First Day of Intermediate 1 Classes | 한국어 중급1 수업 첫 날

Finally! The day has come. We’re already delayed for a week and a day, and now, I’m thinking that there should’ve been a longer delay. Seriously though, classes were super…

Korean Diary

Sorry for delaying the thought, lol. Yesterday, I finally wrote another diary entry in Korean. It’s been months since I last posted, and the previous posts were just disgusting since I didn’t even thought about re-correcting it. This recent blog post, I’ve written it in full (without thinking in English) and had it corrected through Lang-8. I realized that I haven’t thought about the post in English, since I only had the chance to translate it in English when I decided to post it with the original Korean entry. If you’re planning to check my Korean blog, please don’t mind the other posts as I, myself, can also see the errors and how pathetic my grammar and thoughts were. Anyway, here it is.

It was just a random happening, a-day-in-a-life entry that I tried to illustrate using simple words and grammar that I happen to have reserved in my mind ㅋㅋ. Sasi… (I was about to type 사실 *바보*). Actually, writing was a bit fun, though it took some time. From this moments on, I should make writing and thinking in Korean a habit since especially…

First day of classes

Classes are super super hard, as in. I think it’s something like, Calculus hard, *or maybe not too much*. For just the first day I was just WTF. I don’t care about my sufferings though, I chose this path, and since I’m already a 중급 학생, I shall not be given any mercy anymore.

I arrived a bit, three minutes before the start of class. I left work at exactly 5 PM. Because of it, I’m sure I’ll be caught in the traffic. Leaving just 5 minutes or 10 minutes before 5 won’t make me suffer from traffic or too much people, and enables me to arrive at least 20 minutes earlier. It’s weird, no?

I asked 엘리자 누나 who luckily accepted the 중급 challenge to borrow a book for me. I can only borrow one and since some language books like 이화 or 연세’s books are divided into two books per level, it’s unfair if I don’t get to read and check both. Now, PICTURE TIME!!!

Just to give you a thought, here’s our syllabus for this term.



I hope I can achieve everything in the objectives by the end of the term ㅡ.ㅡ


I’ll definitely be reviewing these two books soon. Aside from its complexity, I don’t think I’ll be able to… I don’t know.


First day of classes, A WHOPPING 50+ NEW VOCABULARY! 아이구 ㅜ.ㅜ I don’t even see myself being able to memorize all of that in a short time. Thinking of it makes me cry, actually. I should just arrange all vocabularies whenever there’s few time. I should also sort it by function, by category, by part of speech, and even indicate synonym/antonym and words that can be used with it. It’s gonna be stressful, but I shall study hard.


Out of 쓰기, 말하기, 읽기 and 듣기, I am only super better in 읽기 (이해하기 없음), and 쓰기 (just the handwriting, lol). And since -기 was discussed earlier, used for taking memo/to-do lists, we were asked to state our plans this term. I wrote ‘한국말로 일기 자주 쓰기‘. If I don’t have practice in communicating with a native, then I should just devote my time through writing. Better than wasting my time reading a book *coughs* 세상에 *coughs* 소리쳐! *coughs* that I can’t even understand, lol. But it’s not like I’m reading it again, but my point is to just be productive with my studies anytime I can. When I’m idle in the office, rather than writing an entry for this blog, I should better memorize/categorize words, make sample sentences if possible, double check my grammar, and write and write in Korean instead.

Actually, I already have a 4-page homework, and another short homework in our textbook. Super hectic right? I don’t know how I’ll be able to juggle my work and school.


First day had been in pure Korean. Though it’s just the same with last term (E2), it’s just that, ‘I’ll be listening to nonstop Korean again!’. Like what my classmate said, it’s worse than a K-drama without a subtitle, lol. I am a very negative person sometimes. I would always say, “Oh gosh, this is hard.” or “How will I be able to survive this, if it’s like this or that, this or that?”, and my classmates would reply back, “If it’s too hard for you, what more for us?” or “I don’t believe you, this is going to just be very easy for you!”. I’m like, no!!! I may be better than my closest friends/classmates but that doesn’t mean that what all of them can’t understand, I can. I don’t make myself look humble in saying those negative remarks, but just really, I’m having difficulties too. Although in a sense, it might be unfair for me to say those things, knowing that some of my classmates are really having a bad time, but I just can’t joke myself that if they don’t know something that I know, I can tell myself that I’m already doing a good job.

Of course there would always be differences with motivation and effort that someone can exert, but in my personal effort, sometimes I think I still lack results. But anyway, I should just look at the bright side then. This is the good thing about my negativity. I don’t overthink, but I will inevitably notice my weak parts and other server down systems, and just through self-motivation and the exciting thought of being fluent someday, I can successfully revert my negative thoughts to productive counter-attacks.

I don’t know if I’m still making sense, but I just had to post this, as this has been hindering me to do my assignment continuously. I’m super sleepy but I shall not delay anything. If I can stay Facebook-ing or Twitter-ing super late, I should do the same with my studies. I shall finish things I need to accomplish before I call a day ‘a day’, and just study further on weekends.

Aaaaand. I should only blog here if I have something blog-worthy to blog about. If it’s not much, I should then try to just express it in Korean. At least I would still be productive if in case.


8 thoughts on “First Day of Intermediate 1 Classes | 한국어 중급1 수업 첫 날

  1. You’re still making sense ㅋㅋㅋ If only I could attend a formal Korean class. But school life steals all my time that self-studying is my only consolation. Good night

    • Sometimes I’m just too sleepy that my eyes are already closing by itself, but I just keep on typing and quickly rereading what I’ve typed. Sometimes I might suddenly talk about random stuff like spiders and hamburgers if I don’t watch what I’m doing, hahaha.

      I wish you could attend formal Korean classes too. It’s super fun, and it helps with confidence in speaking. It’s hard when you don’t get to practice with someone, so Korean classes are way better because you get to talk with not just a 한국 사람, but a 한국어 선생님. Good night 🙂 From where were you again?

  2. I’m in the same boat with you but for Japanese. I do well, but I get confused too so when someone says, “you don’t have to worry- we do” I’m there like ;-; “but… but… I don’t get it either. Let me join you.” I also have the bad habit of thinking, “Aw cracker bits, how am I doing this,” whenever I’m studying. This semester I’m trying to find a method and schedule that work best so that I don’t think this way AND I’ll be able to devote more time to solid Korean study. Then again, I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I’ll probably always think, “oh no how why help.” XD

    Good luck in your class and I hope you like the Ewha books! ^^

    • It’s actually hard. Though I think it’s like a compliment in itself, being misunderstood as super awesome is just too much to take. They don’t know that I’m also just looking for strength and confidence somewhere else, haha. Actually what you just said was somehow similar with our lesson today. All about plans, whether it’s for this year, next year, or as simple as just this term. I don’t have plans actually, and crafting a method would just be super hard because I might not follow it since I’m studying and working at the same time >.< And just like you, I'm also a perfectionist so I might just find some deviations with my methods, try to find something better, and just get frustrated in the end, ㅎㅎㅎ. Right now, I'm just going with the flow, hoping that I'll do better this term. Thank you for the comment and yeap, good luck with your Japanese too. I hope you find a good study plan soon so you'll share it with me, ㅋㅋ.

  3. I see your class is using Ewha and Fun Korean. Sounds exciting… I look forward to reading your book reviews. 공부 열심히 해요.

    • Actually I just borrowed the Ewha books, we only use 재미있는 한국어 3 inside our classroom. I thought that book was super complex but when we used it, it seems to be more simpler. 네 정말 감사합니다! And I’ll definitely be reviewing more books 🙂

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