Re-learning Intermediate Korean 1

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How to study >.< Take note though, that I actually studied while they were playing, lol.

I’ve been studying my Level 3 Korean again using my previous book, 재미있는 한국어 3. And since I’m reusing it from start, not missing any page, I might make a review of the book soon, since I haven’t seen any reviews about it within the hemispheres of WordPress. I was actually thinking if I should repeat my Level 3 using the Ganada 3 that I bought last Gmarket haul, but I remembered, too, that I never finished this book when I was studying in class before. I think I missed about four chapters within the end of the term, but it’s not fair for me to just study those parts since it’s pretty sure that I have forgotten a lot of the things from the earlier chapters during the times that I was idle. Well it’s very hard to retain the words. The grammar is just easy, except for the -아/어 놓다/두다 which is very funny whenever I try to think about its usage, but the other grammar patterns I encountered were not so much difficult.

I’m trying to study at least three to four times per week including weekdays, but due to an upcoming things at work, there’s a huge possibility that I might neglect my Korean again since I will render three more hours at the office every day this week. I hope I can keep up with everything and… >.< I don’t know.


Happy New Year 2015! | 새해 복 많이 받으세요 2015!

This is obviously very late, but anyway. My year ended luckily in my ‘just another Korean’ period, and the year started with it as well. I have said before that I tend to be very moody about what I like to do, like there would be episodes when I listen to nothing else but American music, or there would also be episodes when I just don’t listen to anything in particular but I am very fixated on my novels and literature. I am already used to the sudden changes, that I can’t multitask interests, and it’s just fine because the extreme fondness for a certain thing would just pass and will come back again after rekindling and ‘getting used to’ with my other interests.

Back In The Philippines |  12월 28일

Late last year, there were already set plans for Princess nuna’s coming back. We were classmates during our Elementary 2, and she was my first ‘not-so’ friend other than the people I originally knew from Elementary 1. We were seatmates during the first day and we had to introduce each other (not ourselves). But after those shared moments, there weren’t so much, since I already had friends and it’s just normal to have the tendencies to stay with people you already know most especially since I’m a socially awkward kiddo.

Anyway, she failed to finish our Elementary 2 class since… “SHE GOT A POST-GRAD SCHOLARSHIP IN KOREA!!!!” She’s already there for 2 years now, and she came home for the winter holidays, with her Russian-Korean boyfriend as our visitor.

10869909_606542199491373_1849141654815275511_o10873495_606546526157607_6645215949666023021_oSince I’m practically near the center of Manila, I had to tour them a bit. From nonstop strolls inside Intramuros and Fort Santiago, to hand-pulled noodles at Binondo, we just walked the entire strip of old Manila.

Back To Korea | 12월 30일

Ross nuna texted me at 9 AM and invited me to visit Princess nuna and hyung at their hotel one last time before they leave and we ended up taking them to the airport.


It was a very fun experience but unfortunately, I haven’t practiced my Korean, not one bit, since hyung is still in the process of learning (he didn’t grow up in Korea). So sad. I hope they’ll be back soon so I can tour them somewhere else, even if Manila is very dysfunctional, haha.

Just Another Korean | 12월 31일

It was New Year’s Eve so my almost-cousin Kylie had to come back home from the nearby suburbs. We miss her a lot as always but this time, a surprise visitor was with her.


Kyungmin chingu came to celebrate the New Year, Filipino street-style. Since we’re both ’92 (same age), it was hard for us to converse. He’s extremely timid, and I’m shy as well since I had this thought that basic people who can speak ‘annyeong’ and just ‘annyeong’ can win Koreans more, and people like me who can converse properly may tend to be more conscious and nervous. I don’t know about you guys but my social awkwardness may contribute greatly to that, since I don’t even know what to say first, or how to introduce myself better, or how to even enunciate words correctly, etc. LOL.

Back To Intramuros | 1월 2일

Just when I got home, they came to me and asked for another short tour. Kyungmin chingu have not gone to any other important places so he needed picture and memories with him so when he comes back home to Korea, he would have interesting shots and stories for his family. It’s almost evening so we had to take a cab and just walk a very long way home if we’re not yet tired.


1490793_10204430836564493_6684563951427872208_oAnyway, to sum everything up, my 2014 ended and my 2015 started with Korean feels but as for language… I’m still dumb dumb, ohohoho.

Homework #02 | 숙제 #02

This was our last week’s ‘plan’ homework that I was talking about, and now I’m gonna post it here along with 선생님’s corrections.

잘 쓰셨어요.

잘 쓰셨어요.

이번 학기 계획

나는 지금 그래픽 디자이너로 열심히 일하면서 한국어를 열심히 공부하는 중이다. 2012년부터 한국어 공부하기 시작했는데 아직까지 부족한 것 같다. 작년에는 취직하지 않아서 시간이 많고 한국어를 더 많이 배울 수 있었다. 내가 한국말을 잘하게 되면 한국에서 좋은 곳에 취직하거나 외국 사람들에게 한국어를 가르치고 싶다. 사실은 계획은 아직 없는다. 그래서 이번에는 좋은 계획을 세워 볼 것이다.

내년에 아무리 힘들어도 회사를 옮기거나 떠나고 싶다. 아니면 잠깐 당안 잘 쉬고 싶다. 하지만 일을 꼭 해야 하면 재미있는 일을 하고 싶다. 취직하지 못 하면 그냥 집에서 한국어만 공부하고 싶다. 그때는 아마 돈이 없어질 것 같은데 그 계획을 어떻게 할까? 그냥 지금부터 돈을 모으기 시작해야겠다.

나는 아직 회사에 떠나지 않기 때문에 이번 학기에는 목표를 이루기 위해서 매일 매일 꼭 반복하고 외워야 된다.

1. 열심히 회사에서 일하고 학원 문화원에서 한국어 열심히 공부하기
2. 주마다 매주 한국말로 일기 쓰기
3. 주말에 2시간쯤씩 한국어 복습하기

Add | Subtract

I was anticipating how much I lacked and how much I’ve gained through my writing skills and good thing is that I personally felt I can write more comfortably now, without thirsting for too much words. I can construct at least simple thoughts without thinking in English.

When my teacher asked my classmate who only got two errors, I’ve heard his plan and it was really good. I don’t usually listen before when our teacher asks for someone to read their written material, but now I did. Maybe before I also did, but I think I just didn’t because I can’t understand. Now, I understood about 98% of what he read and what he wrote was really good *envy-yezz*.

When my 선생님 got back to me though, she said in Korean, something like, “조셉 씨도 잘 쓰셨어요! Your writing ability already exceeded 2급, 잘했어요”. I was a bit shocked because I was not expecting for it… but good thing though, I had her rule that she was discussing just before I arrived at school *I was a bit late earlier*, that we should ‘한국말로 생각해야 돼요.’ I don’t really think in English anymore whenever I want to convey something in Korean. It’s hard for others but it not hard for me anymore, except of course when things get too complicated and get way outside my level. But all in all, in my current level, at least I’m able to think in Korean, and I think more practicing of its power will be a good thing in the future.

End of the Book, Start of Classes! | 책의 끝, 수업의 시작!

Stage 5: 자신을 믿는 자가 승리한다

It’s sad that I finally finished the book. I stayed true to my schedule though. Each member exactly fits two days of commute time, and just earlier, I finished 승리’s story. And as usual, I didn’t understand so much, but just the thought of finishing a book in full Korean would be one of my Korean studying highlights. All in all, I’ve read the book for two weeks. I started reading last last Tuesday, the day after I received my book.

Anyway, every member’s story, there’s a part where some of the staff give their cents regarding each member. Each and everyone’s attitude, their impressions, etc. And just to share, 황상찬, YG Family’s personal health trainer, who is more commonly known as 황싸부 (for people who watched 2NE1 TV or any other YG-related stuff, you probably know who he is), gave his thoughts on how he see Daesung, T.O.P and Seungri. That same ‘황싸부’님 has been following me on Twitter since last year *O*



We tweet once in a while whenever I have questions about vegetables, sleeping habits, etc., lol I’m so 가식. But legit, I had a question in my Twitter before but no one bothered answering it. I was like, ‘Can I jog or run for a while even if I didn’t get any sleep for more than 20 hours?’, when he replied something in Korean that it’s not very good. Running is great but sleeping is much better. I was dumbfounded, lol.

And another thing to share…

Please excuse my fail artistic shot of the book >.<

Please excuse my fail artistic shot of the book >.<

I was thinking of what to type when I suddenly looked at my CD wall, and saw the book reflected in it. I thought it was cute, but I just can’t compose the picture exactly as how I see it in person >.<

Some times after my Intermediate 1 classes, I might consider rereading this again, and by that time, I might then consider looking up the words and grammar patterns. But then, I don’t think my Intermediate 1 course would be enough for me to finally do it, so I might just reread it without understanding and see if I can at least understand more than what I understood during the first time. Let’s see.

Start of Classes

I don't like the picture's quality as it was taken by my Blackberry phone >.<

I don’t like the picture’s quality as it was taken by my Blackberry phone >.<

Thanks to my book though, 케스, a fellow blogger found me at school. That moment was just awkward, but thanks to her super friendly self she approached me. If it was just me, I wouldn’t know it was her as I haven’t seen her pictures yet, except for her cartoony avatar, hahaha. She was sweet and friendly, and she’s wearing a VIP jacket *dies*. She even ‘안녕히 계세요’d me, and I didn’t even know what to say so I think I said ‘계세요’ too *바보*.

I was too immersed looking for books, and as how I was always self-curious about what the ‘이화’ books provide, I checked them. I have avoided the ‘이화’ books before. Why? Since it’s from Ewha Womans University, I had a slight 바보 thought that the books are somehow meant for ‘Womans’. Kill me now, lol. Anyway, I’m not yet sure about them if I like it or not. I first checked the 3-1 book because that’s my *supposedly* current level, but since 3-1 books onward seems to be written in full Korean, I checked the 2-1 book instead. And as I expected, there are still a lot of grammar patterns that I don’t know. Grammar points like -(으)ㄴ/는/(으)ㄹ 게 아니라, -에 비해(서) and the grammar pattern I so want to learn the soonest, -도록 (because I really love PSY’s ‘미치도록’). I really like how the book looks like. I like the Ewha KOREAN embossed text in the cover, in fact I’m actually touching it now, lol.

Actually my class haven’t started yet, but I came to school yesterday to see my Elementary 1 classmates, and of course, to get my textbook. We loitered inside the library for a while, and afterwards, had coffee at Starbucks while I helped them prepare for their first day of classes. We reread the dialogue parts, and I gave them brief overview of the easy grammar points, and things that might get difficult for them.

As for me, first day would be next Monday because my teacher had a Korean vacation and will be back before the classes start. I’m just nervous because the book that we will be using looks very complicated >.< I don’t like it. Or maybe I will, let’s just see, since I still haven’t experienced using it in a classroom setting. What’s good about my upcoming classes though is that I already know about 6 or 7 or 8 of them out of 18 students who were actually supposed to be 25, but since, like what I’ve discussed previously, tuition fees increased so a lot of slots, even for Basic and Elementary 1, weren’t filled and sold out.

I’m super excited and increasingly getting nervous. I should do super super well, because I already have six pre-absences *Singapore tour in November* that I discussed with my 선생님 during the speaking exam last term. If I don’t do good, I won’t be getting any certificate, since my only certificate hope would be if I’m one of the top 3 students (I’m already disqualified from getting a certificate of participation). Can’t wait ㅠ.ㅠ.

On Reading Korean | 한국어 읽기에 대한

Stage 4: 너만의 캐릭터로 승부하라


I should actually be sleeping now because I felt super tired this past week because it’s my first full week without early out or a day of absence since after my Elementary 2. Before finally deciding that I would take up Elementary 2, I surveyed a lot of closest friends about what they think about my weeks, if it will feel shorter, or longer. All of them said that my week would definitely feel longer since I still have to do some stuff after work, etc… But just weeks after having classes, they were super wrong. I felt more energetic and excited about everyday when I started my classes. To point out, I’m not very happy with my work anymore, so even that 1 hour early off of work, is super more than enough for me to escape the stress. I have to leave work early since my classes start at 6, and my work finishes at 6. Of course, school was stressful, but then, I’d rather be stressed at school than at work.

Well finally, I finished T.O.P’s part. As I expected, it was hard to understand like GD’s, but I understood most parts during the first stories, but the following stories, I had no idea about them anymore. I’m actually very surprised that I’ve reached this far reading something I don’t really understand. I only have about 2 hours of total reading hours in a day, and just about less than two weeks, I’ve already read 4/5 of the book. As how I can remember it, I read each BIGBANG member for two days (4 reading times). I have about 1 hour non-continuous reading time in the morning when I’m on the train and when I transferred train, and another hour in the evening after work when I’m on the train, and after transferring. I don’t read at home because I tend to get sleepy.

I don’t really consider myself a bookworm, but I have a lot of English novels, those sorts like ‘The Twilight Saga’, and the ‘Harry Potter’ boxset that I bought, which is super pretty in hardcover and a treasure chest-kinda. I also have a lot of Dan Brown, and some other self-help and some bargain books which I myself never knew existed.

Sometimes when I’m tired and try to read a novel, I can feel myself zoning out of the novel and catching myself having different thoughts about something not very connected with the book. I don’t use bookmarks so when I am in the middle of zoning out, and I chose to close the book since I think I would not make any progress, it’s hard for me to get back and look for the page I’ve been reading anymore. I usually don’t check the page number before closing the book. I just estimate, and try to read the page vaguely, and then estimate again if I should turn the page backward or forward, depends on what I read. But then when I’m zoning out, I don’t have a choice but to reread about 3-5 pages I half-missed.

Sometimes I don’t really understand what I’m reading word-per-word. I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I’m reading, I just let it flow, without the need to understand the whole material word-per-word. I don’t usually read the book once, I do it twice, just like the movies, to check parts I missed during the first viewing, connecting dots, formulating theories and hypotheses, etc.

As for Korean, what’s good about reading it for the first time without understanding about 90% of the material is that I can check myself in the future how much progress I made. And it also checks my 알아듣기 (?) if it works or not. Of course most of the time, it won’t work because the book is still too advanced for me. I don’t try to look for words or grammar from a different source because I want to evaluate how much I know just through reading it alone. It definitely is hard, but when I feel I understood something so clearly, I feel like it’s a major achievement. It’s just hard when it’s already given that I don’t understand what I’m reading and then sometimes, I still zone out. That’s doom.

Finally though, I learned how not to self-pity when I think I still lack too much. Whenever I read blogs, and feel their progress from their start to the present, instead of pondering about it why I’m not like that, I just visualize myself being able to surpass or at least be like it in the future. Reading this book helped me realized that. I would never understand anything about this book if I’m reading this in 2011, but in 2 years of about less than a year of studying, I can finally grasp a story flow although without understanding the material word-per-word. Reading this book for the second time will also give me a lot of good realizations, and that second time would probably be after my Intermediate 1. There are still a lot of stuff I can never understand in my level, and looking it up won’t help, because I believe I don’t have to look up something that I only saw or read. I should look up something that I frequently hear, or something that I will be able to use in everyday life. Of course it’s not going to be like that forever, but for now, it’s better that I only learn practically, because I’ll definitely be getting to reach the point where I have the freedom to study Korean complexities at its purest, and that’s when I’m gonna study a lot of stuff that I may not be able to use frequently… but just.

Like ‘세상에 너를 소리쳐!’s story patterns, they all dreamed a dream, and they had to go through a lot before getting there. Knowing that fact, I should not be unfair. They’re now famous, I’m not dreaming to become famous, so I guess my dream would definitely be easier to achieve. There would be bumps along the way, but I just have to get through it. Reading this book made me realize that if I could never understand this book way before, and can understand a few now, I’ll definitely understand a lot more in the near future.

PS. Please, if this post sounded weird, I’m so sorry. That’s because I’m too sleepy, but I just can’t blog this tomorrow as it would be super late.