Panggap-seumnida Story #002 | 가식 이야기 #002

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This story has been years ago, but for ‘가식’ tip no. 2, You need a hat when you go somewhere.

Boracay is the prime spot for foreigners, whether it be Korean, American and European. As much as how ironic it is, Filipinos are very conservative, but when you come to Boracay, there are topless woman who would sun-bathe under the sun, with their * slightly covered with towels.


I don’t even look a bit Korean here 😐

I really love Starbucks, and when I learned that they opened a branch in Boracay, I should definitely go *not that the taste will change, or something*. We were at Station 2 and I have to walk up to Station 1 to reach Starbucks. While on my way, I can notice Koreans looking at me *this is true, and since this is already a shameless post, I should just go on with the story, lol*. It’s not like I look like a celebrity or something because that’s just too impossible, but maybe they were looking because, “Birds of the same feather, flocks together.”. Back when I was at Singapore, too, whenever I see Filipinos or Filipino-looking people, I would look at them and try to examine whether they’re Filipino or not. Maybe it’s a collective behavior when someone’s in a different place, to make them feel a little more secure, or I don’t know.

As far as I can remember, three different Korean groups did that while I was walking, and this is when my ‘panggap’-ing diminishes quickly. I will suddenly feel extremely shy and walk faster or something, looooool. I can still remember how I felt that day.

I also came across local people who would ask me in English if I’m interested with their boat tours or diving gears to which I decline silently, because if they hear my voice, they would think I’m a Filipino, lol. This is something I do as a defense for me not to talk so much when I’m outside.

I finally reached Starbucks which was far >.< and started looking at the menu, thinking which of the drinks would be a perfect summer drink. The queue was a bit long, so a barista smiled at me while I was waiting. When I’m finally ordering, that same barista talked to me and asked for my order. She casually asked me if I’m a Korean, and this is one of the instances when you say no, and say you’re also a Filipino. She was half-shocked and said, I definitely looked like one of the Koreans, to which I replied ‘Hindi naman’, ‘Not really’.

On my way back, no one looked or talked to me again, anymore. LOL.


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