Panggap-seumnida Story #003 | 가식 이야기 #003


THIS JUST IN!! It’s a bit embarrassing inside, but all in all, I think it’s a very good *short* experience.

I just finished my lunch and decided to buy a cup of milk tea. It’s raining super hard so it’s not very possible for me to go outside, but I went down the elevator still. I was waiting for the rain to, like, get a bit bearable, but it looks like it’s just not going to be so I decided to come back to the office.

While waiting for the elevator, I’m reading ‘세상에 너를 소리쳐!’ and to make everything more clear, today I look like this:


I finally rode the elevator and continued reading, I’m currently at Stage 2 (Taeyang’s part) then the elevator opened…

I was just reading the book in full concentration when this guy (probably a nurse or something medical-related) spoke in Korean. He rung my bells and multiple things came to my mind *in that short 5 seconds*, (1) he is definitely talking to me, (2) what did he say again?, (3) DON’T USE BANMAL, (4) WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO MEEEE!!!, (5) WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO MEEEEEE!!!!, (6) DO I DESERVE THIS?????!!, (7) Bore someone else with your question *The Devil Wears Prada*, but then I just answered: ‘네?’ He repeated the same question again but I honestly didn’t knew what he was talking about. (Or I think he asked something like, ‘여기에 계신가요?’, but I’m not too sure)

나: ‘죄송하지만~ 이해할 수 없어요~ ㅜ.ㅜ’
남자: ‘Insert random Korean sentences here, and don’t forget to put ‘-(으)ㄴ데’ in the end *because that’s what I’ve heard*’ (but then he asked me if I can understand what’s in the book)
나: (with a pinching finger gesture) ‘조금~ 사실은 지금 한국어를 공부하고 있어요.’
남자: ‘Oh! So you’re reading while studying Korean? That’s good, that’s good.’ (In his pure English without accent voice.)

The moment was very spontaneous and I’m trying hard not to pee myself or die. But this 남자’s voice is so cool because he dropped all the accents and his English was just good.

나: ._. (trying to zone out)
남자: So where do you study?
나: 한국문화원
남자: 아~ 한국문화원? I’ve never heard of it, where is it?
나: BGC
남자: 아 BGC? *thinks for a moment*

Now everything got awkward. WHY DIDN’T I HAVE EARPHONES!!!! Or why was my cellphone NOT in my pocket just so I could do something else. The only thing I did was to continue reading the book so as not to feel like I’m a loser or something.

When I finally reached my floor, I just bowed a bit and said ‘안녕히 계세요~!’, and hurriedly went to the office, cry a bit *lol* and palpitate, and compose this blog. OH MY GOSH YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M FEELING RIGHT NOW~ I just wanna sink and melt like ice.

Now I should take that as a lesson, for ‘가식’ tip no. 3, ALWAYS WEAR EARPHONES OR HEADPHONES WHEN ‘PANGGAP-ING’. And of course, the real tip is to study more, and listen carefully and quickly. But I’m still not in that level, so yeah~ I should ‘panggap’ more. It’s all gonna be worth it in the end after all. But the next time… with earphones.


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