Graduation Day! | 졸업식 날

DISCLAIMER: I will update this post with graduation pictures when I get them. I haven’t taken any decent pictures because it’s just too weird and it’s not possible to take a selca onstage while receiving my certificate, no?

I finally graduated my Elementary 2 course! Yeaaaah! It was a very tiring day, nonetheless it was super fun. Basically it was not just our graduation but the whole center’s graduation. There were several Basic Korean and Elementary Korean 1 students who also graduated for the language classes, then there were Taekwondo, Salmunori, Traditional Dance, K-Pop dance and sing, etc for the culture classes.


I arrived early in the morning because we haven’t practiced for our presentation. It’s hard because we have to do it live and since most of us were working, we haven’t had any time to practice before. And why this presentation even came up because we also had no time to shoot the videos before. Thank goodness though, our presentation went smoothly *or maybe not?*. We were in so much stress and palpitations while waiting for our turn. We saw all the Basic and Elementary videos and dramas, etc., so it made us feel like we’re 선배s who didn’t even took the time to prepare 😐

What was our presentation? Way back when we were discussing if we should just do live, or commence with the video shoot, majority chose live *since majority of those in favor of live can’t make it to the ceremony, lol, so bad*. I suggested a game, and good thing, everyone agreed. It’s basically a game show type of presentation. It’s like charades, but instead of guessing the whole word, I would action out random syllables within the word, until they complete each syllable and guess the whole word correctly.


This thing flashes on stage while we’re having the presentation.

I actioned the first syllable ‘문’ by making a gesture which seems like I’m opening a door. They would guess the words ‘나가다, 나오다, 들어가다…’ but since the action looks like I’m stabbing someone, they also guessed ‘죽을래 and saksak하다 *saksak means to stab in Filipino*. Audience were laughing since they understand the word and we think it’s cool that we’ve added jokes into our presentation so as to make it more relate-able. For ‘원’, I actioned it by making my eyes smaller by bringing it apart with my fingers, because Asian eyes were always referred to like that, lol. And I would gesture getting something from my pocket and giving it. They guessed ‘내다, 이상하다 *because of the eyes*, 중국 사람, 사다, and 돈’. It’s actually ‘원’, the Korean money. I don’t know how I came up with that action though.

The next word was ‘노옥진 선생님’, I chose for them to guess the syllables ‘진’ and ‘생’ together which sounded like ‘ginseng’. My gesture included drinking from a cup and flexing my arms so as to indicate that the drink can make me healthy. They guessed ‘소주, 술, 커피, 맥주, 건강, 운동’ and when someone guessed ‘인삼’, I gestured that it sounds like it, so when someone said ‘ginseng’, everyone laughed, including the teachers and the school director. Next was the word ‘노’ and acted it out by making a gesture, waving both of my hands quickly. They guessed ‘안돼요, 아니요, and even 여자친구 없어!’ which made the crowd laugh a bit more. It was actually ‘no’, the English word. Then there was ‘옥’, I acted it by doing thumbs up and then the OK sign where you make a circle with your index finger and thumb. They guessed ‘괜찮아, 삼 (3), 대박, 짱, and 귀요미’, lol. The word was ‘옥’ but I made them guess ‘OK’, which I find a bit witty.

The last word was ‘감사합니다’ and it went easy. I can even hear the audience shouting out answers *which were right, to my surprise*, and the group who won received a bouquet. Well not actually, after the group received the bouquet, everyone went down the stage and gave 선생님 the flowers. In the end, we didn’t get the award for best presentation because we lacked practice. And…. our presentation was just 바보 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ.


Finally, every top students from Basic to Elementary classes were awarded. My former E1 classmate and recurring friend *well most of my E1 friends were recurring* who re-took Elementary 1 came in third. I was notified earlier so when I was called for top 3 in my class, I’m not surprised anymore.


The stage lighting was a bit weird, hence the darkness in the photo. Photo credits to my 누나 who loves 성종!

Top 3 students! See you next term?

Top 3 students! See you next term?

As for my camera, the only thing I got valuable was this:

I don't usually smile with teeth, but I did because I was just so happy I forgot I was not supposed to show my teeth, hence my weird-looking face >.<

I don’t usually smile with my teeth, but I did because I was just so happy I forgot I was not supposed to show my teeth, hence my weird-looking face >.<

That was our picture with our uber-great, patient and wonderful 노옥진 선생님. Not everyone attended the graduation so it was kinda sad, but it’s okay. Next picture would be…

My E1 classmate who got in third, 강효경 선생님,  our E1 선생님, and my derp face.

My E1 classmate who got in third, my ever sweet and loving 강효경 선생님, our E1 선생님, and my derp face.
Please don’t mind my 선생님, she never smiled through pictures, and seeing her smile a bit here, it’s kind of a miracle.

After the graduation, we ate lunch at McDonald’s, and for the first time, I talked with them a lot *starting the whole graduation day*. I regret how aloof I was. I’m just not good at making friends, so I just let the whole term flow without having so much connections with my classmates. I was just contented with my E1 classmates, but I was wrong. After our lunch, all of us passers swore that we will be continuing Intermediate 1, WHICH I don’t know yet. I will go and book a slot, but let’s see which tree will I get my money from.


Every graduation, students get a certificate *if they don’t get absent for a number of times*. As for me, I got two certificates, one of them indicates my being ‘top 3’ and the other one, the generic certificate of participation same as the one I got last year.


As for the gifts, the paper bag included a lot of stuff.

Standard English-Korean Dictionary for Foreigners

Standard English-Korean Dictionary for Foreigners

WHICH to further emphasize my fury, is…



Okay, this is directed to foreigners, and this is just free, so why am I throwing tantrums? Lol. Anyway, the second top student got a better *or at least better*, ‘Korean Conversation Dictionary for Foreigners’, also by Hollym, and the top student got a super better ‘한-영-한 사전’ in a slip box case.

Taekwondo, and Korean Culture and Travel Guides

Taekwondo, Korean Culture and Travel Guides

This is my third Korea Travel Guide, and yet. I STILL DON’T KNOW WHY I’M NOT YET GOING TO KOREA ㅜ.ㅜ. I have three of those Taekwondo thingy because I got one when I entered the school, the other one inside the paper bag, and the other one given to me when I went out.

A coffee table brochure *lol* about Korea.

A coffee table brochure *lol* about Korea.

I wish it was a book though, not a brochure, since everything inside’s very picturesque. And look! It’s Super Junior, I wish it was BIGBANG though, lol I have too many wishes.



Probably one of the bests I got from my graduation. It was five because I got one when I entered the school, two when I got another one inside the first Taekwondo brochure I got, the third one inside my paper bag, and the other two when I went out. It was cool, I might post one on my bed.

Everything's inside the paper bag, and loook! There's a box...

Everything’s inside the paper bag, and loook! There’s a box…

Now what would be inside the box? It’s almost obvious that the content would be…

Yeap, a mug. A cute one.

Yeap, a mug. A cute one.

I probably won’t use this because aside from its souvenir and sentimental properties, this is a bit small for a coffee that can reach my tummy.

This graduation post has been sufficiently long, so let’s talk more about my Korean future in the next entry.

졸업해서 정말 행복했어요!


2 thoughts on “Graduation Day! | 졸업식 날

  1. Wow!!! You study in the Korean Cultural Centre in Phillippines!!! I also study Korean at the Korean Cultural Centre in Vietnam. Vietnam has two Korean culture Centres. The one in Ha Noi provides Korean classes with reasonable prices and it has a Korean library too. They study the series “재미있는 한국어” After each course, they give Korean certificates too. The one in Ho Chi Minh city (where I live) provides FREE Korean classes from beginner to advanced level, but it doesn’t have Korean library. We study the book from Sejong series and Kyunghee series. However, after each course, we will not be given any certificates. Any way, I totally love the Korean Cultural Centre.

    • 네, 정말 재미있어요! It’s good that you have two cultural centers, is it the same with the logo in the mug that I posted? The prices are sooooooo sooooo cheap *way back that is*. It’s not really considered as tuition fee since the price is almost the exact same price of the book we used, so we only paid for the book price, kinda. But now, maybe because of demand, price went higher, but still considerably cheap. Actually we were using ‘가나다’ for 초급1 and 2 but now we will be using ‘재미있는 한국어’, and everyone of us don’t like the book >.< Maybe we were just used to using '가나다' since it's perfect for lesson divisions (30 lessons), one lesson per day, a review day per five lessons, all perfectly divided for a three-month (72-hour) period, unlike with '재미없는 한국어' (as how we call it, lol), maybe my 선생님 will divide one lesson for two days, which is a bit confusing.

      Right now, we still don't have advanced levels, we only have up till 중급1, since the center only started in 2011 and there are still insufficient number of students eligible for higher levels.

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