How I Spent my BIGBANG 7th Anniversary Day

Before anything else… I’m gonna reply to the comments tomorrow. I was just busy the whole day with the celebration so I don’t want everyone to think that I ignored the comments, but like my blogs, I want my replies to be as hearty and sincere as possible.

Okay this is going to be a ‘약속’ short post *or not*. I know that sometimes *well most of the time*, it’s tiring to read lengthy posts. I just wanted to put a lot of personality in my blog entries. I don’t want a blog that’s just something informative or a blog that’s just purely or highly functional. I blog most of the time as how I would say it, as how I pause through commas, and as how I make side comments through my mind while I’m speaking, thanks to the asterisks.

Don’t know why I became very sentimental about this day. It’s like I’ve neglected BIGBANG for a long time and I found this anniversary as an excuse to get back to them. Well honestly, it’s hard to spazz after watching two live concerts and a Korean hiatus, right? So as funny as it was, I really spazzed the whole day.

8월 18일

11:57 PM – EPIK HIGH – 춥다 (Ft. LEE HI) #지금재생중. In the middle of making myself sleep.

11:59 PM – Music’s still playing, I hurriedly had a thought of having a BIGBANG celebration so I decided to listen to nothing else but BIGBANG this day. Scrambled through my playlists QUICKLY and TENSELY, BIGBANG, BIGBANG 1, BIGBANG 2, BIGBANG 3, and BIGBANG for iPad. I chose BIGBANG 1 and chose the first song…

8월 19일

12:00 AM – BIGBANG – Still Alive #지금재생중. 와!!!! 축하합니다! I swear the music started as soon as the clock reached twelve. Anyway, the BIGBANG playlist contains every single song they had in my library. BIGBANG 1, 2 and 3 are three separate playlists, 25 songs each, with the first playlist having all their top hits and singles, second playlist having the songs that had popularity which were not really promoted, and third playlist for the best picks and good music that were overshadowed by the hits. BIGBANG for iPad is the playlist without BIGBANG’s live CDs, instrumentals, acapellas, etc., because I used to have no music player and I only listen through my iPad so I had to filter out a lot.

12:04 AM – BIGBANG – Tonight #지금재생중. I’m picking up the Zzzzs.

12:05 AM – BIGBANG – 거짓말 #지금재생중. Don’t know if I even finished this song because I was too tired the….. whole… and…. I…. Zzzzzzz.

3:47 AM – Woke up so early. God told me to listen to more BIGBANG songs so I jumped to BIGBANG 2 playlist, starting with BIGBANG – B I G B A N G #지금재생중.

4:00 AM – While listening to a part of BIGBANG 2 playlist moving up to BIGBANG 3, I started writing my blog entry, BIGBANG: 7 Years + BIGBANG Alive Tour 2012.

6:23 AM – I posted the blog entry, and whew! That was a good two hour-and-a-half mixed with blogging and some procrastination.

6:36 AM – Done proofreading the entry. I publish before I proofread. Dumb right?

6:37 AM – Listened to more BIGBANG songs, and started with the second entry which is still at draft status. I might post it this week. It’s exhaustive to be blogging for more than two hours so I felt tired and slept at about…

7:20 AM – Zzzzzz…

11:02 AM – Woke up. Damn! Why do I wake up so much 😐

11:08 AM – Saw Seungri’s video uploaded like just minutes ago, GENIUS!!!

11:09 AM – SEUNGRI – 할말 있어요 #nowwatching. NONSTOP for like 5 times.

11:30 AM – Blasted music from the home theater, with BIGBANG music of course, it ran till…


11:49 AM – Successfully downloaded the MV. And by…

12:37 PM – I successfully downloaded the mini album (illegally of course, but I will buy it when the album comes out anyway), and listened to it right away.

1:16 PM – Finally listened to the whole mini album, and I just love how everything’s very consistent. The music, from start to finish was just whooooop! Commenced on listening to other BIGBANG songs when…

1:38 PM – Mom asked me to turn off the music because she’s gonna be watching a lame afternoon TV show… which thanks to her, if not for asking me to turn off that music, I wouldn’t have…

1:40 PM – Decided to watch BIGBANG Alive Tour in Seoul 2012, since I have like 11 BIGBANG concerts in my harddrive, and I honestly haven’t seen this DVD before since I couldn’t find a better timing. And this day was just perfect for it.

1:43 PM – Tweeted: I missed holding this lightstick!!! So I took it off of its wonderful case, and watched the concert with the lightstick on my hand.

1:46 PM – The concert had opened and BIGBANG – Tonight started… from this time, I had live feed about the concert through my Twitter.

2:51 PM – Posted a picture on Facebook on how I looked like.

How I'm spending my afternoon/BIGBANG 7th Anniversary. Please excuse my fugly face, it's not my problem I'm happy. BIGBANG Alive Tour 2012 보는 중

How I’m spending my afternoon/BIGBANG 7th Anniversary. Please excuse my fugly face, it’s not my problem I’m happy. BIGBANG Alive Tour 2012 보는 중

3:27 PM – BIGBANG – Haru Haru started.

3:28 PM – I’m crying. SERIOUSLY.

4:15 PM – Done watching. Wondered what to do next, but just had meal out with my nephews. Had Chinese and McDonald’s.

8:30 PM – Arrived home, and decided to watch something BIGBANG with my cousins, probably a concert, or Alive Tour again, since they won’t be able to relate if we watched the older concerts.

9:55 PM – Saw Lady Gaga’s Applause already uploaded, but I’m on a BIGBANG lockout period so I can’t watch it, even if the whole word waited for it in a very long time. I didn’t watch 😀

10:30 PM – Started watching Alive Tour again, and not, since I was right that it won’t play on their TV. It did, but it looked super messed up.

10:40 PM – Decided to watch their 1박 2일 / 패밀리가 떴다 special from their Big Show 2010 DVD. Watched it up till the end of the football game, where Daesung sucked real hard. Hahaha.

10:50 PM – Started to watch 강심장의 YG Family Special instead, and the final episode for 이승기. It was fun, and I missed watching it. The first part ran for 1 hour and 20 minutes so…

8월 20일

12:00 PM – When Tablo was in the middle of telling his story, I lifted my hands and my lighstick and shouted, 축하합니다!!!

12:10 PM – The show finished and I went home with my harddrive, my lightstick, my phone, etc.

What a wonderful way for me to celebrate BIGBANG’s 7th Anniversary. I knew other people who would buy cake, or dine out with friends, and make projects etc, but I’m just too busy for that. Those are things that I don’t see myself doing. God gave me their anniversary day to have a full rest (since I didn’t come to work) and to celebrate, and make myself realize how excited and happy I was about them, and it’s time to come back. Starting with GD… then DAESUNG’s Japanese…. then SEUNGRI… then GD again… then TAEYANG?… THEN BIGBANG? This is going to be a very big 2013.

I’m glad I’m a part of this thing called V.I.P because I don’t see myself anywhere else better. Until whenever, I’ll be here!!!

Gosh, that final part makes me wanna throw up.

PS. Who told you that this post is gonna be short?


2 thoughts on “How I Spent my BIGBANG 7th Anniversary Day

  1. Don’t throw up! ㅎㅎ. “VIP – until whenever.” I also believe in that. 😀

    You’re funny. I liked how the post is so detailed. I basically imagined how you did all those things. XD I also had BIGBANGathon (corny!) yesterday. They are not just fun to listen to, but fun to watch as well… And they are truly talented. In short, (yessir) one of a kind~ ㅋㅋ

    • I’m very detailed, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the reason why my blog posts always exceed 1000 words >.< Definitely fun! That's why it's good that they don't have so much show guestings so fans are not so spoiled, and we won't get used to them appearing and appearing everywhere. There's still a hint of exclusivity.

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