Final Exam | 마지막 시험

After about 70 hours of studying this term, and another 72 hours last Elementary 1, and countless hours I studied by myself (which may already be at 200+ hours total of studying time at estimate), tomorrow’s gonna be another day for evaluation. Not just of grades, knowledge about the language, but also if I should still continue everything.

Earlier, I’m studying at Starbucks, from words to grammar. I clearly don’t have a study pattern, and it sucks real bad. I just can’t find a perfect formula. I’ve been wanting to have a study pattern because I feel like from tomorrow up till the days forward, I might just do all the studying by myself. My current school will be offering an Intermediate course, which is more than twice expensive than my current course. Not that I can’t afford it, but….. YEAH I CAN’T AFFORD IT. LOL.

But then, there would still be ways. It’s actually NOT EXPENSIVE compare to other schools, just EXPENSIVE-er than the recent and current fees. It’s just hard to shift from a Tall to a Venti *or not, ㅎㅎ* (coffee loves). It’s hard to pay for it, when I already get my salary ripped every time I leave work early for my classes. Of course it’s not arguable that everything is/would be worth it but this limitation is something that someone should consider so much, especially since I also need money for myself. My whole life’s not revolving around my Korean, you know? Or it may be, lol.

I should actually be reviewing now, but it’s just hard. Earlier, I started my review by checking the word index at the back of my book.


I would skim through it, and write down the words that I didn’t knew even existed, words that I had difficulties with, words that I keep on forgetting even if it’s at the tip of my tongue, and just that. I checked the definition from Naver online dictionary, and move on. No sentence-making, no contemplating, no crying, just define and move on. It sucks right?

And then the words got boring so I only studied words from ㄱ ~ ㅇ, and moved on to grammar. Okay kill me now.


Just to share, I’m currently drinking a huge-assed cup of milk tea which is about a liter, and also, a huge-assed cup of Iced Americano I failed to consume earlier. Now this should not deprive me of sleep or else, I’m gonna go hullabaloo tomorrow at work and at school. Or if this won’t deprive me from sleeping, I wish for my bladder to hold everything up till tomorrow morning when I wake up for work.

So how I studied my grammar then? I basically checked my book from Lesson 1 onwards, get the grammar pattern, and read it up through Korean Grammar in Use, and write it down.

My handwriting here's just too ugly, hooray for the very cold air-conditioning and lazy hands.

My handwriting here’s just too ugly, hooray for the very cold air-conditioning and lazy hands.

In my reviewing experience earlier, I’m proud to say that “I DIDN’T LEARN ANYTHING!!! HOOORAYYYY!!” Well not really, some threads were sewn into place, but that’s just it. I basically knew everything I’ve read, and just figured out the versuses, why use this grammar pattern rather than this, etc. But then since it’s just too cold, and I’ve consumed half of my Americano and about three mugs of hot water, and I’ve peed for like more than 5 times, and consumed a whole can of Pringles, it was time to go. Same with the word index that I only finished up till ‘ㅇ’, I only finished my grammar up to Lesson 15 over 30.

WHICH is terrifying because I haven’t had problems with grammar for the first half, but we’re talking about the second half!!! Oh my gosh.

I don’t know why I’m very affected about this final exam. During my whole school life, from elementary days up till I finished college, I NEVER REVIEWED!!! Well there were times, but since I don’t remember them, it means it never happened, or it only happened half-heartedly. I don’t really review because it’s like an indirect insult to the teachers, that they don’t teach well, or their lessons are not enough to pass the exam, and that every student should’ve listened so they don’t have to review, and that teachers are so intelligent that therm asdkl ql asdaa…. OKAY I’M BASICALLY DEFENDING MYSELF AND MY… gosh.

I should just stick with my study pattern before. Don’t review.

But then I can't help myself to post this picture that says 'Hey look! I'm so intelligent I'm learning Mathematics through Korean characters!!!" *dumb dumb dumb*

But then I can’t help myself to post this picture that says ‘Hey look! I’m so intelligent I’m learning Mathematics through Korean characters!!!” *dumb dumb dumb*

This is what’s gonna happen. I’m blogging this now while drinking some stuff, just blog some more, blog for some more minutes, pee, blog again, pee, sleep, pee again, sleep again, wake up in the morning, feel force-festive and force-nostalgic since it would be the last day, get over it and take a bath and prepare to work, work a bit and think, contemplate, and work some more, then procrastinate, and work again, and try to review a little… panic at the bus, and cry a bit, and laugh, and get crazy, and get off the bus, and go to my school, and take that exam.

I swear I’m not gonna open my books or my notebooks anymore after posting this blog. This is why I don’t review. I get highly confused and nervous, AND CRAZY for nothing. Before, I really don’t review, but pass exams. Not because I’m highly genius *which I really am*. Not because my IQ’s at 142 *which is true*. Not because I’m lazy *which is super super true*. Not because I already look Korean *vomits*. But I just don’t prefer reviewing. I took a mock TOPIK without reviewing and passed it. Once I review, my mind starts to twist and twirl itself, trying to look for things that were originally there. Since my mind is like a harddrive, when I choose to add a file again that was and were perfectly sitting safely in there, it just tries to look for those files, and asks if I should replace them or not, confusing the whole system instead. I don’t know but this is just how I work. Of course, in time when I get more advanced, I should change this habit, but for now… *evil laughs* NO.

I would just have to enjoy my final exam tomorrow, and let’s see what happens next.


8 thoughts on “Final Exam | 마지막 시험

  1. I feel you~ It looks like I won’t be attending I1 either because I’m stuck in the province for now. XD

    Anyway, it seems like we really are ‘Korean language soulmates’ or rather, Seoulmates ㅎㅎ I also got by College without truly reviewing.. Not because I’m overconfident, but most of the times, just because I’m lazy and I don’t want to think too much. XD It actually showed even when I was enrolled in ‘THE Korean School’ because they thought I didn’t take Korean seriously but surprised that I still did well. But it’s not like I didn’t even read once because I didn’t review. I mostly just skimmed and crammed whatever may stick to my brain few minutes before exams began. It worked (and still does!) better for me. XD

    Maybe we just unexpectedly do well if we don’t pressure/force ourselves with something. As much as succeeding through hard work feels fulfilling, sometimes, unanticipated success from less or no effort at all feels even more self-satisfying. ^^

    ㅎㅎㅎ The Math through Korean is really cute! It indeed looks genius! 😀 So, how was the exam? 😀

    • Oh, you’re in the province? Actually I’m still thinking. If the current E1’s expensive, sure there are more expensive classes somewhere else and KCC’s still considerably cheap.

      I don’t know why ‘not reviewing’ works so much for me, maybe it’s just that we don’t react well if pressured or forced. And that is super right, I get more satisfied when I do well without doing too much, though it may sound like luck, most of the time it’s not 😀

      The exam was TOPIK-like for the first parts, the speaking part was O_O. Though my classmates told me that I was interviewed the longest, I’m still nervous.

  2. I love notebooks with colorful handwriting >:D< Color is really helpful for memorizing words and can help us feel interested in the lessons. ^^
    By the way, final exam is 기말시험/ 기말고사 ^^

    • I like how I learn words from you, lol. I don’t usually like searching for words, so even if I knew 기말시험, I chose not to use it and I want to somehow emphasize the fact that this final exam is more of like final final, because I approached another end of a journey, and I don’t know if I will still continue or not. I may still study for myself but for formal studies, I’m still in the process of contemplating 🙂

      Anyway, I really need colors in my notebooks too, it makes everything more fun and orderly 😀

  3. I love your handwriting and your notes!! I wish my notes and hand writing could be that pretty. And I agree with what you said about needing colors. Colorful pens is the best when it comes to note taking X)

    • I wish my handwriting’s cleaner though 😀 Definitely the best, although it’s hard when you need to write a lot in a short and quick time, it’s hard to switch from pen to pen, haha.

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