Happy New Year! | 새해 복 많이 받으세요!

DISCLAIMER: This is an update post. Please feel free to catch up with what happened to me for the past two months during my absence.

On Welcoming 2014

I haven’t had any blog entries for months now, turning two months exactly tomorrow. The new year was great as usual. Not forced or highly festive, just right. It was good learning tons of Korean, meeting new friends, losing old ones, drinking lots of coffee and milk teas, and reading a whole lot of books. I am actually planning on doing a dramatic and reflective sort of blog entry in my personal tumblog but I can’t seem to find any deep emotional stuff I can get inspired to write with, so I blogged here instead, and also to update this blog because I finally want to break my ‘Ningas Kugon(not finishing what you started) habit from now on. So for some updates…

Work and Intermediate Korean 1


I FAILED TO FINISH MY INTERMEDIATE KOREAN 1. It sucks right? I know 😐 Work had been hectic after my previous entry here on my blog. I had lots of designs to do for a pharmaceutical company, and it was frustrating since I had to do minimal revisions everyday, which is baffling because they can actually send revisions in one go, instead of pointing errors and have it corrected right away. So stupid >.<

Anyway, because of the hectic schedule, sometimes, I had to do revisions at 4pm something, in which I have to leave office at 5 to attend my classes. I had to finish the materials so I don’t have a choice but to work and delay my departure. It was frustrating at first, but then I got into the flow, that I actually enjoyed work, and got lazy attending classes. Maybe it’s a mixture of a very huge number of vocabularies per day and the ever confusing grammar patterns. And add up to that, our almost daily or bi-weekly assignments, PURE ESSAY. It was cool though, because I love writing a lot, but then there’s this homework when we were asked to write a news report about the calamity that happened, WHICH WAS HARD! I failed to do the homework, so I don’t know how to catch up anymore. I did the next homework successfully after that, but then thought about the news report homework, that I still have to submit it, but in failing so, my homeworks piled up and eventually, stopped attending classes for good.

It was a very hard decision for me, since I know that Intermediate Korean 1 will not be offered until later this 2014, and now I’m stuck at home deciding for myself if I should self-study while waiting or just keep on doing my job, or READ.

Murakami and Books

Just after reading ‘Kafka on the Shore’ by Haruki Murakami which I was talking about the last time, I’ve read about 12 more books! That was only from November take note. I’m doing work busily but I found quality time in my commutes, reading and reading nonstop. Reading amounts to 50% of the reason why I also had a break in studying my Korean and I’m not sure what to feel about it. Yes I love reading, but I also love Korean, but maybe I just reached the cycle where my K-Pop days are way below the wheel. Usually I have this pattern:

Western Music (Beyoncé, Lana del Rey, Lady Gaga, etc.) → Books and reading → K-Pop and Korean → Western Music → Books → Korean…

I’m currently reading a lot more literary novels (I’m not into young adult fiction anymore) for 2014, just from October after buying Kafka on the Shore, I bought all his novels in its entirety!!! 15 novels to be exact. It was a huge sum of money but I don’t have any regrets. Looking at my books in my bookshelves (from two shelves to three) and the huge number of unread books makes me super happy.

Christmas in Baguio and Year-end

We went to Baguio for Christmas and a lot of Koreans are present just around every corner. Koreans in the Philippines seem to be particularly concentrated in the area, but unfortunately and as always, I fail in meeting acquaintances or even people to bump into and say sorry to, or bow to. I’m a complete forever alone Korean :(. Maybe it’s because I know more Korean than others, so it would be easy for others to go ‘Annyeong, annyeong.’ some Koreans they bump into, and since I know better, I wouldn’t even know how to start conversations or even catch their attention. I am really hungry for Korean friends because I have none, and it’s not very practical for a Korean student like me because it’s just plain hard to practice by myself, learning things by myself without someone close to correct and improve my almost stagnant knowledge about the language.

Anyway, just to share some pictures from Baguio:


Commemorating my distant relatives who fought

Commemorating my distant relatives who fought

Year-end in K-Pop is a time for every K-Pop groups to unleash everything they can show. Unfortunately, since I’m in book mode, I haven’t watched any single year-end performances from ‘가요대축제, 대제전, 대전’. And it’s sad because I really want to watch, but I know that I couldn’t enjoy it as much if I try to. But then thinking about it, it’s actually okay for me because I’m usually a late spazzer, only spazzing about stuff when it happened or was released two months ago, lol. I’m very certain that I’m gonna watch CL and Hyori’s collaboration first before anything else when I’m back to Korea.

EXO의 쇼-타임

The only fun thing that happened to me in K-Pop world this year-end is that I started to watch EXO’s ‘Showtime’. Being free from office, starting my long holiday at December 24 up to January 1, I didn’t miss the opportunity of lying around in my bed, laughing super loud at Korean variety shows, so I decided I have to watch EXO’s because I’ve been waiting for a regular program from them since their debut. And as usual, my bias is really my bias. Kyungsoo (D.O.) and me are very similar in many ways. We appear to be both introvert, loves being alone, shopping alone, watch at movie theaters alone, and do weird and crazy stuff. Alone. D.O.’s really cute, warm and fuzzy too! I just wanna hug the kid because he can actually be a stuffed toy, lol.

Future Korean Plans

Right now, I’m still fixated on books so I still don’t have any definite plans about my Korean. I’m still working as a graphic artist, and it’s going smoothly so far. I’m planning to resign soon enough, though, and I can choose to be an English teacher because my mom’s friend can refer me to another friend, who owns a Korean school and I can be a teacher. I might do it if I resign here, and then decide if I should try learning Korean colloquially then (from my students if ever). But I don’t know if that would happen because if I eventually befriend them, I should actually speak to them in English so they can practice, rather than me practicing my Korean.

I might plan to go to Korea in the fall, but that might still be a punch on the rock, so I still have to save, and wait, and pray.

Everything’s blurry for now, but let’s see after a few months.

How about your 2013 guys? I hope everyone had fun and I also hope for a brighter 2014 ahead. I missed you guys.


7 thoughts on “Happy New Year! | 새해 복 많이 받으세요!

  1. I’ve missed you. ;A; I’ve been waiting for you to make some post or update so I could be all, “You! You live! How’s it going?”

    That intermediate class sounds like a real fight against heavy artillery. They don’t play games. o.o But it sounds like the class would really leave someone with strong writing skills. We’ll need that with the new changes to TOPIK.

    I miss reading. I’m the girl who would literally live in the library for a couple hours on Saturdays just picking out books. With college… That’s it. College. XD Is there anything you suggest?

    I’ve been watching EXO’s ‘Showtime’ too and it’s so good to see them just have fun and laugh. I knew Kris was a derp, but he’s really proving how much of a derp he really is. D.O. is so precious omg. And Lay. T^T

    2013 was the test of all tests, but I learned a lot from it so I’m hoping to make a lot of accomplishments in 2014. I’ll be starting with Korean and reading because sweet baby Poseidon I have neglected those two things so much.

    • I know I missed you guys too. It really was!! It’s very hard since (although not expected to) it’s Intermediate 1, you should be able to pass for Level 3 TOPIK. What’s good about the book though, versus the Ganada books that we’ve used for Elementary, is that the chapters are divided thematically, one chapter (two days) for cooking, another for dating and marriage, another for living in Korea, those stuff.

      It definitely improved my writing skills since we’re asked to write with guidelines, not just write in pure thought. But one of the downsides is that we’re not practiced in speaking so much, unlike our past teacher, she would ask us even in the simplest, like what happened during the weekend, what we ate, etc. But for listening, we hear 100% Korean for two hours so we’re pretty much practiced.

      I wouldn’t know what to recommend since I’m reading Asian literary novels mainly, and other Western general fiction on the side. Just to stay on track, you can try reading ‘Please Look After Mom’ by Kyung Sook-shin (신경숙). I just bought it, but I haven’t tried reading it yet. But it’s being told in the second-person narrative style so I guess this would be more emotional and affecting.

      I hope I’ll be more productive this year too, I’m missing a lot >.<

      • I wish I could find a class like that. The classes here tend to move too slow. (It’s either too slow if it’s by an institution or too fast without enough practice if it’s by a college wth orz) I tend to skimp out on listening and writing practice so I think it’d be good for me.

        I just looked the book up on amazon and it sounds interesting so I’ll go hunting for it in the library. 😀 Thanks.

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