion*.

So I was saying, it’s raining really hard, and these are like those times when God wakes me up and makes me rethink if I should go to work (before it’s school) or not. A lot of school have been suspended already, and like college students *who always wish so hard about school suspensions*, I’m also not waterproof, so I might not go to work anymore because it just sucks to be in here if the weather is like this. You would just want to lie in bed, read books, drink coffee and listen to BIGBANG.


Maybe this is one of the reasons why I’m awake right now. My favorite number is 7, and this is my 21st post (2NE1 and November 21, my birthday), so how cool is that? I told you things won’t make any sense. Especially writing this in 4 AM. 😐

But then again, as much as how good or bad the weather today is, there is still a very big reason to celebrate, and that is BIGBANG’s 7th Anniversary. Before I started to sleep at about 11:57 PM, I listened to EPIK HIGH’s ‘춥다’ which feature’s LEE HI, which is a very good song by the way, WHICH is very perfect for the weather. But then again, I remembered the anniversary so I decided to play all BIGBANG songs the whole day, so when I checked my iPod for the time, it’s fast approaching 12:00 so I hurriedly scrambled through my playlists and found BIGBANG’s, and hurriedly started it as soon as the clock ticked 12.

Now, I had a lot of things on my mind on how this post should look like, or how it would feel, etc. Being a very big BIGBANG fan, I honestly forgot that they’ll be having their anniversary today. I just read it from YG-Family’s post which is very embarrassing for myself, good thing though that they posted it some minutes in advance, so I don’t look like a total and complete idiot fan. So the moment I woke up about 3 something, things ran through my mind, even thinking that I must go to work today just to post about this, but I’m already awake so yeah!

71 albums, 1:02:10:31 total time (1 day), 3.14 GB

430 songs, 71 albums, 1:02:10:31 total time (1 day), 3.14 GB

My BIGBANG library is basically complete. At 430 songs, I’m thinking those jealous newbie BIGBANG fans would salivate. I’m not asking for more… except for SEUNGRI’s new release later. So I’m gonna talk about their songs on another follow-up post.

I don’t exactly know how I started to love BIGBANG, all I know is that I have ABOUT 10 BIGBANG albums, attended 2 CONCERTS, etc. Let’s put this into pictures should we?


My happy place

My room looked like this, but now, because of my staggering number of books, my shelves became two, so the poster below had no space anymore. Don’t look at my current room anymore, it sucks. But not so much because there’s still a BIGBANG poster 😀

If I just a have a bigger room, I would definitely post my BIGBANG posters there, but sadly, I’m too poor for that. I have about 20+ original BIGBANG posters which I’m not sure how it became that many.

My happy cheering pose

This one’s probably my most treasured shirt. I love it so much I wanna die. I asked my brother from Singapore to buy this shirt for me since there were no Uniqlo here before *now there are 5, AND NEAR*, and he slacked off so bad that I almost had no shirt anymore. I asked for TOP’s and this shirt is Daesung’s, so it’s okay because it is their logo after all. This one’s at XL but I asked mom to make it narrower, so it basically became an oversized shirt that I love so much.


My most treasured laptop

This was originally wall photos in my room, but decided to put it here because I replaced the wall with posters.

BIGBANG Galaxy Alive Tour 2012

BIGBANG Galaxy Alive Tour 2012

Watching their concert twice is probably one of the best moments of my 2012, and PROBABLY MY ENTIRE LIFE. *this part is honestly meant to be short but blame my uber-talkative hands and the idea of a part 2 post, so this is gonna be longer*.

I was booked for a September (1 month) Singapore vacation last year some months in advance, so I am truly surprised when a BIGBANG concert was announced. I am pretty sure that that concert was for me because if it wasn’t, it should at least be October, or the day of my flight! But alas! It’s at Sept. 28 (originally, but they had a second schedule which is luckily, also meant for me).

Ticket booking opened on June 25, 2012, a 10 AM Monday morning *up till Tuesday*, but knowing BIGBANG fans, it will sell out in seconds. It was a priority sale ticket for OCBC card holders. I had Korean school when booking opened for BIGBANG Alive Tour in Singapore, my cousin got work so she had no time to book it for me, so I was almost crying. I actually did cry, so my cousin called SISTIC and asked about stuff, etc. Maybe she pitied me so much and told me not to cry, because it was just a priority sale and tickets will still be available for public that Wednesday. GREAT!, but GREATER!! Just afternoon that opening, another concert day was announced, and priority sale would be the day after, June 26, 2012, a Tuesday. I had no classes that day so it was GREATERER!!! I pm’d my cousin as early as 9, and we’re both waiting for the booking. I already asked for her card info and other stuff so by the time the clock’s approaching 10, I am in full refresh mode. Refreshing and refreshing until the booking button opens. Okay trust me, this is maybe harder than lifting weights, but I don’t care. All I know is that through all those exhaustive process of declining one credit card, and using another, and then restarting again from the first step because of too much traffic, I got a pit standing ticket. Holllah~!



It was my first concert. Ever since I knew them I swore they would be my first concert, and at VIP? GENIUS! ALL OF IT CAME TRUE! On my way to Singapore, everything’s complete. I have my light stick inside my hand-carry and some stuff inside. I was at Singapore from Sept 1 to 30, concert’s at 29.

I remember the concert day clearly and will try to describe it here. About after lunch, I joined my sister-in-law and my brother for commute since they’ll be going somewhere. Before that, I got myself a good bottle of Ribena on the fridge and rode the MRT up to Dhoby Ghaut for my brother’s haircut. While waiting I got myself a cup of milk tea, and at about 1 something, checked Daiso from Plaza Singapura if there’s a blue glowstick for the ‘Blue Mission’. Of course, there is, so from Dhoby Ghaut, I transferred to Yellow Line and alight at the Stadium.

Just outside the station, cheering items are already being sold by random people. I’m poor and broke by this time (last days of my trip) so I don’t have any spare to buy myself ANY. I only have 20 on my pocket which is good for some McDonald’s after concert. It’s okay though because throughout my trip I bought 4 BIGBANG CDs, hmv is just heaven. I wandered through the place, because it was a new experience for me seeing a lot of teenagers that are not Filipino, and BIGBANG fans. I NEVER ATTENDED ANYTHING K-POP HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES, because it’s not very comfortable for me. It looks tacky and cheap, so it really was a new experience for me. And I’m attending a concert alone, in a different country, at VIP, with my most favorite band.

There are Samsung booths so I lined up in one of them. Samsung Galaxy SIII is being demoed and after listening to obvious *but amazing* features, you could write a message to BIGBANG and you could get a lanyard and that blue bracelet thingy. After lining up, wandered a bit more, and realized that my ticket is not reserved seating, so I hurried to find where I should queue. Found it!! There were two girls from where I was lining up, and I asked them if they could save my space for a few because I wanna urinate. They were glad to, and leaving my backpack there, with my stuff, iPad, money, ticket, etc., I hurried to the nearest restroom, which is the MRT station, and hurried back up to my line. Singapore is just too trustworthy, lol.

For about five hours, I met my first Singapore friends. There’s this two girls that I first met, who were putting on nail polish when I arrived at the line. They were the ones patient with me, talking with me even though I’m conversationally shy, more especially I’m a foreigner. They asked me if I’ve eaten because if not, they have spare food inside their bags, and they’ll be asking their another friend who will be arriving shortly after buying them some McDonald’s. I declined because aside from being poor-ass-broke, I’m not really hungry and I just wanna get inside the stadium.

There’s this other girl who’s currently a college student and a Universal Studios intern *how cool is that*, who gave me a box of Pocky. She’s with her cousin who’s from, I can’t remember. By this time, the girl who bought the two girls their McDonald’s arrived. Now we were talking happily…

I asked for another restroom break when I saw that the line for face tattoos were not so long anymore. I hurried my peeing, and went back to get more cheering materials, for me and my new-found friends. When I came back, I gave the cheering materials to them, and asked the girl who gave me Pocky if she wants to get a face tattoo. While talking about life and stuff, we lined up for the face stickers and got us some. When we got back, the nail polish girls and McDonald’s took their turn for the tatts.

After long hours of waiting… we finally got in. Without those friends, I wouldn’t have a picture *refer to the picture above*. Actually, McDonald’s girl is right behind me with the peace sign, but I just removed her when I reposted this picture *meanie*. I posted this once though, with her, so don’t judge me. And besides, she’s awesome. Maybe after four songs, all of us went our separate ways and I just had to enjoy the concert alone. I wasn’t responding to the fan chants. I’m singing the whole song. It was fun, though painful to the heart and throat, it was a very new and unforgettable experience. It was also a blessing in disguise. If I booked for the first day concert, there would be no ‘뻑이가요’ sang by five of them for the encore.

After the concert I went home through the MRT. Good thing though, I exchanged Facebook with my Singapore friends, so up till now, I have contact. I was smiling unconsciously. Tired, smelly, and probably the most haggard person inside the train, but I was extremely happy. And my very precious 20, I spent it for a supposedly Horlicks-flavored McFlurry, but then was currently unavailable so I just had this Chocolate Toffee Nut flavor which was also not available in the Philippines.

When I arrived home, I packed some stuff one by one since flight would be next day morning.

Goodbye Singapore, Goodbye BIGBANG

Goodbye Singapore, Goodbye BIGBANG

It was a beautiful goodbye. After resting a bit, ate dinner, and stuff, I went down from our building and took pictures of the neighborhood that I will so miss. And that picture above, I couldn’t portray myself better, looking heartily happy and sad at the same time. Just looking at it, I can feel myself and my experience all over again.

After the concert I turned super sad and I wanted to see TOP *and everyone* again, so I attended their next concert here in Manila, just a month after Singapore. And that’s another story 🙂



I don’t know until when I’ll be a fan, but I’m pretty sure this is something that I will bring till death. And these are the things I will treasure most, and won’t regret. I’ve seen BIGBANG through their ups and downs, and my unfailing love for them won’t stop.

I guess this post is too long already for me to make a letter. So just, thank you BIGBANG for everything you’ve done for me, even indirectly. Thank you for killing me everytime I see you, and making me live again. These past few years would’ve been extremely awesome if it wasn’t for you guys *honestly*. So, yeah. Until I see you guys again. 언제까지 기다릴게…

축하해요! 사랑해요…


6 thoughts on “BIGBANG: 7 Years + BIGBANG Alive Tour 2012

  1. Wow. You are a big fan of BIGBANG!
    승리 was on TV yesterday to promote his new album.
    I was surprised by the ticket price in Singapore. It’s much more expensive.
    We go to GD’s encore solo concert on August 31st but we failed to get vvip ticket which includes 15 min rehearsal. Haha.
    Well, got tickets for standing vip is just fine. 🙂
    Last time when we were at his world tour concert, we bumped into 한가인 and we are expecting to see her this time too. ㅎㅎㅎ
    빅뱅 콘서트 할 때 한국에 한 번 와요. 같이 보러 갑시다. >_<

    • SEUNGRI’s new material is suuuper awesome. I love all the songs so far.

      Actually it’s cheaper in Singapore than here. My ticket is at about 200,200 KRW, which if I bought the same spot here in Manila, it would be at 320,000 KRW. I really don’t have plans to watch in Manila anymore, but since it’s just a one time opportunity (or second, lol), I did buy the cheapest ticket at 25,000 KRW.

      Actually I wanted to go to Singapore when GD had his concert but it’s just too impossible. And last year, I watched F1 race, but why is it that they’ll be performing for F1 this year 😦 That is just so saddening. It’s on September, and my flight to Singapore would be on November :\

      WOOOOW! So 한가인 is a fan! That’s really really cool, did you say hi?

      네, if there’s an opportunity for me to watch their concert in Korea, I’ll definitely go and contact you guys so we can watch together 🙂 This would be one of my dreams 😀

      • Oh wow. Concert ticket is really expensive! We always complained about expensive ticket price which is about ₩100000.
        한가인 Is quite famous as a BIG fan of GD.
        She was like divine. Haha.
        I was so surprised to see her. She looked so excited.
        Other than her we’ve seen more celebrities.
        Come and watch The concert together. 🙂

  2. I enjoyed reading this blog post because:
    – it’s BIGBANG-related (and I see BB pics) ♥
    – it’s long, fun, and… detailed?

    “I NEVER ATTENDED ANYTHING K-POP HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES, because it’s not very comfortable for me. It looks tacky and cheap” <=== THIS. ㅎㅎ

    I attended few KPOP-related events here in the PH but honestly, I've observed how disorganized they were because of some immature and bratty fans. ㅋㅋ I also wanted to watch overseas to have a more fun and adventurous experience, but I don't have enough money, so.. yeah. But I am still thankful that PH is now recognized by K-artists and they hold concerts here, because my first KPOP concert experience (Super Show 3) was fun enough to forget other chaotic events.

    I watched Alive Tour PH and was in the VIP standing. I enjoyed BIGBANG's performance and didn't care about others while they performed but before that, I was quite frustrated because some 'short' fans kept on complaining about how they can't see properly because the Koreans who were in the front (railings) were taller than them and they didn't give way to the shorter fans because… who wouldn't want to stay in that spot, right? Anyway, those fans kept on saying we should just be given seats to be fair to everyone.. but others (even the bouncers) didn't seem to care so they gave up and yelled that they would just sell their tickets if they won't be allowed to at least 'downgrade' in any seated section.. Hmm, quite spoiled the mood but since BIGBANG was (and forever is) awesome, I didn't think about it anymore.

    Back to your post, it was nice that you booked a ticket in SG! I mean, yeah, from what I heard tickets are sold out fast in other countries, so even foreign fans have difficulty buying theirs.. It's a good thing that you met some good fans while on queue, because I was thinking maybe others would be snobbish if they see a foreign fan. XD

    So wait, your cousin is in SG, is that right? So what else happened in your 1 month stay in SG? I heard others say that you can basically tour all of SG in just 3 days because it's small. 궁금했어.

    ps: I also have that headband! ㅋㅋ Such a cute merch.

    pps: "At 430 songs, I’m thinking those jealous newbie BIGBANG fans would salivate." Right! ㅎㅎ

    • As always, thank you for reading this very lengthy post. I believe this is detailed even I, myself, am bothered how I managed to remember every slight details about everything.

      I just don’t like K-Pop conventions etc. I can attend if given the chance but I don’t make an effort just to go. Especially, number 1 thing I hate are cover groups. Of course, they’re hardworking and stuff, but most of the time, they act like they’re IDOLS, which they’re not. They’re also fans.

      You have money, dear, you watched VIP STANDING!!! That was one of my plans, though somehow impossible, it was my original plan. Good thing we came to Singapore, so I had to watch there instead. The venue is smaller and the pit is smaller *and closer, obviously*. About that problem with the concert, I’m not surprised. Philippines has always been chaotic >…< So sorry hahaha.

      • I know right? I totally agree with the cover groups issue. I went to some conventions few times, but only when I got too excited to buy official merchandise. XD I don’t even bother with CGs because most (if not all) are getting more.. and more.. famewhore, I guess? *meanie*

        Haha so the concert was more ‘intimate’ in SG then! Ahh, how I wish I can just fly abroad. The plane tickets cost too much already so I couldn’t have afford that. :p

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