[MOVIE] 연가시 (Deranged) | 2012

Still part of the Korean Film Festival 2013 in Manila, this is the third film that I’ve watched. Though I haven’t had the chance to watch the film directly through the festival since we were ‘deranged’, let me tell you about it first.

It’s supposedly our first week of classes but since my 선생님 had to go to Korea for vacation and some errands, our classes were pushed back for a week. Good thing about that though is that I can get off from work because the permission I got from my boss started already. I can only watch the last film per day, and for that Friday, ‘Deranged’ came in last. I arrived earlier than usual since the cinema’s just near the office, but then I still have to wait for my Elementary 1 classmates because we’re supposed to watch the movie together. Just before watching we transferred meeting spots, from the front of the cinema, to Starbucks, then Jamba Juice, when we became complete, we went to the cinema and was not allowed to enter anymore.

IT SUCKS!! I’ve been anticipating to watch that movie, then I can’t watch just like that? It’s sad. So what I did was just to download the movie and watch it by myself. It wouldn’t hurt, right?

Basically, Deranged is a horror-thriller-pandemic film, where about a third of the population of Korea got affected by a strange and morbid disease.

연가시 | Deranged
★☆☆ (8/10)


Directed by: 박정우 | Cast: 김명민, 김동완, 문정희
Running Time: 109 minutes | Release Date: July 5, 2012

“There must be something in the water…”

Well there were no ‘something’, there were bodies.

Why did I watch the movie?

Well basically, it’s a part of the Korean Film Festival, and I’m really into dark and psychotic films so I have no right to miss it, but then we did miss it so I just downloaded it. I was planning to watch it on a bigger television screen but then I had a boring moment so I decided to watch the movie through my laptop instead.

How did the story started?

Jae-hyuk (김명민), is struggling to juggle tasks to please his superior, assisting his family by accompanying them at the amusement park, ordering foods for them, carrying their bags, and ending the day by going home, energy-less and unable to talk and play with his kids and his wife.

Apparently, he was a former professor with a doctorate in biochemistry. He then worked as a pharmaceutical sales agent after losing a lot of money through a stock market investment as endorsed by his younger brother, Jae-pil (김동완). After a bad investment, Jae-pil seems to get his sentiments by bringing food for Jae-hyuk’s family and trying to persuade his brother to be in good terms with him again.

Then a disfigured body was found floating on a river in a small town. It was then investigated by Jae-pil since he was a cop/investigator, and had a conclusion that it was just an isolated case of suicide. Staying overnight beside the river, when he woke up, he was startled to see several more bodies floating.

How the story went?

Jae-pil got involved with all the investigations. The water seems to be clear from anything worrisome so it was a definite mystery as to why people just wanted to jump into the water.

Then apparently, Jae-hyuk witnessed the water-jumping event when he was, for another time, assisting his boss through golf. The boss’ doctor friend seems to be in heat, sweats so much and drinks water from a bottle continuously. The water seemed very insufficient, then he saw a pond on the golf course and went for a dive. Jae-hyuk tried to save the doctor but when he flipped the body he saw the horrid look on the doctor’s face, instantly dead.

Not when Jae-hyuk’s family showed signs of being infected, that he became more concerned about the issue. In light of the events, the media reported about its symptoms, that the victims tend to become malnourished, eats a lot but does not gain weight, and then the final sign, when they feel dehydrated and they just have to intake a lot of water. He then realized that his wife and kids occasionally eat too much in secret, and then they also showed signs of dehydration by consuming too much water. After confirming that his family indeed went on a vacation, same spot as where Jae-pil discovered the source, he immediately brought his family to the hospital.

The outside world has been chaotic, there’s been shortage of hospitals, people on the streets jump on water sources couple by couple, bunch by bunch. Death toll’s been increasing rapidly nationwide and the government is alarmed. Apparently, it has been found out that the cause has been a ‘Yeongasi variant’ which naturally affects mantises, but then reproduced differently to be able to affect humans. It will enter through the body as eggs, it will stay intact on the small intestine and will function as part of the body, consuming all the food and nutrients, and will eventually come out at a certain period, and that’s when the victim starts to find a larger water source, and dismember and decompose instantly once the ‘Yeongasi’ comes out of their bodies.

The people from the pharmaceutical industry has been outraged by researches, in which they have to find for solutions in the shortest possible time. They tried having a patient consume anti-worm medicines but it just endangered the patient’s life, killing them instantly.

Through all the commotions, Jae-hyuk and Jae-pil searched far and wide for a medicine, when one effective medicine came about. Just instantly, the people bombarded pharmacies, convenience stores, looking for that said medicine in which everyone failed. It was then revealed that the pharmaceutical company responsible for producing that effective medicine pre-planned the pandemic, thinking it would not affect a lot of people. They experimented on dog samples and when they decided it was ready, they released the dogs and had them release the ‘Yeongasi’ through the river on the small town where everything started. They then hoarded and kept the unsold stocks of the medicine, and planned on selling the chemical ingredients to the government for a huge sum of money. Eventually, the government decided to buy the formula but then was interrupted when the real intention was revealed.

How the story ended?

Parallel to Jae-hyuk and Jae-pil’s search for the medicine, Gyung-seon (문정희), Jae-hyuk’s wife is also burdened by the fact that she’s also infected, and as much as she’s thirsting for water, she has to stay strong for her kids.

She had moments of giving up, attempting to break the emergency fire alarm so water will sprinkle throughout the room where they were quarantined. She stood up and tried to break it when another mother interrupted her, asking her to look at her kids, and stay strong for them. But then hundreds of people inside the room noticed the commotion and tried to open the emergency alarm by themselves, too. Gyung-seon endured hardly, covering the alarm after realizing that what she’s doing would just endanger everyone including her and her kids. Good thing, Jae-pil saw what was happening, and hurried to turn off the main valve so even if the alarm was broken, water won’t go through.

In the end, Jae-hyuk and Jae-pil found out about the location where the key ingredients of the medicine were kept. He formulated and shared it with the other pharmaceutical companies so medicines were produced in huge quantities rapidly. Along with the others, Jae-hyuk’s family survived the pandemic.

My thoughts

I have to give my applause to the three main casts for portraying their roles ever so perfectly. The pacing of the movie is quite fast and a lot of scenes, though not particularly gory, sent shivers. It was very heartbreaking seeing a struggling father, trying hard to support his family and by the end part, supporting the whole nation. Though the movie might not really happen in real life, it can sort of be like a commentary regarding money, politics and morality. How people can be so greedy, neglecting their own morale just to gain lumps of money. That there are tendencies for people to be hyperly mad, when deprived of something they need. And how a family can stay together when they just believe in each other, of course with perseverance and love.

The movie is quite disturbing, the acting and the scenes were believable, and it was crafted nicely. Maybe the lack of two points out of ten goes to the ending part, which may be considered appropriately dramatic, but overly pushed in which it seems like there was just no more possible good ending for the film for it to be justifiable. Jae-hyuk’s family seemed like they should’ve died for about three days earlier already, but they held it in and survived till the end, which is half-joke just to be able to satisfy everyone by making it a typical happy ending. Nonetheless, it was moving and I really recommend everyone to watch this movie if you love dark and disturbing films.


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