Happy New Year 2015! | 새해 복 많이 받으세요 2015!

This is obviously very late, but anyway. My year ended luckily in my ‘just another Korean’ period, and the year started with it as well. I have said before that I tend to be very moody about what I like to do, like there would be episodes when I listen to nothing else but American music, or there would also be episodes when I just don’t listen to anything in particular but I am very fixated on my novels and literature. I am already used to the sudden changes, that I can’t multitask interests, and it’s just fine because the extreme fondness for a certain thing would just pass and will come back again after rekindling and ‘getting used to’ with my other interests.

Back In The Philippines |  12월 28일

Late last year, there were already set plans for Princess nuna’s coming back. We were classmates during our Elementary 2, and she was my first ‘not-so’ friend other than the people I originally knew from Elementary 1. We were seatmates during the first day and we had to introduce each other (not ourselves). But after those shared moments, there weren’t so much, since I already had friends and it’s just normal to have the tendencies to stay with people you already know most especially since I’m a socially awkward kiddo.

Anyway, she failed to finish our Elementary 2 class since… “SHE GOT A POST-GRAD SCHOLARSHIP IN KOREA!!!!” She’s already there for 2 years now, and she came home for the winter holidays, with her Russian-Korean boyfriend as our visitor.

10869909_606542199491373_1849141654815275511_o10873495_606546526157607_6645215949666023021_oSince I’m practically near the center of Manila, I had to tour them a bit. From nonstop strolls inside Intramuros and Fort Santiago, to hand-pulled noodles at Binondo, we just walked the entire strip of old Manila.

Back To Korea | 12월 30일

Ross nuna texted me at 9 AM and invited me to visit Princess nuna and hyung at their hotel one last time before they leave and we ended up taking them to the airport.


It was a very fun experience but unfortunately, I haven’t practiced my Korean, not one bit, since hyung is still in the process of learning (he didn’t grow up in Korea). So sad. I hope they’ll be back soon so I can tour them somewhere else, even if Manila is very dysfunctional, haha.

Just Another Korean | 12월 31일

It was New Year’s Eve so my almost-cousin Kylie had to come back home from the nearby suburbs. We miss her a lot as always but this time, a surprise visitor was with her.


Kyungmin chingu came to celebrate the New Year, Filipino street-style. Since we’re both ’92 (same age), it was hard for us to converse. He’s extremely timid, and I’m shy as well since I had this thought that basic people who can speak ‘annyeong’ and just ‘annyeong’ can win Koreans more, and people like me who can converse properly may tend to be more conscious and nervous. I don’t know about you guys but my social awkwardness may contribute greatly to that, since I don’t even know what to say first, or how to introduce myself better, or how to even enunciate words correctly, etc. LOL.

Back To Intramuros | 1월 2일

Just when I got home, they came to me and asked for another short tour. Kyungmin chingu have not gone to any other important places so he needed picture and memories with him so when he comes back home to Korea, he would have interesting shots and stories for his family. It’s almost evening so we had to take a cab and just walk a very long way home if we’re not yet tired.


1490793_10204430836564493_6684563951427872208_oAnyway, to sum everything up, my 2014 ended and my 2015 started with Korean feels but as for language… I’m still dumb dumb, ohohoho.


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