twoChois Lucky Draw!

I finally received my gift from twoChois! I don’t want to consider it a ‘lucky draw prize’ because I find these items more warmer and personal than just a simple giveaway/draw. It’s so sad that I haven’t gotten any chance to purchase from twoChois yet, but through this gift I received, I got to experience their amazing and wonderful service.

These past week or two I’ve been talking with them through KakaoTalk and they’re just accommodating, even sending me messages occasionally by themselves, not as replies. It’s good to see their passion in what they do and it makes me want to avail their services soon *legitly, by purchasing, haha*. It’s just sad when you don’t have too much resources, or a card, or something something…

I received my notification from the post office this Thursday, and just as how excited I was, I had my day cut short from work to get the parcel myself. It was a blessing in disguise, though, since it was my first time to go to that part of Manila. I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty of our city, though there may be problems and et ceteras, I still see my city as super interesting, historical and magical.

Manila Central Post Office Building, photo from

I had to have my first post office experience because of this package. I already bought once from Apple Online Store, twice from Gmarket, and some other local K-Pop stores on Facebook, but all of those were delivered straight to our doorstep. Though I wished for this parcel to also be delivered straight, I was also hoping it’s not, because I really wanted to visit the post office for a more appropriate reason that is, because I wouldn’t even know what to do there if I just visited without any reason.

Anyway, my package should have been claimed since maybe earlier this week, because from my tracking record, the parcel arrived from Haeundae to Manila on the 26th. Maybe there were problems with systems that’s why I failed to receive it earlier. I’ve been calling post office and other offices regarding my parcel but there were problems with tracking as I also can’t track it myself.

The package! It looks messed up because I already opened it when I stayed at some tea shop.

The package! It looks messed up because I already opened it when I stayed at some tea shop.

When I got it, I was not expecting this kind of box because I was used to getting bigger ones, lol. I was not expecting for a bigger one though because I’m only gonna be receiving one book and it would be super ridiculous if I get a bigger box, haha.



It may be very shameless of me to request for a YG-related freebie, but I did anyway, and they did anyway 🙂 They sent this Bromide magazine with B1A4 and BAP as semi-headlines, I think? But it also has G-Dragon and Seungri inside, and they were too kind enough to consider that because I think they know I’m a BIGBANG fan. I’m so touched :”> And, everything’s in 100% factory-esque condition because they wrapped the items ever so carefully.

Then I was like, "뭐야?!", they wrote my name in full, hahaha. It was cute though.

Then I was like, “뭐야?!”, they wrote my name in full, hahaha. It was cute though.

The drawing was cute, and the message too 🙂

Here's the book!!!

Here’s the book!!!

It’s still covered, not yet unearthed because I will definitely be reviewing this and through that review, I’ll be sharing the photo of the book in full 🙂

Again, from the bottom and the inner walls of my heart, thank you so much twoChois for giving opportunities like this to help us foreigners learn more about the language, and to share culture with everyone through blogging.


twoChois is an online shopping website especially made for Korean learners run by two ‘Choi’ sisters.

If you want to order Korean books, language textbooks, specialty notebooks, other cutesy materials, CDs/DVDs, K-Pop stuff, and other Korean stuff for special ordering that they may provide, visit their website at and have fun shopping. They provide book previews, free items, personalized notes and K-Pop CDs if you purchased a certain amount.

You might also win your own Korean textbook WHICH you’re required to learn from, use and review. If you want to win, visit their WordPress blog at It would be fun!


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