Just A Brief Comeback v2.0

This time I hope it’s for real! >.<

Rewind from my last post, I’ve been having these urges to study my Korean again since I may already have lost 75% of the words and grammar that I once knew, and I now pity myself for reaching this point of slump. I just wanna run and jump off of a bridge and luckily, float to the surface of Han River. OKAY I’M NOT MAKING ANY SENSE AT ALL. I don’t even know how to write a stupid blog entry anymore.

Let me take some time to share what happened these past few months. Well for the record, I’m happy that I still receive at least 20 to 40 views per day, and I’m not even expecting that. I think I should post more informative stuff like reviews and tips so my blog won’t be terminally dead.


I’m happy that I finally have a new job. Something that I don’t like so much. Not that it’s a bad job, but it was something I was not expecting. For a fact, it’s something that I haven’t wished. But anyway, tables turn everytime, and even if we don’t wish for something, we just get it like that. I may sound so ungrateful, lol, but yeah. I actually try to recreate my workplace everyday, design it to be more suited to my being so I can enjoy it. Besides, if not for this job I may not have gotten my new *********!! ❤ And also…. (no let’s reserve it for the next months).


Finished training at work, and as usual I’m at that stage trying to cope up with the new environment. The very ‘culture-shock’ inducing culture. New people, new things to learn, new friends, and more more books. Me and Ross nuna, my book bestfriend, got our second Fully Booked card, so we both have the perks to get 10% off of our book purchases FOREVZ! How cool is that? Also, due to unemployment, I failed to pay for my mobile phone bill for about 5 months, and since I already get paid, I finally got my data back! LOL.


My iPod classic DIED ON ME!!!! GOODBYE 13,000+ SONGS. I can’t listen to K-Pop anymore 😦 Blessed I was though, and if not for my job, I may not have gotten my new MacBook Pro!! (see 6월), ohoho. Nope, I didn’t pay for it whole. Almost the same time when my iPod failed me, my trusty laptop for 5 years also started to give up on me. Because of those down times, my dad bought me a new laptop in a condition that I should pay half of it. I already paid half!!

Finally, I colored my hair red, like legit pre-bleached red!!!!!! It appears magenta, though. Deciding to pull of this very daring color took me lots of guts.



To put it simply, this month was the time of the year to reconnect. I met a lot of people that I haven’t been meeting for a long time. Best friends, classmates from college, super close friends from my religious group and some others. As weeks went, my hair turned from red to rust.


By this month, I reached my saturation when it comes to books and reading. I’ve bought about 60 books this year, and last month was my last haul. And as a result, I’ve been starting to listen to K-Pop again, starting with Busker Busker’s first album since I fell in love with the album when I first listened to it. I rekindled with them and even asked Ross nuna to get me a CD since she just came back from… (let’s reserve it for next month 😉



#birthdaymonth of yours truly and T.O.P. How awesome, lol.

koryaSo like what I was saying from 10월, Ross nuna came back from Korea and gave me all these stuff. And her journey to Korea alone gave me the excitement and the promise that I can also survive alone. My original plan when I go there is not to travel with itinerary. I imagine myself sitting in cafes, walking in the streets, blending in with the people, maybe a little shopping, noraebang by myself, maybe a 2 AM soju inside those green vinyl eateries (???) (since I also plan to have my first alcoholic drink in Korea), subway hopping, maybe little talks with Korean ahjummas and high-schoolers. I will experience more of the lifestyle than the hyped spots. Of course I might go to N Seoul Tower, or visit some palaces, go shopping at Myeongdong, but I really see myself living more of like a Seoulite than a tourist.

So my action plan towards pursuing Korea is that I will initially open a bank account by the end of the month so I can have a bank certification for my visa. I will save 100 PHP everyday (about 2,500 KRW), and hopefully trick myself that I really love my work so I can stay longer and save more.

And finally, I have to review my Korean. I HAVE TO REVIEW MY KOREAN! I HAVE TO! I might start by reading my Elementary Korean 1 book and start from there, like how I first started. And maybe try to push myself to continue studying since my work schedule is only as early as 6 AM to 3 PM. I have a lot of time for myself, to review, or watch anything Korean. I hope that I can pursue this again, and regain my Korean knowledge. It may be hard but I want to be able to use the language if ever I go there next year.

Help! 😀


4 thoughts on “Just A Brief Comeback v2.0

  1. Go Seph! Keep writing, blogging, and sharing wonderful stuff like this. Imma get a lappy for me in next few weeks and will start sharing as well.. From scratch.. Keep on doing what your doing. Keep yourself inspired and driven. See you at the office chief 🎭

  2. I’m sorry your job isn’t quite to your liking… but it sounds like you’re in a good mindset. Just keep looking to the benefits of it- and how it’s helping you to reach your “Korea” goal! Try to be patient with yourself about studying the language. I’ve been getting frustrated with myself for the same reason… noticing my learning/ability has become kind of stagnant. Let us both work hard to put in true effort! ^^ Good to hear from you!

    • Yeap, if we don’t like what’s happening we should just trick our brain and make it think positively 🙂 We should really try to focus and study little by little since doing everything all at once can backfire and we might not want to study the language anymore out of frustration. Right now I found a friend who wants to learn the language and since he’s actually amazed at very simple things like particles, I can see that I’ve been through a lot and seeing as well that I’m way past those particles and sentence constructions it makes me super fulfilled. Just happy, though, that I get to review myself as well in the process. See you around ❤

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