Things I Want to Buy | 사고 싶은 것

I should probably make this post dynamic, or maybe just put up a page or something? This is a hard topic to blog about because it changes from time to time >.<

Anyway, I’ve put up a new page called ‘Reviews | 리뷰’, if you have the time, check it up on my blog.

In learning Korean, it probably applies to everyone, that whenever you encounter something, whether it be a book, a notebook, a pen, a CD, a gadget… anything that may help in pushing self-studying, thoughts of buying those things spring out. But then again, it’s not very easy for us to acquire such stuff, since we might not be very financially lucky, we can’t possibly order online, or we can’t visit Korea, etc…

So for the things that I wanna buy…

1. iPad mini | Wi-Fi | Black, 32GB


Price: ₱ 20,990 | ₩ 540,000 | $429.00
Productivity Rate: 90%

I’ve been using the iPad 2 for a long time now, and I’m gonna be reviewing apps soon. From my experience, it has been priceless so far. But recently, my brother asked for the iPad back *since it’s originally his*, so I’m really really sad. I’m not being very dependent with the iPad or anything, but I felt like I lost a part of my body when it was taken back. I basically do all my stuff there, from 사전, to Dropbox whenever I have no time to answer the workbooks through handwriting, I would just type the answers on a notepad, and access it through my Dropbox. I can also do this with my Blackberry phone but it’s somehow hassling. I have Korean textbooks in there, some music videos and concerts and whatnots, so it’s basically my war machine.

I don’t really want to push myself in purchasing a different gadget. I HATE ANDROID, but it might be a choice if… yeah, there would be no choice. But things I’m considering includes another big iPad (iPad 4), iPod touch (5th), and a cheap Android phone which will cost less than ₱ 5,000 ($120.00). I considered iPod touch because through there, I can also use the apps that I’ve been using on the iPad. What I don’t like about it though, is that it’s too small. It looks just like a cellphone, and I don’t want another iPod. I already have a 160 GB iPod classic, and getting the touch is somehow redundant even if I’m not gonna be using it for music. As for the iPad 4, it’s basically the same with the iPad 2 (just newer features I don’t really care about). I don’t consider another iPad 2 anymore because by September 10, it would already be three generations old. And the iPad is just too big.

As to why iPad mini? It’s in between the size of the iPod touch and the iPad. That way, I can use the mini publicly without too much worry. Using the iPad in the train for example, attracts too much attention. Philippines, honestly speaking, is not a very safe country, so avoiding the use of such gadgets are highly encouraged. But then, I don’t wanna limit myself so if I have to use it outside, I will. Then, the iPod touch is just too small, so studying through it would not be very conducive. In short, iPad mini would be the perfect tool for my Korean learning journey. But then again, this is expensive, so I should ask my dad to buy one for me *closes eyes*. And I might just have to wait until September 10, for announcements of new product releases from Apple.

2. A new laptop


Price: Entry-level laptops ranging from ₱ 20,000 – ₱ 30,000
Productivity: 100%

It won’t matter whether it be a VAIO, or an HP, or an Acer. I prefer Windows over Apple, since I wouldn’t be able to afford Apple anyway. In determining a laptop, I only consider the price. Basically, the laptops that you’ll find for a certain price range would always be almost similar in specs. It would be better if the RAM’s at least 3 to 4 GB. Don’t care about the hard drive so much since I have two 1TB external harddrives. I want it to be light or possibly thin, and of course, in Windows 8. The laptop I’ve been using is already almost at 5 years in my possession. It looks like garbage, seriously, so don’t ask for pictures anymore. LOL. My whole college life depended on this, and this laptop has been with me through my ups and downs in learning the language, so I owe A LOT from this laptop. I will surely cry the day it gives up, but please, not just yet.

3. 세상에 너를 소리쳐!


Price: ₩ 10,650
Productivity: 10%

I haven’t been looking at Korean blogs before, but… Seriously though, I never knew that this book is SUPER OVERRATED within the Korean learning community. I don’t really know what this was about, but I liked it anyway since way way before. When I saw G-DRAGON’s ‘미치GO!’ music video, I wanted to have it more. And just recently when I rewatched BIGBANG’s ‘시크릿가든’ parody, I saw GD had this again. This book embodies BIGBANG. And like my first concert, I want this to be my first reading book.

Whether I admit it or not, this is not going to be very useful for me, YET. In the future, it will be. But in my current level, I might not understand 15% of the whole book. I CAN’T EVEN UNDERSTAND THAT ‘꿈으로의 질주,’ THINGY! I actually ordered this through Gmarket earlier, so I just have to wait up till Friday when it arrives. I just decided to include it here, since it’s still not arriving, LOL.

And, for now… this would be all. Now you guys, what are the things you would like to have?


2 thoughts on “Things I Want to Buy | 사고 싶은 것

  1. I’ve been considering about buying an iPad mini too! But I thought, it would be nicer to wait for the iPad mini 2 because there could be greater features. I currently use an iPod touch 5th gen (after swapping it over a heavy and bulky iPad 3).. I like it so far, but I want a bigger screen and at the same time, small enough to escape the eyes of others. I totally agree about the safety of gadgets in the country. ㅎㅎㅎ That’s exactly what I thought so I wasn’t comfortable with a regular iPad. I would’ve gotten myself an iPad Mini before but I hesitated and chose iPod Touch because I can listen to music more comfortably and basically do the same things.. But well, things change. :p

    Laptop. Oh my. Such a coincidence! I also want to buy a new laptop (I’m eyeing an Acer V5 in blue or Lenovo U300 in blue because they satisfy my eyes ㅎㅎ) because the one I’m using is 6 years old, I think.. And it hangs or shuts down by itself most of the time so it’s getting really annoying. ㅎㅎ Much as I like an iPad mini or my iPod touch, I also don’t like iOS for my laptop. I just think that it’s pretty limited even with its expensive price tag. XD

    About 세상에 너를 소리쳐: I was also seriously shocked by its popularity among Korean language learners when I read other bloggers’ posts! I actually bought mine years ago because I am a VIP and I thought that my existence as a VIP would never be complete unless I get the book for myself and read it. It’s one of the reasons why I really wanted to learn Korean. So yeah, I had it before I decided to learn Korean. I maybe pretty weird but well, I liked it because it’s BIGBANG’s. 😀

    Aside from an iPad mini 2 and a new laptop, I also want new notebooks. I already have many but I have this obsession with notebooks. I just feel so happy looking at them and feeling them, just like books. Though most of the time, I hesitate to write on them because ‘they are too pretty to be messed up with my ugly penmanship.’ ㅎㅎㅎ In addition to that, I want more Korean booooks!! Like notebooks, I love seeing my books and turning crisp pages. Am I weird? I hope not. Aaand.. What else? I want to buy… a ticket to Korea and tickets to concerts!! I also want KPOP CDs and DVDs of course but there’s just too many that my brain doesn’t want to think about them at all. ㅎㅎ

    ps. I smiled when I read the I HATE ANDROID because that’s what I often say as well. Sure, many people believe that Android has greater features, but I don’t know.. I’m not really fond of it.. (But I’m quite thinking about it.. because there are some paid apps in iOS that are free in Android. I’m quite a cheapskate and I don’t like spend on apps. XD)

    • Not gonna express my surprise anymore about how long this was. We usually do this, right >.<. But.. apologies for the messed up entry, I believe you've read the typos and weird errors, but I already fixed them. Don't know why I prefer publishing my blog before proofreading, it's stupid. LOL.

      I'm actually a geek, and as much as I hate it, the next iPad mini might not be graced with a Retina display. Well, the iPad 2 hasn't been also, so there won't be any problem with it. I would love if the new iPad mini has it though. Seriously when the 5th iPod touch went out, I wanted it so bad, but then, my K-Pop alone is at 20+ GB, whole library's at 87+ GB, so it's out. Selecting music is very difficult, and besides, since it's an iPod touch, I would at least put some apps, occupying space which was originally for music on the other hand. And my stand since way before, is to purchase stuff that suits its original purpose. I never wanted a gadget where I can do everything in there, can take good pictures, can read books, can play music etc, so I have an iPod classic, my own DSLR, and my iPad for books (was), but I prefer legit books. This way, I'm not gonna lose something all at once if ever my gadget would be stolen, or get broken etc.

      I still have to find a laptop that would suit me. Maybe this time, I should be more meticulous since this would probably be my last free laptop, being I'm already working. But since I'm still starting up, my dad would probably pay for it, so I have to consider everything so I can make it last up to more than a good 5 to 7 years at least? (LOL).

      Yeah, the book is really popular, and it's baffling. I'm actually a possessive fan so I don't have so much friends who like BIGBANG or TOP. They already know my facial expression when they speak of BIGBANG or TOP by accident, hahaha. But this one's very uncontrollable. When I was in the middle of deciding if I should blog, I've seen the book through all the blogs I've checked, I think one of them is your blog. You were like 'EVERYWHERE', hahaha. Maybe I should use the book as a motivation to learn more and study hard, well not maybe, I SHOULD.

      As for notebooks, WE MAY BE SOULMATES. *well like in everything, we're like Korean language soulmates, this is creepy right?*. I prefer notebooks without lines more than anything. I collected Starbucks planners from 2006 up to the recent because I just love the thought of notebooks. I had lots of notebooks that are well kept since I never knew why I bought them in the first place. My handwriting's not good, but I'm proud it's neat. I just don't know what to put on notebooks. Good thing I found the perfect notebook for me, the one I'm using that I bought from MUJI. It's highly minimalist. No frills, no lines, no etcs, just the notebook and the blank pages. But I should probably post this in another 'things I want to buy entry' so others can also read 'em.

      ANDROID is just too… *insert adjectives here*. But since it's probably the best bet in terms of pricing, it might come in handy, but I swore 😦 I swore I'm not gonna have any Android gadget ever, and yeap, as much as I don't want to admit, it has those free apps that iOS charge for a price. But… but…… :|| Well I should probably start saving up for the mini, haha.

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