Graduation, Gmarket and Intermediate 1 | 졸업식과 지마켓과 중급1

I don’t know how I could group my ‘something somethings’ post into something that’s something. I actually have the title ‘Update #001’ in mind, but that wouldn’t sound so interesting so I chose the current title instead. I’m self-righteous and boastful here, so be warned.


Top 3!!! 대박!!

Top 3!!! 대박!!

Finally, I’ll be receiving my first Korean-related award tomorrow!! I’m actually expecting a higher rank, but then I remembered that one of the things I noticed about myself is that I’m either an underachiever or a twice-exceptional kid. My mom would always tell me before, ‘Matalino ka nga, tamad ka naman.’ ‘You’re very intelligent, but you’re lazy.’ which is actually true. I am somehow ‘abnormal’ since my mother had me when she was 47, so I have always been referred to as a ‘menopausal baby’, not really born when my mom was menopaused *because that’s impossible*, but those were the times when a woman is already considered very late for another pregnancy.

There would always be either of the two, (1) a child with a disability, or (2) a highly intelligent child, WHICH I’M VERY HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE, I’M NUMBER 1. Lol. Nope, I’m a highly intelligent kid (with a lot of mental disabilities, lol). I can already read two languages when I was two, can recognize and recite all the flags of the world by three, can sing in tune by four, etc… But then things got more different. By five when I started school (actually 4), I would usually loathe going to school because I hated it when the teacher repeats a lesson. I also remember that time when I was always raising my hand, but my teacher won’t call me so I raised my feet instead, haha. I graduated my kindergarten at top 3, my elementary 1-3 at top 5 average, and after that, I haven’t had any tops anymore, I even got 75, 76, 78, 75 percents for four gradings on my Math once.

Remember how I said I never reviewed? Maybe this was it. I am a twice-exceptional kid, ‘Bright, but not trying hard enough.’ I’m highly contented that I know a lot more than the people around me, so I don’t try hard anymore.

In my life, this would be my 6th graduation ceremony (including Elementary Korean 1) all in all. In my Elementary Korean 1, I was regarded as ‘the one who looks like, the one who sounds like, the one who speaks like… etc’, so everyone thought I was the top kid, but I wasn’t. Didn’t even get a place. On the graduation day, my 선생님 told me in her hard English accent, “Actually, you could be the top student, but because of your attendance, you couldn’t be…” And don’t judge me, I only had absences because I had a chicken pox (at 19), and there was one time when my train got delayed so I missed my class.

Anyway, we had our Final Exam | 마지막 시험 last Tuesday, and the test went good. It’s like TOPIK, just sweeter and condensed, lol. The only thing missing is the writing part, and of course they included the best *or worst* and the hardest part of all, 말하기. Our teacher asked us about 15+ questions, all with follow ups. From height questions, to prepaid phone cards and how to go from this Seoul subway station to this, it was just hard. So going back (I’m actually gonna be discussing the things that my current teacher and I talked about during the 말하기 session). First, it was 대박! Thanks to my surname, I was the first one to be interviewed, so my classmates won’t be able to hear what we’ve talked about. After every student, they would sit and wait inside the classroom, so as to avoid spilling of questions and info to the waiting students outside.

There was this question when she asked if I have ever traveled abroad. I answered yes, and said that I would actually be having another travel in November. I said that I was worried because I really want to take the Intermediate 1 course, but I would surely be having absents if I do take it, because my vacation is exactly last two weeks of the term. Day after I get back would be the final exam when she showed me her calendar. After the interview session, my 선생님 praised me for being very excellent in her class *I overheard all my classmates’ interview sessions and there were no stuff and blah-blahs after their interviews*. And even before during classes, she would usually compliment me when the whole class is in shock, and I would correctly answer the questions or words or things she were asking.

But having all that said, I am still an underachiever not being the top 1 in class. Maybe I’m just like YG, I don’t simply settle and base my success and achievements on numbers and awards. They are confident about their music and style without depending so much on chart and mutizens, I, on the other hand, am confident that I am doing great and that’s what matters to me more. Of course, learning won’t stop, so I might still go for more, but for my level, I would say I’m already a beginner at best. I still don’t know a lot of words, and I’m still lacking, but eventually, everyone will get past that.


왜 늦어 ㅡ.ㅡ

왜 늦어 ㅡ.ㅡ

I finally ordered BIGBANG’s ‘세상에 너를 소리쳐!’. But sadly, it’s delayed as F. I remember when I last purchased Korean Grammar in Use: Beginning and Intermediate, I never had any problems. It arrived the next week, same day after ordering. But now, my book has been ‘Handed over to Air carrier’ for days now. For my last tracking, there were two more stops after that stop for the same day. Earlier, I called our post to confirm if it already arrived since this might just be a problem with the tracker, but they told me it was not yet there. I sent an inquiry to Gmarket, ‘why was my item delayed, it only took me a week for my previous order’, then they told me that ‘they were sorry for being too lazy, they fell asleep and forgot to bring it to my country’. No, not really, lol. They were prompt and told me that ‘my shippment (in double p’s) is currently being processed to my country at the momment (in double m’s)’. *Should I apply at Gmarket’s customer service when I finally reach TOPIK Level 4? HAHAHAHA.* This is what I like about Gmarket, they reply easily. If I’m just a little richer, I should’ve just ordered at but since every won counts, I chose Gmarket. Twochois service has been pretty pretty pretty good so far according to blogs that I read, but they are more expensive by a bit. Still not at EMS but it’s more expensive than Gmarket’s, so I chose the latter.

Anyway, I have yet to contact them by Monday since my tracking would probably be at cease fire on weekends.

Intermediate 1

Now this part is tricky. Will I be allowed by my parents, will my boss give me permission, will MY POCKET give me permission, will my other classmate take the course with me, will I get a slot, will I be able to pay on the payment day, will I be able to come to pay but won’t have the money to do so, will I be needing this in my life, will I enjoy this, will I get sick, will I pass it, will I graduate even if I have a Singapore trip, will this even make me go to Korea, will this…..

Basically all those questions are running in my head right now. Tomorrow’s going to be our graduation and I successfully passed, there are a lot of requisites and (1) passing Elementary 2 means you can take Intermediate 1, check! Now I still have to wait for the enrollment day, (2) if I successfully booked a slot, then this course is for me, and I should book before (3) my boss allows me too, which if he won’t, I might resign. Which if I do, I won’t be having (4) money for the enrollment, and for my (5) Singapore tour at last two weeks of the course.

My life is complicated right? And what’s more complicated is that the enrollment and payment’s already NEXT WEEK!!! Wow, give us a breather. Let’s just wait for God’s decision. In the end, it won’t be in my hands. I really want to take it, even if I fail, I don’t care. I JUST NEED TO GET THE TEXTBOOK, mwahahaha.

But it’s also good if I pass…


2 thoughts on “Graduation, Gmarket and Intermediate 1 | 졸업식과 지마켓과 중급1

  1. 축하해~ I knew you’d get an award! 😀 중급 (3급) is so expensive, 3000 php D; And I noticed they will be using 가나다 series next term so that could’ve been why it’s more expensive (since it’s a textbook+workbook combination).. Hmm.. Anyway, I’m waiting for your entry about the graduation! 😀

    • I was half-expecting an award since only a few finished the term, and I would be super sad if I didn’t get any, not because I’m a famewhore, lol, but because I studied hard and I think I deserve even a bit *and I don’t care about the stage, I only care about the ‘mahiwagang’ paper bag and what’s inside. HAHAHAHA, seriously.* But why would it be very expensive? I think 가나다 books are priced very similarly, or if there would be difference, it wouldn’t be at least more than half :O

      Aaaaand, how did you know that they’ll be using 가나다 again? Last I1, I believe they used 재미있는 한국어 which is a little bit off to my liking, because it’s big, complicated, and not smartly divided (15 lessons). My classmate also told me that they will be using 가나다 this term because he read from somewhere, and probably you read it too, which is why I’m so confused why I haven’t read anything about it anywhere lol. I’m sooooo blind.

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