End of the Book, Start of Classes! | 책의 끝, 수업의 시작!

Stage 5: 자신을 믿는 자가 승리한다

It’s sad that I finally finished the book. I stayed true to my schedule though. Each member exactly fits two days of commute time, and just earlier, I finished 승리’s story. And as usual, I didn’t understand so much, but just the thought of finishing a book in full Korean would be one of my Korean studying highlights. All in all, I’ve read the book for two weeks. I started reading last last Tuesday, the day after I received my book.

Anyway, every member’s story, there’s a part where some of the staff give their cents regarding each member. Each and everyone’s attitude, their impressions, etc. And just to share, 황상찬, YG Family’s personal health trainer, who is more commonly known as 황싸부 (for people who watched 2NE1 TV or any other YG-related stuff, you probably know who he is), gave his thoughts on how he see Daesung, T.O.P and Seungri. That same ‘황싸부’님 has been following me on Twitter since last year *O*



We tweet once in a while whenever I have questions about vegetables, sleeping habits, etc., lol I’m so 가식. But legit, I had a question in my Twitter before but no one bothered answering it. I was like, ‘Can I jog or run for a while even if I didn’t get any sleep for more than 20 hours?’, when he replied something in Korean that it’s not very good. Running is great but sleeping is much better. I was dumbfounded, lol.

And another thing to share…

Please excuse my fail artistic shot of the book >.<

Please excuse my fail artistic shot of the book >.<

I was thinking of what to type when I suddenly looked at my CD wall, and saw the book reflected in it. I thought it was cute, but I just can’t compose the picture exactly as how I see it in person >.<

Some times after my Intermediate 1 classes, I might consider rereading this again, and by that time, I might then consider looking up the words and grammar patterns. But then, I don’t think my Intermediate 1 course would be enough for me to finally do it, so I might just reread it without understanding and see if I can at least understand more than what I understood during the first time. Let’s see.

Start of Classes

I don't like the picture's quality as it was taken by my Blackberry phone >.<

I don’t like the picture’s quality as it was taken by my Blackberry phone >.<

Thanks to my book though, 케스, a fellow blogger found me at school. That moment was just awkward, but thanks to her super friendly self she approached me. If it was just me, I wouldn’t know it was her as I haven’t seen her pictures yet, except for her cartoony avatar, hahaha. She was sweet and friendly, and she’s wearing a VIP jacket *dies*. She even ‘안녕히 계세요’d me, and I didn’t even know what to say so I think I said ‘계세요’ too *바보*.

I was too immersed looking for books, and as how I was always self-curious about what the ‘이화’ books provide, I checked them. I have avoided the ‘이화’ books before. Why? Since it’s from Ewha Womans University, I had a slight 바보 thought that the books are somehow meant for ‘Womans’. Kill me now, lol. Anyway, I’m not yet sure about them if I like it or not. I first checked the 3-1 book because that’s my *supposedly* current level, but since 3-1 books onward seems to be written in full Korean, I checked the 2-1 book instead. And as I expected, there are still a lot of grammar patterns that I don’t know. Grammar points like -(으)ㄴ/는/(으)ㄹ 게 아니라, -에 비해(서) and the grammar pattern I so want to learn the soonest, -도록 (because I really love PSY’s ‘미치도록’). I really like how the book looks like. I like the Ewha KOREAN embossed text in the cover, in fact I’m actually touching it now, lol.

Actually my class haven’t started yet, but I came to school yesterday to see my Elementary 1 classmates, and of course, to get my textbook. We loitered inside the library for a while, and afterwards, had coffee at Starbucks while I helped them prepare for their first day of classes. We reread the dialogue parts, and I gave them brief overview of the easy grammar points, and things that might get difficult for them.

As for me, first day would be next Monday because my teacher had a Korean vacation and will be back before the classes start. I’m just nervous because the book that we will be using looks very complicated >.< I don’t like it. Or maybe I will, let’s just see, since I still haven’t experienced using it in a classroom setting. What’s good about my upcoming classes though is that I already know about 6 or 7 or 8 of them out of 18 students who were actually supposed to be 25, but since, like what I’ve discussed previously, tuition fees increased so a lot of slots, even for Basic and Elementary 1, weren’t filled and sold out.

I’m super excited and increasingly getting nervous. I should do super super well, because I already have six pre-absences *Singapore tour in November* that I discussed with my 선생님 during the speaking exam last term. If I don’t do good, I won’t be getting any certificate, since my only certificate hope would be if I’m one of the top 3 students (I’m already disqualified from getting a certificate of participation). Can’t wait ㅠ.ㅠ.


8 thoughts on “End of the Book, Start of Classes! | 책의 끝, 수업의 시작!

  1. Why is everyone on the other side of the world from me? orz /United States- NYC/

    Wow, you’ve finished the book already! 😀 I don’t know if it’s my schedule or what, but it always takes me time to finish a book (and that’s for English so forget another language). I’m curious and excited to see how much more I’ll understand when I come back to the book after finishing some of the textbooks I have now.

    It seems like the way Ewha puts together their textbook is different from a lot of other books. I’ve heard many people say that they went to a level or some levels below theirs in the series and found some stuff they didn’t see before even after using multiple resources to study. I kinda wish I could flip through the level 1 books just to see what it has. Or, you know… some kind rich soul can give me all the materials I want for free since the struggle is hard for language learners (we broke orz) but that’s just me being hopeful. >.>

    I hope you do well in your class and can earn a certificate at the end!

    • I don’t know? Maybe being an Asian is just cool. HAHAHA. No offense though. But I really want to go to NYC, you’re so lucky that you’re living in like the center of the world *O*. And besides, you learning Asian languages make you cooler just by yourself, since not a lot of people from your area might be having same interests as yours (probably).

      Actually we’re just the same. Whenever I start a book, I don’t plan on finishing it in one go. My book reading usually takes time since I can only read during commute. Good thing I don’t get dizzy though. I obviously can’t read during work, and then when I get home, I’m just gonna get sleepy while reading. I don’t read during weekends because I do lots of stuff that I can’t possibly do on weekdays so I also finish one book in a span of one to two weeks depending on the length and intensity of excitement. Probably the biggest motivation for me to finish the book is my 가식-ness which took a toll on me when a Korean stranger talked to me about the book >.< And I really just want to recognize words as words not as words by 자모, same as how we read English. So far, it's working, so I might actually reread it and check if I can finish it in a week or less.

      As for Ewha books, you're right. I feel as if it's extremely different from other usual textbooks. I don't even see myself using that material for self studying, and since a level is divided into two books each, it's just expensive. Good thing about it is the book size. I'm dying for every textbook to have the same size ㅜ.ㅜ. I wish you could flip through it too. Looking at Korean textbooks hasn't been different to me anymore since there are hundreds of them in our Korean library, but for some others like you who don't have access, it's saddening. You have to look for reviews first before considering a purchase.

      What's not good about the nature of our blogs though is that we're mostly more of self-study and experiences. Our blogs are not revenue-generating unlike fashion blogs, etc. Good thing though, there's twoChois who has been very generous to give books in exchange for reviews.

      Thank you so much, I hope I can earn a certificate too, because I already have more than three future absences. Only hope is for me to be a top three student, which is a bit impossible too, or not? HAHAHA. Hoping for the best.

      • Haha, no offense taken. And it’s true. In NYC, other than my friends who love Japan and Korea, people are like, “I’m gonna be witty and learn Spanish.” Nothing against the language.To each their own, but to me you’re not taking that much of a challenge or risk up if you speak English and go to Spanish.

        YES! It’s like in college I’m in class or studying then home I’m doing homework and studying as I try not to jus- ZzzzzZzzz and then barely any reading gets done. I need a special 8th day of the week to do whatever I want. Need.

        I wanna recognize words as words too. ;-; I don’t know if I’ll explain this properly, but I’ll try anyway. You know how you can use peripherals to see words around what you’re writing/reading and “read” them without looking at them? I wanna be able to do that when I read instead of seeing characters swimming in characters. XD

        Ah, I never thought about this. Fashion or beauty blogs and channels get free stuff sent to them pretty often compared to us. (If that changes one day WOOOO) I’m starting to wonder what I’d do if twoChois wasn’t with us. ;-;

        It’s definitely a challenge to get top 3, but I think you can do it! 😀 Let them see how determined you are. ^^

      • I never again ventured to study out another language. I was interested in French before, Spanish is super closely related to my native language (Filipino) and Italian is just… I don’t know, those three languages are probably included in the most easiest languages to learn (low fluency at 200 hours). I love challenges, so even if I didn’t study Korean because of it’s difficulty (low fluency at 1200 hours), I just think finishing the Korean challenge would make Spanish, French and Italian super easy.

        You explained it perfectly well!!! That’s what I’m doing actually. I try to look at a word and see how fast I can figure out the next words without looking at them directly. Same when I’m rapping along to 가사, it’s super super moving that I can finally recognize at least the next two to three words from what I’m looking at, so I now don’t have difficulties when rapping and it made me read faster than before. Flash back to those moments when I’m still struggling to deconstruct a syllable, 자모 by 자모, but looking at how I’ve improved so far, it’s just super super moving, I just want to cry *lol.

        Bad thing about twoChois though is that we both won so we don’t have another chance anymore. But still, the thought that we got a free book without us doing anything ultra hard is a blessing in itself already. 🙂

      • Yes, the challenge! *0* I embrace difficulty UNLESS it’s physics, then it can just go away… Far, far away. The challenge is definitely what got me interested in Japanese and Korean. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure how I’d feel if it was too easy to learn. I’d probably still like it, but look to study something more difficult at the same time.

        I remember the days when I’d struggle to pronounce one syllable and took forever to find the letters on the keyboard. XD It wasn’t even last year. T^T It’s definitely become a lot easier to follow someone’s rap or just transcriptions of conversations at a natural speed. The progress… ;-;

        I know right?! XD It’s like I’d love to win something else, but I have to give other people a chance. The free book really is a blessing though. I was like ._. when I won and had to look up 당첨 twice just to make sure I didn’t misread anything.

  2. OMG! Seems you are just a really big fan of BIGBANG XD to finish it! ^(^_^)^ did you enjoy it? I am actually still on page 221 (Stage 5 승리) because I took a long time reading G-Dragon parts they were kinda boring since I am not a fan of him haha ~ (I’m sorry its my personal opinion!) I have actually been reading a Naver novel on my phone when I have time instead of the book ㅎㅎㅎ like a 바보

    Anyway its really cool you finished it ~ and have a good time at classes (I hate classes) 열공 and get a certificate and meet all 빅방 members in Korea ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

    /안녕 ~

    케이 ㅎㅎ

    • Thank you for reading the post 🙂 Yeap I really consider myself a big BIGBANG fan, though I’m not a ‘fan’ fan, I’m just silent ㅎㅎ. I really enjoyed it in a different sense, not because of the story or the tone, etc, since I don’t even understand it hahaha. It’s okay, it’s already a given fact that GD is not everyone’s cup of tea, for me he’s just my top 3.

      Speaking of Naver novels, can you suggest a novel to me? Something of my level *if you’re aware of how far along I am if you’ve read my blog posts, ㅋ*.

      I don’t know why but classes has been very fun since I started studying Korean. I never liked my classes during elementary to university, but my Korean classes are just 대박. I will definitely meet them again for the third time, soon 🙂 I pledged that I should see TOP again for at least 10 times total, so I won’t stop until that happens 😀

      댓글을 남겨서 정말 감사합니다 ^^

      • Hehe ^^ It makes me feel less nasty for saying he isn’t exactly my kind of an idol 😀 well higher in you list than mine he isn’t even close to my top 3 in BIGBANG!

        I am currently reading a few but I like mystery books so if you are like me in that sense then 복수의 탄생 (http://novel.naver.com/webnovel/list.nhn?novelId=50519&week=FRI) is actually pretty good ^^ I am actually re-reading the first one today to check if my remembering of most things in intact :p

        Hope you enjoy it the novel it has 5 chapters so far ~ ^^

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