Intermediate Korean TV 3 | 중급 한국어 TV 3

Hi everyone. Finally, I finished my Intermediate Korean 1 (3급) through Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines, also an accredited Sejong Hakdang Institute (세종학당) where I started my Korean studies way back in 2012. I finished the class after not continuing it before due to work schedule and stuff.

Unfortunately though…

I did not pass.

Which is still okay, since I expected it anyway. I’m actually very lazy when it comes to studying so I know this would happen. I’m lazy in a sense that I shy away from the textbook and whenever I’m studying about the current lessons, I would procrastinate and look up words, topics, or grammar patterns that appear until eventually I’m too far away from what I have to study at the moment. So that’s what happened, and since I think I already reached the point where I can already come up with more stricter study plans and habits, or at least get by without guidance from a proper teacher, I may have to just continue to study by myself through online materials, textbooks, immersion with locals and unorthodox methods. The foundation I got from Korean Cultural Center is definitely unbeatable. Even if most of the self-studying students are better than my level, I have no regrets that I was handled by one of the greatest teachers in KCC, 노옥진 선생님!!

Video Presentation for Graduation

So yesterday’s our graduation. The program includes the graduation of Basic Korean classes, Elementary Korean 1 and 2 classes, and the only Intermediate Korean class which was our class. Per usual, graduation day is the moment when everyone can showcase what they’ve learned for the whole term. Mornings are for language classes and afternoon comes cultural class presentations (K-Dance, K-Musical, Taekwondo, Traditional Music, etc.). The only way we can present how much we’ve learned about the language easily is through video presentations.

Ours is actually the third from the Intermediate Korean TV series which was started by my classmates from the Intermediate class that I was unable to finish. They have tackled about Korean proverbs way back, and since I had previous classmates who took the following Intermediate class, they followed and created the second episode of the series tackling about onomatopoeia and mimetic words (의성어, 의태어) for their graduation video.

This time, we talked about 성격 / Personality and shot the entire show through an iPhone. My classmate, James (second top student 추카추카!!) was in charge of the flow and the script. I edited the whole show, including the selection of music and some of the directing when I’m not editing simultaneously while they were shooting. I had no high hopes for the video since this was my first time to do a video as crazy as this (though in all honesty we had a higher edge than the lower classes since we have a better command of the language), but watching even the video presentations of Basic classes got me surprised. Everyone’s video had it’s certain charm and everyone really did their best.

IMG_9019.JPGBut of course, the Best Video Presentation award went to us!!  We won P5000 pesos worth (about 120,000 KRW) of gift certificates for a Korean restaurant and we planned to eat out with our 선생님 next year at 정월대보름. It was a very pleasant experience anyway, so even if I failed the class, I definitely have zero regrets! And I promise to study better from now on.




Just A Brief Comeback v3.0

Please welcome me back, please? ㅋㅋ Also it’s my 24th (26th in Korea) birthday today!!!

Anyway, I opened this account since I’m in the process of…

DISCLAIMER before my DISCLAIMER: I usually post this kind of disclaimer lol.
DISCLAIMER: If I’m blurbing too much about stuff, skip until you see the headings in Bold.

I’m in the process of late night (or morning) studying since it’s already 7:57 AM now, and I’ve been reading since last night. I’m studying Korean formally again, FYI 여러분, and our current lesson is already at lesson 10 out of 15 in my Intermediate 1 / 3급 (from our book’s format WHICH I haven’t reviewed yet, and previously promised that I will review soon), which means that there would be a long exam with the scope from the first lesson up to present. There are long exams after every 5 lessons.

As expected from myself, I procrastinate a lot. In a good way though, or not. I study about something, and then skip and study something else up till I reach subjects that are totally unrelated to what I was originally studying anymore. So then I found a very amazing Korean textbook PDF resource online WHICH WAS TOTALLY MINDBLOWING, and I will probably share it soon. I actually read the book WHICH AGAIN, WAS A TEXTBOOK from the first pages up to about 130 pages, lol. I wouldn’t even read that much even if a novel is a quick read.

And then again… I looked for stuff regarding Korean pronunciation since it’s still bothering me a bit, when my book review for [TEXTBOOK] 외국인을 위한 한국어 발음 47 | 47 Korean Pronunciation for Foreigners Book 1 appeared on Google. Very nice job to me, lol. It’s been a long while since I’ve been here and my last post which was supposed to be a promise to recount my stories in Korea has long been overdue. I’ve been there last March and it’s already November so I probably have to work on that soon.

Unemployment and Intermediate 1

I left my second job after working there for 2 years and 4 months, and I’ve talked about that job during my Just A Brief Comeback v2.0 post, which is extremely funny to me right now as this is going to be another comeback post. The theme here in my blog is recurring. I would comeback and post about studying Intermediate again and again, and it has been tiring, to me as well. The thought of repeating Intermediate 1 again and again, that is. Not that I’m over it, but it’s more of like ‘지치다’? 아니면 ‘귀찮다’?. It seems like I’m a very unstable person with a lot of ups and downs when it comes to motivation and what I really want to do in life.

So then after three years (I was studying the exact same thing, same period three years ago), I enrolled for Intermediate 1 for the third time. Second time was cancelled since the class didn’t reach the minimum number of students. Up till now this is a hard class to get since it’s not offered three times a year unlike Basic, and Elementary 1 and 2 and the number of eligible students who passed from lower levels should be sufficient first for our cultural center to be able to offer this class. Just in time though, Intermediate 2 was offered for the first time during the previous term. Only 1 student passed and it was my friend, lol. So that means I would be able to study Intermediate 2 soon if I pass now and if the class will be offered again.

Also, one of my classmates asked me if I’m the owner of this blog so I’m deeply moved, lol. I’ve really done a good job in that sense.

Improvements in the Language

My study habits from three years ago up till now never changed. The habit itself I mean, but not that I’ve studied continuously for the past three years. I’m talking more about the process and the methods. My colored pens from three years ago is still alive and I’m still using my color-coding approach when taking notes, which can be found here: No Classes | 수업 없는 주. Hangul typing skills are, if not close, tad better now. Reading, quite fast. 알아듣기는, TONS BETTER!!! I’ve stuck with the same teacher for three consecutive classes now and knowing the pace of her speaking and teaching, I am proud to say that I can understand about 90% of what she’s saying now compared before when I would just nod to anything she would talk about. As for writing, I’m still struggling sometimes. I’m at this stage where I can actually express myself a lot in writing but I avoid using words that are not yet taught just because nuances can still differ and I don’t actually want to appear to be too much of a ‘know-it-all’ so I keep my vocabulary and grammar patterns at bay. So in that sense, I still feel limited.

As for speaking, I would probably have to discuss this on my trip to Korea post, soon.

What I am up to currently… and what my current plans are

Bullet form, shall we? This is for my reference as well on what to do with this blog since I’m at the peak of studying again.

  • I have no plans to return to Korea as of yet since I’m jobless. I would have to start with my Korea Trip post first before that, right?
  • I started watching 언니들의 슬램덩크 just because I love 라미란 so much from when I watched 응답하라1988, also the song Shut Up where she appears as a member of the girl group 언니쓰. I found myself not relying on the subs too much anymore which is totally a good thing. That thought shocked me as well.
  • Also, I’ve rewatched [DRAMA] 화이트 크리스마스 | White Christmas (KBS2 | 2011) for the third time and I have to say it’s still one of the best dramas I have watched (excluding the last episode which was so full of loopholes and seemed forced). Wow, too many old blog post links in this one lol.
  • I plan to look for a job next year since working at this period is much of a waste. It’s going to be Christmas soon and I don’t want to miss any holidays.
  • I have to review 재미있는 한국어 3 which is loooooong overdue. Also *too ashamed about this* but I haven’t reviewed, or even thoroughly checked the contents of the book I have received from twoChois during the twoChois Lucky Draw!. They were very nice to send me a copy of a good book and here I am being so ungrateful. Sorry :(( I will make it up to you and make a very good and detailed review soon.
  • I still have to write two 500자 essay about Dating and Marriage *whut???* and Gifts, both part of the 재미있는 한국어 3 practical topics.
  • I recently passed 1000 followers on Sing! Smule application where I sing Korean songs about 99% of the time. Joined there for years now but I only used it from last April of this year just after I got back from Korea and it’s also one of my unorthodoxed approch in learning the language. I will go to this in detail soon, as well.


From when I was active back then, I realized that there are soooo many changes in WordPress I can’t seem to keep up anymore. Not just in WordPress but in the way blogs are written or presented or whatnot? Don’t know if it’s just me but I would have to catch up soon, you think?

As always, thank you so much for reading. Suggestions for content are very very much welcome. Help me revive my blog ㅎㅎ.

Failed TOPIK Attempt

Last Sunday night, I tried taking the old Intermediate TOPIK for the first time. First five questions. I was like, ‘This may be easy…’ but then comes my nonstop WTFs and OMGs, and no matter how much I try to think, or not even try. No matter how much I think, I would not be able to answer the questions.

Sadly, I was not able to finish my Intermediate 1 classes last year, but I’m very open to re-take it late next year. As far as I know, and as obvious as it is, I would have to take Intermediate 2 classes as well (but our local Korean Cultural Center is not yet offering courses higher than I1) since it would complete about half of the knowledge that I will be needing to be able to understand at least the gists or to familiarize myself with the ever confusing grammar patterns. As far as I can remember, we learned about 150 words during our first three days in Intermediate 1 and that was just too much.

While answering, I would occasionally ask my Korean friend through Kakao, to explain what the questions mean. He would explain it in Korean (obviously), and I’ll try hard to understand it. He can really explain well, and though we really didn’t talk about it, he really spares from using very complex words but just stick with simple words. That’s not very given since we’re just the same age so I was surprised that he was very conscious about his choice of words. Normally, in my experience, older people tend to be more conscious and understanding. I used to have very little interactions with almost same-aged Koreans I met online, and they chat in pure Korean, without being very considerate that I can’t actually understand everything they were saying. As for my Korean friend right now, we can actually talk for hours with only minimal ‘무슨 말인지 잘 모르겠어’. And whenever we arrive to that point, we can both explain what we mean, in Korean.

By twenty something questions, I stopped taking the exam and accepted the fact that I’m not yet suited for that level. By Monday, I deconstructed the exam, checking the words and grammar patterns one by one, checking it through the dictionary and trying to stitch everything again and see if it will make sense. Fortunately, they do, but I had difficulties memorizing them. In a single page (you know how hugely spaced TOPIK exams are), there were too much notes on the side, and it’s just overwhelming. Right now, I only have my 재미있는 한국어 3 and Korean Grammar In Use: Intermediate, for references, so I’m still coming up with ideas on how to study efficiently and practically, disregarding the TOPIK itself, and just using it for reference. It’s really hard to self-study when you started studying with a Korean teacher. 헐~

Earlier, I took the 36th TOPIK I and I got a lower score than my previous attempt in the 35th. I’m so discouraged, HAHA.

Just A Brief Comeback

To tell everyone that I’m still alive, yeah! I pursued reading! I got out of my work last February, and will start another job this Monday. I already finished my first #100happydays project, and is now on my fifth day for the second time of the same project. I basically missed everyone but now my mind feels rusty. 내 한국말 실력이 떨어질 것 같다. I don’t even know if that makes sense >.< Also, I made an effort to teach basic Korean to a not-so-close common friend. I started with the basics, and I think it’s going fine, though we already missed a lot of weeks since we were both busy.

And how about my new room? 😀 (But please excuse my dramatisizm lol).


Anyway, I’m meaning to practice my Korean, but I don’t know where to start. I haven’t even reviewed the book I won from twoChois and I’m really embarrassed just thinking about it.

Have you guys stopped studying Korean for about more than 6 months? In those months (Korean-wise), I kinda ummmm, listened to new K-Pop songs, heck 2NE1 CAME BACK HOME so I don’t have any reason to leave K-Pop world entirely, and that EXO fiasco, etc. Also, I’m watching Roommate every week, but I don’t do much of an effort to understand their conversations and the captions without relying on the subs.

Basically this post is jumbled and very disoriented. Now and then I add thoughts to my already finished paragraphs, or copy-paste-transfer sentences to organize it a bit, but it’s 4 AM and I just want to let anyone know that I’m still alive, and that I’m seeking for ways on how to start studying again, just baby steps, bit by bit just so I would know how to keep myself in shape again. Something like a few jogs here and there, till I find myself ready to run again. It’s very baffling that I’ve lost maybe about 50% of the words I already knew, and this is disheartening and it’s very sad that I feel so lost. OHOHOHO. I think I’m drunk though I don’t drink, but I just feel very disorganized, and yeah, maybe a bit cranky.

So please, tell me what to do. Some fella here needs help 😉

EDIT: I tried skimming through the posts on my Reader, and I see that a lot of you guys have improved very dramatically from the last time I was here! Great job guys, you’re soooo great!