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I will be updating this list from time to time, whenever I add something new, so I could also keep track of the things I’ve been doing in my blog.




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4 thoughts on “Reviews | 리뷰

  1. Good job~ You already reviewed a lot in a short period of time! (Unlike me *looks at drafts but ignores*) Anyway, I’m looking forward for more because I really enjoy your reviews.. 😀

    • If I’m just famous or something that I can ask for readers to send me a book they want to be reviewed, I will. But sadly I’m not famous, and in a legit blogger’s sense, my review and writing style might still be foul or sucking, so I just have to try hard in getting my own copies or read from somewhere else. I just enjoy reviewing books, and I really thank you for adoring them and reading everything from start to the end. As much as I enjoy writing and putting my heart into my reviews, I hope the readers feel the warmth too, and of course, its real essence, to help them decide whether the book’s right for them, or not.

  2. Hi! I read your reviews regarding your GMarket hauls 🙂 I live in Cebu and is planning to buy CD’s at GMarket, and I just wanted to ask you whether they”d ask me to trek all the way to Pasay (which I hope not) or do they deliver it door-t-door? Thank you! 🙂

    • They usually deliver it door to door, and assuming you’re from Cebu city proper, it won’t be a problem to receive your parcel at home. It’s just easier to receive packages in Manila. If in case, your local post office will definitely be receiving your parcel for you and you won’t have to go all the way to Pasay (coz that would be very inconvenient).

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