Reviewing with Friends

I met two of my favorite nunas some time in November, just two days before my birthday and we planned to meet again after two weeks to review the very littlest Korean things left in our brains. The other nuna is Alyne from my Elementary 1 and 2. I’ve been talking lots of things about her since before because I grew super close to her, and the other nuna is Ross from Elementary 2. We became super close because there was this instance (which is baffling because we were not classmates anymore) when she just dropped by a Korean-themed coffee shop where we were studying with our classmate, and she saw that I was reading Haruki Murakami. We became close instantly from that day forward and I was a bit sad that we had little chance to be friends earlier than it should’ve been since we only smile at each other in a classroom setting, but not really talk about stuff.


We usually meet halfway since I would usually come from work, though I go home first, and they will be coming from work as well. We recently rave so much about Starbucks Reserve because of the rare and exotic coffees which… let’s not talk about that. We just love the place, and everything in there, that’s all. Haha. So I asked Alyne nuna to bring a book. She brought the Intermediate book so we haven’t had any chance to use it. I can understand the book but it would be too overwhelming and hard for them since they only reached Elementary 2. So instead, we just reviewed what’s written in my notebook which spans the whole length of my Korean Elementary 2 and Intermediate 1.

Since we really didn’t know how to start, we reviewed spontaneously, pop quiz style. I would ask them if they know a certain grammar pattern, and make them create a sentence using that particular grammar pattern. Or read a Korean word and check if they know the English equivalent. Also, differentiate a grammar pattern from another similar grammar pattern, and just have pure fun whenever we encounter grammar patterns too funny we can’t even understand how it makes sense. Example would be, 가방인데 싸고 예뻐요. It’s like saying, ‘Because it’s a bag, it’s cheap and pretty.’ HAHAHAHAHAHA. Though there are things that cannot be explained by ~(으)ㄴ데 / 는데 / 인데, it’s just funny how it was used. Or 하숙집에서 사는데 음식이 맛있어요, or to put it, ‘Since I live in a boarding house, the food is delicious.’ Lol. Those things baffled us. Good thing we have another friend from school who got accepted for her application to study higher education in Korea. She had been staying and studying there for two years now, and we asked her to at least explain why that grammar pattern annoys us like that.

By 12 AM, we had to part since Alyne nuna work on Saturdays, and I will still check in with Ross nuna at our favorite 찜질방 where we can stay for 12 hours. Unlimited and legit Korean sauna experience, with legit Korean people roaming around.


Sorry for that sleeping 아저씨. 헐~

So, just right now, I already informed my nunas that we will study again next next week. I hope it turns out well.


4 thoughts on “Reviewing with Friends

    • Yes, for Alyne nuna, we’re friends for over two years now, as for Ross nuna, over a year. We met because we were classmates in our local Korean Cultural Center and I can say that those two nunas are two of my best friends. Not only I get to study with them but I can share them some of my personal problems in a higher level and funny stories as well ❤

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