1000 Words? 2000 WORDS? | 1000 단어? 2000 단어?

I should not be blogging right now about anything. Today’s supposedly our first day of Intermediate Korean 1 classes, but since it’s raining, classes were suspended and I didn’t get to go to work also. Because of that, I think writing would be a bit more worthwhile than doing anything else (aside from drinking coffee and listening to music).


Now what’s gonna be the topic for today? Some weeks ago, I’ve googled a bit about the appropriate length of a blog entry, and I found lots of amazing information. There are blogs and articles which indicate that you ‘should’ have xxxx words maximum, some would tell, xxxx words would hurt your blog and readers won’t read them till the end, and then there are some that tells you to just write and write no matter what.

Since this would be my 41st blog entry, I got a bit conscious about my blog and how it’s been doing for a while. Statistically, I’ve already been blogging for 2 months and 20 days, or 82 days all in all. I’m not good about statistics but just last week, I surpassed 2000 readers on my blog. Is that enough? Is that bad? I don’t really care.

500 words?

Going back to my researches, I’ve found that most of them tend to give you a limit of a 500-word entry per blog since it’s like the most an average person can keep up with without suddenly scrolling away. Some would say that people don’t care as long as the entry was well written. Some say that pre-deciding on how the blog will help a lot. And some say that post frequency should also be checked.

I don’t really limit myself about those technicalities. Of course, I get conscious sometimes when I feel like I’m already typing a novel, or when I’m already about 2 hours on a single ‘New Post’ WordPress page, but then, trying to rephrase sentences to condense them is a bit time-wasting for me. When I thought about something, I let my brain decide for my fingers, as how my brain would decide for my mouth. My blog is not a news article blog, or something that should sound formal and official, so I don’t let technicalities run around my blog. If I shorten my blog entry, would it still sound like me? Will I be able to convey my message thoroughly as how I originally thought about it? Will I still be able to give it personality?

I want my blog to look like this, like that

I don’t pre-decide on how my blog entry should look or sound like. There were times when I want to make a commentary on something and then about 10 major thoughts burst into my mind, I run to my computer and type everything that I’m thinking about. There are successful entries, and there are not-so-much that ends up getting spoiled in the draft.

I don’t like entries that get stuck because I tend to get a different feeling about it when I check it the next day, or the next next day, or even just a minute after. Whenever I blog and I feel that my entry is going to be something that is good for me to share, I don’t delay it, even for just small minutes. I type and re-read through it from start to end.

Having that attitude towards blogging, I don’t think I’ll be able to even give a body on how my blog entry should look or sound like. I want my blog to be just ‘me’.

1000 words? 2000 words?

I checked my blog posts from my first entry up to the present, and found out that the average word count of my blog is at 1035. And a huge result in itself came about. My longest blog post at 2,360 words (BIGBANG: 7 Years + BIGBANG Alive Tour 2012) had second to the lowest views, and my second longest post at 2030 words ([TEXTBOOK] New 가나다 Ganada Korean for Foreigners | Elementary 2 (초급2)) came in as my most viewed blog entry.

Information? Recollection?

Why was it that two of my blog post got the most and least view? I don’t know either. All I know is that my blog was intended to be a ‘journey/story’ blog rather than a nest of information. My main purpose is still not changing. I keep memories for me to be able to feel it again in the future, next comes my audience’s entertainment and source of information. It might be selfish for me to be thinking more about myself, but since this is my blog, it’s actually more of my empire, than others’. If it was others’, then I should’ve just stick to reviewing books, movies or dramas rather than giving commentaries and sketching my day to day adventures.

Whenever I post something, I see to it that it’s detailed. No information is lost if possible, and I should have the sense of feeling it happening when I re-read. Same with my audience, I want them to feel the experience as if walking on my shoes. I want to share pieces and fragments of my thoughts to my audience whenever possible.

Friends? Bloggers? Strangers?

I sometimes advertise my blog to my friends and they would always say ‘I don’t like to read your blogs because it’s long.’ It’s a bit sad because I feel them being able to laugh and relate with my entries if they just give themselves a chance to. At first, I would always apologize for the length of my entries through disclaimers or through comment replies but now I think my regular readers are now used to reading/ignoring my posts. I’m really thankful for the readers. They would sometimes quote parts of my blog, or talk with me through comments saying that they’ve read this old post, etc, and it feels as if they know who I am.

There were also strangers (non-regular bloggers) who would find my posts helpful and entertaining and it gives me this sense that I don’t really have to put strict rules on my blogging habit. In some parts of the world or just about anywhere, someone out there appreciates my blog’s content and length (no matter how self-uplifting this sounds).

The future of ‘panggapseumnida’

So far, I had top three views from my own country (Philippines), US and South Korea. In the future, more countries will be there reading my blog and interacting with it. There are numerous ‘panggap-seumnida’ stories. I have more Korean textbooks to review, more K-Pop music to listen to, more commentaries to share and more friends to find. And most especially, a huge number of Korean trip adventures and whatnots.

Nothing’s gonna change, except for more number of posts. All I wanna do is just write till I have more stories to share, and just keep motivated by reading other bloggers’ entries and hopefully, achieve high fluency through blogging and studying.

And especially, I hope for a lot of readers to be able to enjoy my content, as much as I put my heart in creating them. 여러분 좋은 하루 보내세요~


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