Studying Again

Last Monday after work, I attempted to study Korean again, and since I have no idea how to start, I picked up my Elementary Korean 1 book and started from there. I initially flipped the page to the word list at the back of the book and typed all 420+ Korean words in Excel (too much :O) and quizzed myself if I can still identify its English equivalents. As I was typing the words, I can instantly remember what those are, though there were some words that I try hard to identify since I rarely use them.

At least I’m a bit relieved that I still know them, though it’s a pity because it’s just Level 1 vocabulary and it may just be normal that I still know most of the words. What I might do next is to download the old TOPIK test papers and have it taken timed. Maybe one exam per day, and after 5 beginner exams, jump to the intermediate level. Well I can just do one exam today and shut up right now. I can’t even grammar check this post >.<


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