32nd Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) | 제32회 한국어 능력 시험

This is it. I didn’t review.

It’s been a bit long since I last posted since I was busy from work school work school routine. Well it seems like I’m not gonna be needing any reviews of any sorts, since it’s already Saturday and the exam would be tomorrow. The studying that I will do would probably be more about my yet uncollated words and grammars from Intermediate 1. I should actually have posted a book review last week but time hasn’t been super cooperative with me.

Or if I still have time, I might practice a bit on writing. Last Friday, our 선생님 finally taught us how to use 원고지, or the paper thingy with boxes where you put the Korean characters, 한 자 한 자. I never knew about putting that ‘V’-esque symbol whenever you need a space and it reaches the end of the paper, lol. My other classmates who previously passed TOPIK didn’t knew about those either, but I think checkers weren’t so much particular with it since it might just be a technicality that doesn’t really measure someone’s proficiency.

I am the kind of person who wouldn’t prepare. I wouldn’t say overprepare, but when there were times that I actually prepared, 50% of the time, I did extremely good, and the remaining 50% missed the line. That’s why I don’t bother disturbing my brain anymore when I have to do something like exams or reports, etc. When there’s something I’m already confident with, I don’t like bothering it anymore, so for this TOPIK, I might not just review anymore. I might do good in TOPIK mocks but when tomorrow comes, I just might go blank instantly. Trust me, sometimes it happens.


Last Tuesday, I borrowed the second book from ‘재미있는 한국어’ series. Currently, we’re using the third book at school but like this matter, I don’t like studying things from different sources since I may tend to miss a lot of grammar and words that didn’t come out from the previous book I used, in this case, ‘가나다 Korean’. Upon checking, I have about 10+ major grammar patterns to study. Frustrating right, so maybe, instead of reviewing for TOPIK, I should just focus on this one, and the words that I wrote on my notebook, and maybe practice a bit through Quizlet, and just bid myself good luck tomorrow morning.

To everyone who will be taking the TOPIK exam, I hope we all do good, especially for the Intermediate and Advanced takers. It’s so sad that I’m only gonna be taking the Beginner TOPIK but it’s okay, I shall go for Level 2!!!



3 thoughts on “32nd Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) | 제32회 한국어 능력 시험

  1. When studying any textbooks, I often try to collect the whole series from beginner level to advanced level too. The whole series will help me study more systematically.
    Good luck to your Topik exam tomorrow ^^

  2. 토픽 시험 잘 보셨나요?
    I have never owned the whole series of textbooks because I change my mind all the time and I like trying out new textbooks. I might miss something, but I think that’s what TOPIK is for, to fill the gaps in my learning. I rely a lot on grammar dictionaries. Whenever I find a grammar point I haven’t learned, I just look it up.

    • Whether my TOPIK experience was good or bad, you decide, I had it posted 🙂

      I don’t have whole series of textbooks too, but if it’s just easy to obtain copies, I definitely will collect. I just don’t like moving from something to something because there would me too many leftovers and for some books, a lot would just be repeated. But since I didn’t really experience learning through a ‘series’, I think it’s just the same. I learned Level 1 from the old 가나다, Level 2 from the new 가나다, and now level 3 from 재미있는 한국어. I wish it was easy to buy books, no?

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