세상에 너를 소리쳐! and Korean Class III | ‘세상에 너를 소리쳐!’와 한국어 수업 III

Yesterday, my package from Gmarket arrived! Wooooooh! I swear I’m gonna try twoChois for my next purchase, but for now, I chose Gmarket since I’m already at Gold status.

세상에 너를 소리쳐!

The box

The box…

…which is smaller than my previous package received. I actually encountered a little problem with this order, this one should’ve arrived last Friday but it delayed a bit. Monday morning, I called PhilPost to track my EMS package, and said that it already arrived and will be delivered the same day. What I love about Gmarket is that it’s very timely, and I don’t pay so much for stuff that is supposed to be more expensive that what I’m paying for, especially since it’s from Korea.

It's from TOP again!

It’s from TOP again!

It's from Interpark, nicely wrapped than Bandi and Luni's.

It’s from Interpark, nicely wrapped in a thick plastic container with bubbles. Better than Bandi and Luni’s.

모두 다 소리쳐!!!

모두 다 소리쳐!!!

I’m currently reading this, not because I can understand, but I will try to read it up till the end, without understanding anything. I think I will be using this for three major times. I will (1) read this continuously so as to increase my reading pace. I will read quickly when I’m on transit, and loudly when I’m at home. After reading it’s wholeness which may take months, I will (2) use the book for studying, to check words and unfamiliar grammar points that I haven’t learned before, at the same time, learning about the story in gradual. And finally, I will (3) re-read this again in time after reaching a certain level in my Korean when I’m confident enough to read a whole book. Just this morning, I already read 22 pages, and I understood about 2% of the book. Good thing about rereading this in the future, is when I evaluate myself how much I understood, even if scattered and not continuous, I would know how much progress I made. For now, I’m just gonna enjoy ‘panggap-ing’ outside, while reading the book when in reality, I can’t understand anything at all. I just hope no Korean would randomly approach me and ask me about the book, cause that would be very… HAHAHAHAHA.

I’m just looking forward to that day, when I can finally see a post in my blog, titled ‘[BOOK REVIEW] 세상에 너를 소리쳐!’.

Intermediate 1 | 중급 1

I finally booked for my Korean classes!!! I’m 100 percent on this, though my pocket’s not. Maybe I just have to find a way on how I can pay for my tuition fee. Booking started early this morning, and as I was talking with my Elementary 1 classmates, two of them would be taking Intermediate 1, and three of them, Elementary 2 (two of them repeating the course). It’s just fun because our schedules are exactly the same, so just like E1 days, we get to see each other every class days which will run for three days per week.

I finally finished Elementary 1 and 2, but in reality, I think I only learned about three-fourths or less of it since I feel like I’m still lacking. I still have too many vocabularies to learn for my level that is, but I’m just lazy to study by myself. Maybe when I finally resign from my work, I’ll be sure to study words everyday, because that’s my biggest weakness when it comes to studying Korean. My classes will start on September 16, and even if I’m not yet asking my boss for permission, I don’t care, I’m gonna take this Korean while I’m still young.


15 thoughts on “세상에 너를 소리쳐! and Korean Class III | ‘세상에 너를 소리쳐!’와 한국어 수업 III

    • 별로 안 비싸요~ 사실은 요금이 너무 싸요. 2012년에 초급1 때 it’s just 800 pesos for three months (72) hours, it’s like we only paid for the book, for 초급2, 1,200 pesos, same duration but instead of just the book, we also had a textbook. Actually, this term is more expensive, it’s at 3,000 pesos, but nonetheless, it’s still cheap compared to other schools where I’m also not sure if teachers would be natives, or if they’re even good or not.

  1. 축하해~ You finally decided to enroll! Good luck on your 중급 1 수업! I miss studying there. 흐흐 I wanted to enroll even in culture classes which only meet once a week, but the transpo would be costly since I’m in the province.. 아~ 부럽다. >_<

    …And you finally have 세상에 너를 소리쳐! ㅎㅎ 웃기다. I think anyone who sees you reading that book would believe you are indeed Korean. I can't wait to read another 빵갑습니다 moment. But I also imagine when you meet a native and think of how they'd react. ㅎㅎ 재밌당~

    We have a similar approach with the book, though I think mine is more repetitive with the READ-READ&SEARCH-RECALL-READ&COMPREHEND-READ SMOOTHLY. ㅎㅎ Too much reading, eh? But I know it would be worth it. 화이팅!

    ps. Have you gone there to pay the fee and claim the books? Because I'll be volunteering, and I might see you if you haven't. ㅎㅎ

    • 네! Even if I didn’t think too much about it, I just booked and decided to enroll. Bahala na si T.O.P. Anyway, I thought more about what I would lose if I don’t enroll, rather than my other worries. There might be no Intermediate 1 offering for the next terms, up till third term again, and I don’t wanna wait that long. Waiting time between my E1 and E2 was a whole year, and for this one, it would be more than a year if ever I enroll third term this year. And besides, just like what I did last year, I might stop learning if I don’t go to school, I’m lazy like that. I’m just worried that I haven’t given E2 a time to sink in just for a few months, now I’m gonna swim into I1 this easy. But why are you in the province? 졸업했어요? 취직했어요?

      Yeap I’m so happy having the book. In just two days, I’ve already read about 40+ pages. People would usually look at me reading the book, but I don’t care about ‘panggap-ing’ during those moments, I only care about my reading pace, and trying hard not to understand *because that would just take time* but just read, and what’s surprising is that I can understand at least 1 sentence out of 20, which is true and funny, but surprisingly good. It’s like I can follow the flow of how GD’s telling the story, but it’s just not clear because there are words that are just complex for me to understand in my current level, and I don’t want to look it up just yet.

      We will be paying tomorrow, if you’ll be there, just approach me because I don’t know how you look >…<. Anyway, if ever you'll be there, I can only meet you for a short time because we're gonna be having a E1 bestfriends mini reunion somewhere, it would be very fun! *And another fact, book would not be 가나다 anymore, it reverted back to 재미없는 한국어 ㅜ.ㅜ

  2. I feel the same way about 세상에 너를 소리쳐! XD It’s like, “Yay, I have the book! I understand 2%! This is awesome!” XD One day we’ll get the point where we can understand the book fully. Thinking about all the progress that will be made is exciting.

    Good luck on your intermediate 1 class! I feel like I’ve gotten only 3/4 from my previous year of Japanese 101/102 as well (mainly because of vocab and compound kanji). I’m definitely going back to the first book and doing lots of review to get that 1/4 in so everything is solid.

    “…I don’t care, I’m gonna take this Korean while I’m still young.” XD This line made me laugh.

    • I know right, I’ve read about 40 pages and I’m proud to say I can understand at least 1 sentence per 20, so that’s a relief. I don’t try to understand it yet, or look up words, I just want to read. I KNOW RIGHT!!!! I’M JUST SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT PROGRESS THAT I’M ACTUALLY TYPING THIS QUICK, AND ALL CAPS!! *WITH MY BUTT-FACED SMILE*

      It’s good that you’re learning two languages. I’m actually starting to learn Hiragana, and maybe Katakana because it won’t make sense if I only study the other one, but I don’t see myself learning Japanese, ever. Not that I hate it or something, but…. or let’s just see. I don’t want to confuse my brain. I just like how Hiragana looked like so I’m learning how to read and write, but that’s all. I wish you’d be fluent in both because I see you’re very persistent in your study. In your last twoChois haul, you should’ve bought 가나다 Korean for Japanese, that would be a ‘two birds in one stone’ idea.

      But that line is true! Yeah it’s funny too when you’ve quoted it because I never thought it was that funny, but I have a classmate who’s at 40, one who’s at 30, others at 29 etc., and I’m usually the youngest, so I think I’m lucky that I have this persistence now that I’m still young. Memorization and keeping things stuck inside the brain is easier when you’re young, versus when you get older and your brain starts to get dull and dull *though I’m super proud of my classmates because they do Korean real good 🙂

      • Haha, glad to see you’re happy with your progress. Looking up words as I read hinders me from reading a bit so a lot of the time I just keep reading and wait until I think, “Okay… I’m gonna stop here.” XD

        Thank you. Hopefully I’ll be fluent in both one day. One day… T^T I was thinking about getting a book in Japanese for Korean, but I’d probably just “attempt” to read the Japanese and look at everything like :DDD I’m tempted to do this soon now especially since a lot of the grammar is similar and people have said some explanations make more sense in Japanese. *-*

        Wow, your class sounds so diverse. It’s great that people of different age groups are trying to learn a new language. Some stop at one and call it good, but I could never do that. There are too many interesting cultures and languages and I’m too darn determined. Maybe it comes with being in our 20s. XD

      • That’s what I foresaw that’s why I never planned on understanding it the first time, because I’m gonna be having a hard time if in case, and besides, I’m sure about my level that I still can’t understand a lot of words and looking it up won’t help me with retention. There may be adverbs and nouns that I see most of the time, and those are the words that I’ll be looking up when I’m not reading. Taeyang’s part is easy to understand, and for the first time, I laughed while reading.

        Yes, I have a classmate who worked in Japan previously, so his conversational skills are already at intermediate level. He said that it’s easier to learn Japanese after Korean since Japanese grammar is somehow a simpler version of Korean grammar. You should at least try buying that kind of book, it will help you a lot in learning two languages at once 🙂

        Right now, my eyes are only in Korean, but time will tell if I’m gonna be interested in other languages. I tried French before, Spanish is a bit close to our language (Filipino), and I’m somehow interested in Mandarin, so I’m just gonna wait for that moment when I’m ready to learn a new language again :).

      • I just flipped to Tae’s part and holy shiznit it is easy to read. I understood some stuff, haha. I’m thinking of reading a section straight through, then going back to look up words but I’m not sure. I don’t have any method at the moment other than read when I wanna read and look up words when I feel like it. XD

        Hopefully when I go to Kinokuniya and KoreaTown tomorrow I’ll find something I can use. There has to be. *-* Sometimes I don’t know if Japanese is simpler than Korean or if it’s the other way around. Then again, it all depends on the person. Definitely determined to find a bilingual book though.

        I used to study Spanish and I want to go back to it to get closer to fluency but Japanese and Korean are well… Japanese and Korean. I’m also interested in Mandarin. 😀 The amount of importance on tones is a challenge, but I’m willing to accept it (after getting to an advanced level of one of the languages I’m studying. I’m not crazy enough to take on 3 at once unless the third is Spanish.)

      • See I told you Taeyang’s part is easy. I was reading it while i’m on the train earlier and I was just laughing at some parts.

        Wow, where are you from? I visited Kinokuniya several times when I was in Singapore last year, and I believe it’s the biggest Kinokuniya in Southeast Asia. As far as I can remember, the place still lacks Korean materials. Since it’s a Japanese bookstore, there’s a Japanese section that I half-wished was Korean. And I’m happy that there’s a Koreatown in your place, we only have Chinatown >.<

        I know right, Chinese accent is super up down up down up without smoothness unlike Korean, so it's definitely going to be a challenge, but if given the chance, like when I find a cheap school or a friend who could teach me, I'll be taking the opportunity, but if not, I'm not gonna make any effort to self-study.

      • I’m in NYC. I wish they had a Korean section too. OTL They sell 행운의 아기별 there and I was surprised. Maybe I should look through everything with a careful eye. It could be hiding from me… >.>

        I’m probably going to try to self-study Chinese and get a couple of people to help me with speaking. I don’t wanna say a word wrong and go from normal to wth. Well, I was never normal to begin with, but that’s another story.

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