Hangeul Day! | 한글날!

I should actually be doing our homework but since I only have about an hour to post this stuff for it to be a bit more ‘related’ with the world, I should hurry. Lol.

Today is Korean Alphabet Day or 한글날 as we all know it *or not*. It marks the invention of the highly scientific and easy-to-learn alphabet of Koreans known as 한글 (Hangeul). Actually, Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines celebrated the day by having a game similar to Star Golden Bell. This time they gave participants a copy of the questions and answers, but only a percent of it will be used for the actual game. The answers were given in English or Romanized if it’s a Korean name, and the participants would just have to answer in Hangul.

I half-planned joining the said event but I just don’t have time (well I can actually make time, but chose not to), and I don’t usually join stuff like that. I’m more of the reserved-type, lol.

Anyway, earlier before our class started, Alodia 씨 (http://mykoreancorner.wordpress.com/) was at school and she introduced herself. I was surprised so I didn’t know what to say. To Alodia 누나, let’s talk longer some other time ㅎㅎ.


Please excuse my Sadako-looking nails.

These are my nails! Please don’t judge me, I’m not good at doing things like this, and I don’t ever put nail polish or nail art or something. This is just something that we did last Saturday because me and my cousins were bored and I thought about this to be fun and interesting. There’s been a lot of mistakes. First, we actually printed lyrics in 한글, but the printer was not very sharp so the text won’t register. What’s good about those lyrics if it turned out good is that it was mirrored, and it will register on my nails as how you would correctly read it.

Now a lot of people at school asked me how I did this because they were amazed, so I shall teach you guys how to do it too.

Sorry if I don’t have pictures to illustrate this, but:

1. Print Korean anythings, or if you have like photocopies of Korean stuff, you can use it. Make sure it’s something like paragraphs or Korean lines etc. It’s better if the paper is white, and the text should be black for better clarity.

2. If you want the text to look right, mirror it through Adobe Photoshop or similar photo-editing programs. It will do the job right.

3. Prepare your nails by cleaning it, obviously. My cousin put a nail base/hardener/I’m-not-sure-what-that-was, because she said it will help my nails to be stain-free when the nail polish fades.

4. Put a plain white nail polish. If one coat is not enough, wait for it to dry and have another round afterwards.

5. Cut out the printed Korean text by lines, it’s your choice if you want it to be super spaced or not. You can also decide about it when editing your material before printing. Anyway, since my copy’s spacing is a bit apart from each other, I decided to cut it out line-per-line.

6. Place the printed strips onto your nails. You may think I just put glue or something but not. Place the printed strips, with the text against your nails (the reason for mirroring the text). If it’s not mirrored, it will look like mine’s.

7. After placing it appropriately onto your nails, pour a generous amount of alcohol above the paper. Press it gently for it to register successfully. This will have the text make an impression onto your nails. The text on the paper will be transferred onto your nail, but you should do this carefully so as not to mess up.

8. Let the paper dry a bit. It should be half-wet, half-dry then gently peel the paper off your nails. You can check underneath while peeling because sometimes, the text won’t come out fully. If it didn’t, replace the paper and pour another round of alcohol.

9. Repeat step 6 on a single nail if the text was not sufficient, then repeat it for every nail.

10. Put colorless nail polish above to protect it from fading and getting messed up easily.

Now you have 한글 nails!!!

Happy 한글 day!!!


6 thoughts on “Hangeul Day! | 한글날!

    • Hahaha, this is something we did out of boredom and it looks very messy. Since you’re a girl, I’m sure you can do a better job. Keep me posted when you finally try doing this 🙂 ㅎㅎ

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