I Took the 29th TOPIK (Beginner) | 제29회 한국어능력시험을 봤다 (초급)

Woooooh! I got 89.5 점~


Thank goodness, it’s better than my last attempt to mock-exam myself. I also did the writing part but since no one would check it, I just assumed it to be at 20 points at least… but I think it lacks more words, lol. How is it counted again? By words, or by characters and spaces?

I only had 2 errors for the 문법, 쓰기 part so I think it’s good. I was just regretful about the 6-point question that I got wrong. The correct answer should be ‘앉는 것을’ but I answered ‘앉기가’. >.< I haven’t checked the questionnaire yet again, so I have to check more of it. And another thing, I still have a lot of words I didn’t knew >.<. Thankfully though, those words were just easy and you can easily understand it through context. 그리고 there are some grammar patterns that appeared that I haven’t studied at school yet (but know basically through context and self-check/study and TTMIK), like -(으)ㄹ래요, -(으)ㄴ가요 / 나요, and some others I can’t remember.

What I love about my score is that, for another time again, I didn’t review before taking it. I feel like even if I get mistakes during the real exam, I think I’ll be able to pass Level 2 easily, but I just don’t like to claim it yet since that’s very boastful of me, lol. Or should I? Just so I can attract positive vibes, and do real good on the exam date 😀

My score breakdown, for the ‘어휘 및 문법’, I got 96 points. For the ‘쓰기’, I got 84 (+20 *essay) points. As for ‘듣기’, I got 91 points, and finally for the ‘읽기’, I got 87.

96 + 84 + 91 + 87 = 358 points out of 400. = 89.5%

Assuming I didn’t pass the essay part, 358 – 20 = 338 points out of 400. = 84.5%

…which is still considered passed for Level 2 ^^.

I don’t wanna answer too much old TOPIK exam papers because I don’t want to spoil the moment. But since the exam date is approaching, I should probably take more mock exams (since after taking Beginner TOPIK, I’m not gonna take that exam again), and focus mainly on the essay part, and have it checked by someone Korean. I’m not very confident with that, but as far as common sense goes, I just have to be consistent with my endings. I shall never use 반말, and most importantly, to use the -(스)ㅂ니다 form just so it can take much more space, lol.

But what exactly is my take on TOPIK? I shall discuss it in the future.


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