Just A Brief Comeback

To tell everyone that I’m still alive, yeah! I pursued reading! I got out of my work last February, and will start another job this Monday. I already finished my first #100happydays project, and is now on my fifth day for the second time of the same project. I basically missed everyone but now my mind feels rusty. 내 한국말 실력이 떨어질 것 같다. I don’t even know if that makes sense >.< Also, I made an effort to teach basic Korean to a not-so-close common friend. I started with the basics, and I think it’s going fine, though we already missed a lot of weeks since we were both busy.

And how about my new room? 😀 (But please excuse my dramatisizm lol).


Anyway, I’m meaning to practice my Korean, but I don’t know where to start. I haven’t even reviewed the book I won from twoChois and I’m really embarrassed just thinking about it.

Have you guys stopped studying Korean for about more than 6 months? In those months (Korean-wise), I kinda ummmm, listened to new K-Pop songs, heck 2NE1 CAME BACK HOME so I don’t have any reason to leave K-Pop world entirely, and that EXO fiasco, etc. Also, I’m watching Roommate every week, but I don’t do much of an effort to understand their conversations and the captions without relying on the subs.

Basically this post is jumbled and very disoriented. Now and then I add thoughts to my already finished paragraphs, or copy-paste-transfer sentences to organize it a bit, but it’s 4 AM and I just want to let anyone know that I’m still alive, and that I’m seeking for ways on how to start studying again, just baby steps, bit by bit just so I would know how to keep myself in shape again. Something like a few jogs here and there, till I find myself ready to run again. It’s very baffling that I’ve lost maybe about 50% of the words I already knew, and this is disheartening and it’s very sad that I feel so lost. OHOHOHO. I think I’m drunk though I don’t drink, but I just feel very disorganized, and yeah, maybe a bit cranky.

So please, tell me what to do. Some fella here needs help 😉

EDIT: I tried skimming through the posts on my Reader, and I see that a lot of you guys have improved very dramatically from the last time I was here! Great job guys, you’re soooo great!


3 thoughts on “Just A Brief Comeback

  1. I think your plan of easing back into it is a good one – small steps are always important / helpful ^_^ Your room also looks great – serious interior envy here >.<

  2. Just keep at it and things will start filling in again! It can be frustrating when you want to make progress in Korean, but your schedule (summer is always so crazy for me) keeps you from studying as much as you should. I couldn’t really tell from your post how your #100happydays project went, and I’m curious about your new job. Whatever is happening, I hope things are good. ^^

    • Hi, I just saw your comment now. I can see some spiderwebs in my site as I haven’t been visiting for quite some time. I already finished my second #100happydays project and yeap, so far things are going well. How are you? 🙂

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