Countdown to Unemployment

As far as updating this blog, I’m not very much concerned about frequency or even content right now. All I know is that I still have pending entries to write about, especially the book I got from twoChois that is way way overdue. I was planning on reviewing the first book, but since I haven’t had the time to, I shelved the whole idea of it indefinitely. I also have movie reviews that I want to write about, and books, and even music.

I have 15 more days in my current job, and since I’m already/still 2NE1 (21), I already/still consider myself old/young. LOL that was confusing, was it? I still have things I want to try. Like, millions of things. I have this opportunity to work but it just doesn’t work for me anymore. I have 30+ books unread and it seems like I have bought all of those books to prepare for a full period of unemployment (yet again), but I’m not gonna read forever. I’m not too young anymore, I also have plans.

I will be leaving the company with a friend, and we’re planning to take about half a month or a full month break and then we’ll be searching for teaching jobs. I am not very fascinated with ESL (English as Second Language) tutoring since I’m a very impatient person (when it comes to other things). I am patient whenever I have to wait for a train even if I wait for two hours, but I’m not patient when I’m teaching someone and that someone can’t seem to understand what I’m trying to teach. That’s the most frustrating part. My friend had similar experiences in teaching Korean students and by how she’s telling stories about how fun it was, I get excited more than nervous. I actually know someone, who knows someone that owns a school-kinda institution and they’re in need of teachers. Since that owner (by now she might be about 40+) was a graduate from my elementary school and high school (alma mater attachments), I think it would be very easy for me to enter the company. More especially they handle Korean students, and being very knowledgeable about the language myself, I think it’s a very good opportunity and a great advantage for myself.

My friend told me that her only worry about the job itself is that there is no career growth or a far better opportunity afterwards, but I don’t really care so much about that since I’m only gonna be doing the work more about the fun versus money. As for my worry, I think I won’t be able to use Korean even if I really want to. Except maybe of course if I befriend the student personally and talk with him/her outside work. As far as what I knew about ESL tutoring is that the instructors are not encouraged to speak with the student in the student’s native tongue since that might be a source of slacking, or letting words/phrases/sentences pass by since they may assume that the teacher can explain it to them in the language they can fully understand. But anyway, it’s my short term plan for now, and by the looks of it, I think I’m gonna give it a shot.

Does this mean that I’m gonna be going back to K-Pop world?


6 thoughts on “Countdown to Unemployment

  1. Wow. All these changes sound exciting, though from personal experience I know that can also be a little… *gulp*… nerve-wreaking. Still, I think it’s so cool that you’re stepping out into the unknown to look for something “more” than the job you had before. Who knows where God will take you. ^^

    Praying you feel His peace and guidance,

    • I know it’s exciting but yes, you’re right. It really is nerve-wrecking. I don’t like the feeling and I don’t really like these kinds of challenges. I just have to do my part so I won’t become a bum for life, hahaha. And I know God will lead me where I should be. Thank you 🙂

    • It’s hard to study while working, and it sucks that I can’t actually enroll for a class when I’m unemployed because of all the expenses and all. Hahaha. I don’t want to ask for my parents’ help for something that is not really a matter of life and death thingy.

  2. I’m the same age and feel the same about feeling old however we still have so much to do. I do believe you should study more than work. Although work is where you can get money, the whole point is to get you a better job and I wish you luck on your studies.

    • Thank you so much. In the world today it’s hard to pursue things you want or (faux)need since you have to be practical. Of course, I can always prioritize schooling and last for a bit of time as a freeloader but that would be very unfair to my parents. They’ll be fine with that but Korean is just something I want to pursue, not something that I desperately have to. And we can never stop learning anyway, so maybe there’s a time for everything. How far along are you in your Korean? 🙂

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