[REVIEW] Music Bank Family KTV and Restaurant | [리뷰] 뮤직 뱅크 KTV

This has been my dream for quite a long time now, and it’s a bit weird that I got to experience a 노래방 with my officemates (who were more or less not interested in anything Korean, AT ALL). This has been a problem with my classmates during my Korean, not because it’s expensive, but because we usually go out from late nights to morning and a three-hour limited stay in a 노래방 is not much for practicality. Usually, we meet at night after everyone’s done with work, at a coffee shop + Korean restaurant + 24-hour coffee shop + fastfood, something like that. That’s the reason why we haven’t tried going to a 노래방 with legit Korean lyrics.

The Experience

I was excited, though, because one of my officemates resigned and threw a going away party here. When we inquired about prices and rates, I was in a giddy to know that they have Korean songs. The place opens at 3:00 PM and closes very late at 4:00 AM. I’m sorry I haven’t took pictures of the rates, but as far as I can remember, I think it’s P1,100 PHP for a couple room. Maximum of 2 persons for 2 hours. Then there’s a room for 5. I think it’s at 3,300 PHP, maximum of 5 for 2 hours. There’s also a room for 7, same hours, forgot the price. We got the room for 15, it’s at P5,500 PHP good for 15 persons, maximum of 3 hours with so much food. All sets include food but the higher the rate, the more food and drinks. We got 30 glasses of your choice, whether it be iced tea, beer, or canned soda. We ditched the beer, haha. Extensions are open and it would cost P90 PHP per person, per hour.


I was singing INFINITE’s Back.

When you enter, there would be lots of rooms and they would tour you and reserve a room for you once you settle with the payment. There are multiple sizes and as for us, we originally got a small room for 7, I think. But when we arrived, they booked us a lot bigger and spacious room since the next set of people will be arriving at 10 PM and we only finish at 9. Goody! The facilities were not so clean and not so much maintained, but it was not filthy. No hotel / pay toilet quality to be expected here. The food was good.

That was not all, there were lots. Not included here are the nachos and some other finger food.

That was not all, there were lots. Not included here are the nachos and some other finger food.

As for the song list. I ALMOST DIED!!!! (I put that in bold). When you enter the room you get two microphones (with a disposable cover), two tambourines, set of wigs, two sets of song book (duplicates) and a big remote. But since I will cover the Korean songs for our concert, I asked for another song book with 90% Korean songs and about 8% Japanese and 2% English.

I forgot to take a picture of the most recent songs. But you can see that there is Overdose by EXO here, lol.

I forgot to take a picture of the most recent songs. But you can see that there is Overdose by EXO here, lol.

They claim to have the fastest update among all KTVs in the metro and I really was in awe. You can see the updates above each song pages, more particularly in the last pages, and their last update was just this month, December 2014. I can see songs from WINNER, and even EPIK HIGH’s new album. HAPPEN ENDING!!!!

I belted out and rapped and shouted, lol. I’m not a Karaoke junkie but I didn’t care about my officemates during that time. They seemed to have so much fun whenever they sing songs that they can relate to. They shouted and laughed and sang together, but when it was my turn to sing Korean songs, they just chit-chatted, almost wanting to press the stop button in the remote control. HAHAHAHA. Anyway, my first song was INFINITE’s Back, just to try. I then belted out ‘그 남자’ by 현빈 from the Korean drama Secret Garden as requested by Mommy Sun, who really loved 하지원 and the drama itself. I also sang ‘짝사랑’ by B1A4’s 산들, ‘Special Girl’ by INFINITE H, ‘Blue’ by BIGBANG (OF COURSE WHO WOULDN’T HAHAHAHA). Also ’60초’ by 김성규, ‘Missing You’ by G-DRAGON, ‘Please Don’t Go’ by CL and Minzy, ‘Falling In Love’ by 2NE1, etc.

The staff were all smiles and super accommodating. Whenever I came out of our room, they would already direct me to the restroom (maybe they thought I was Korean, lol). By the middle of our concert, some staff and the owner came inside our room for a surprise. They gave us A LOT of fruit slices on plates, and it was awesome. By the time we’re almost done with our concert, they asked us if we wanted to extend, but sadly we don’t want to anymore. It’s expensive. HAHA. Originally planned the party for at least 12 (max 15), but only 8 of us came. And since it was pricey, less is more. Less people who managed to came would have to pay more for the contributions, lol.

Disregarding the price though, it was a great experience and I can’t wait to be back with my Korean classmates who would definitely cheer me when I sing, and maybe dance together while singing. And also, goodbye Mommy Sera. I wish we could hang out again some time in the future. I will miss you so much.

_DSC0493Music Bank Family KTV and Restaurant

Music Bank KTV is at HK Sun Plaza at Diosdado Macapagal boulevard. It’s about 10-15 minutes of drive from NAIA airport (without traffic). Closest places of interest include the SM Mall of Asia, the Manila Film Center, GSIS Building and Star City. There are Asian restaurants, particularly Korean, around the area and just across the building, there are native Filipino seafood restaurants where you can shop for your own seafood ingredients and ask the restos to cook it for you.

7-9 HK Sun Plaza, Diosdado Macapagal Blvd., Pasay City, Metro Manila, PH
월 – 일: 3:00 PM – 4:00 AM


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