End of Elementary 2 | 초급2 학기말

리쌍 – 행복을 찾아서 #지금재생중

This song has been playing in my iPod the moment I stepped out of my classmate’s car. Okay I don’t what Gil and Gary were talking about, but I just like how the music makes me feel nostalgic. I removed the ‘김성규’ name tag from my coat *which I haven’t washed yet since the day I bought it*, but I used it for just like three times *and don’t mind it so as not to spoil the drama*.

Okay, so I removed the ‘김성규’ name tag from my coat, and threw it in the laundry bin. I finally untied my necktie, which I left tied from the day I first wore it. Hung it silently in my closet. Removed my other clothing and went to take a bath… All while listening to 리쌍.

Partings are very sad. Whether it would be a family member leaving for another country, a breakup, a growing-apart moment with a childhood friend, and graduations. In reality, I haven’t had any chance to bond with my classmates fully. I was silent and a bit shy up till the end so I haven’t had so much friends. Maybe because I became too comfortable and too used to my Elementary 1 classmates that I failed to make some more friends. I only got close with this classmate because we had to go to school together about once or twice, the other one because she offered to drop me off somewhere nearer by her car, another one because we frequently become seatmates, another one I had no choice but to talk to since we’re beside the bus, etc. Basically, I never made a deeper bond with them, except for some. It’s sad because I’m only feeling it now, now that there wouldn’t be any chance anymore.

The moment I stepped out of the car, and said, “Hala nuna, after pala nito, hindi na kita makikita.” ” Oh shoot nuna, after this, I wouldn’t be able to see you anymore.”, I felt really sad. Of course we can still see each other if we choose to, but school’s just different, that you are required to see each other every class period. And of course, my forever 누나 that has been very supportive with me since Elementary 1. We’ve been very close for more than a year now, so I’m sure I’ll still see her whenever.

Unlike my Elementary 1 parting time which was hyper-dramatic, there were no inspiring or sad and dramatic ending. Before, my 선생님 played us a song. It was 김동률’s 아이처럼.

I’m listening to it now and I can still remember how my eyes teared up during that moment. My Elementary 1 has been very warm. My teacher, my classmates, everything. I believe most of us were first timers that time, so up till now, we’re still the bestest of Korean friends.

Now, my Elementary 2 is over. It was not as warm as the first, but I am still thankful for my 선생님 who was been very hardworking and patient. And she taught us, really really well. And of course, to my classmates. We still have a final presentation to do but not everyone can attend the graduation ceremony so today’s the more legit last day.

Elementary 1 and 2 came like a breeze. Another ending, means another start. Now let’s find out what’s gonna happen soon. Will I still continue my Korean? Will I stop or will I take it further? Well no one knows… I want things to happen naturally, and I hope God will touch my heart for me to be able to make the right choices and good decisions.


PS. I’m too tired to proofread or even quality check this right now, I hope I conveyed my feelings in its exacts.


4 thoughts on “End of Elementary 2 | 초급2 학기말

  1. I felt the same. E1 was more fun for me, though I learned more in E2.. I just got too comfortable with my E1 friends that I didn’t bond with others from the E2 class. I was shy back then too! ㅋㅋ I just felt a bit awkward because they were all older than me.

    Anyway, good luck on you presentation and test results! 😀

    • That’s very ironic, in my case, I got closest with my oldest classmate (40 something), since she’s my classmate with the car. Not that she’s got a car why we became close, but since it’s just normal for us to talk while we’re on the way home, we knew about each other’s Korean craziness 😀

      I hope I pass, and I hope we can push a good presentation. I’m 두근두근-ing right now. ㅎ

  2. I felt the same thing too even today is the second day of our E2 class. It’s hard to adjust to my new classmates since most of them already know each other. I’m the youngest in the class and we are only 3 boys in the class – the other two just have their own worlds as well. The lessons are somehow fast paced. I’m thinking I might fail, like almost half of my classmates now. Hope everything will be good at end.

    • Don’t feel pressured 🙂 The point in learning Korean, aside from achieving fluency haha, is to just have fun. Mind you, my best friend is from Elementary 2 and we weren’t actually friends during the whole term. And just keep on studying and practicing. You can do it! 화이팅하세요^^

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