Make-up class | 화장품 수업

Okay, don’t judge me with the Korean title, it’s meant to be a joke. Lol.

Remember how bad the weather was? Well today, it’s still bad. It’s raining pretty hard yesterday night, then it will stop, and rain so hard again, you could almost feel the roof falling off. Good thing about everything though is that there’s a little glimpse of sun whenever the rain stops.

Anyway, we would be having a make-up class later. Supposedly, it’s our final exam day, but it’s just weird if we don’t have at least one review class before the finals. Most especially, I missed two lessons, and there’s just no justice if we take our final exam without studying the final lesson.

And one more thing…


Today’s the final day for TOPIK applications. I’ll be having my first TOPIK, and I’m aiming for Level 2. I just hope I can do the 쓰기 part because it seems hard. And of course, to pass the exam. Is it weird that I’d rather fail, than pass at Level 1? HAHAHAHA.

And finally, I’ll be returning this book that I bought which has been in my possession for already 2 weeks.


Again, please don’t mind my butt face.

I borrowed this last August 5, renewed it the next Monday, and since there were no classes for the past three weekdays, I can only return this now. I can actually renew this again, but that’s just too much. Maybe I’ll just buy this when I get the time *coughs* money.

And just now… it’s raining again 😐


2 thoughts on “Make-up class | 화장품 수업

  1. You are so lucky to be able to borrow Korean books. I cannot borrow Korean books from my university’s library because my major is not Korean.
    By the way, make-up class is 보강 or 보충수업

    • Hi thanks for the heads up 🙂 It’s better telling me the word rather than me looking it up myself. I don’t prefer it, lol.

      Anyway, I’m studying at Korean Cultural Center and through our library of maybe about 3,000 to 5,000 books, we can borrow books for free, for 7 days. Cool right? And the textbook section is just *almost* complete, so I’m not gonna be having problems with resources. Non-students can also borrow, but they have to pay for a registration fee.

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